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  1. How does one become a beta tester for your 'bus products? Are outsiders considered? I tech for a living and have worked on several sim product betas.
  2. Thought I'd take a shot at a well-known x plane a320 while waiting for the new Aerosoft issue. Conclusion: a new appreciation of slow, thorough development before release. I'm a boeing/crj driver till the AS busses are ready.
  3. Love the dimmable lights! Dumb question: the NGX has a control for cabin lighting independent of the cockpit, allowing percentage-based dimming and 'off'. Would something like that be difficult? Did a topic search for 'cabin lights' and didn't see anything.
  4. Kickin' it doing SAN/DEN in my A320 in P3Dv3. Can't wait to do it in v4 when the new busses come out! The new textures look amazing.
  5. Have mercy, been waitin' for the bus all dayHave mercy, been waitin' for the bus all dayI got my brown paper bag and my take-home pay (read: credit card) lyrics from ZZ Top, Waitin' for the Bus Busses for Christmas would be amazing. Just sayin'
  6. Well, yes, but the Windows 10 usb image installer will do this without asking if you have a OneDrive account and use the same profile as the primary user on a new build. I still have my c:\Users\<username>\Documents folder intact. Which I have done, but the CRJ still looks for .fpl files in the OneDrive location when I use the 'CoRoute' button on the FMS. My question was whether I could change the default path without reinstalling. I presume that is a no, so I'll reinstall.
  7. I'm monkeying about with exporting crj-compliant .fpl files, and had some success, but the crj installer has used MS OneDrive as its default location for the flightplan folder, i.e.: c:\Users\YOU\OneDrive\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\FlightPlan I am encountering issues with file sync and would like to circumvent OneDrive, Can this be done by editing an ini file somewhere or do I need to reinstall with different options? In other words, to change the location of the FlightPlan folder to c:\Users\YOU\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\FlightPlan without OneDrive.
  8. I've now had two completely trouble-free flights (other than my sloppy throttle management) after uninstalling and reinstalling the C++ 2015 redist - happiness achieved on my setup at least. Tracks RNAV at altitude nicely so far.
  9. I am also getting mixed results with the new build, but it is still a vast improvement. The yoke clickspot is still spotty (sorry), and I had to use HDG mode on IAD - MSP once to get back on LNAV, but clearly things are much more stable than before. I will attempt an un- and re-install of the C++ redist and see how it works. P.S., P3DV4, Windoze 10
  10. I just got the notification from SimMarket, its up on their site now.
  11. I'm keeping p3d v3 around on a separate drive just so I can fly my 'busses, but its a stretch after getting used to v4. Godspeed o developers!
  12. Concur. No issues for me in SIDS or STARS, just at altitude on direct-to legs.
  13. Cool. It'll be great to have a new place to lurk now that the CRJ is in operation. Life is good in P3D4 now with the CRJ and PMDG stuff all happy - just missing my 'busses.
  14. Some humor from the dev! That's a good sign considering the CRJ just released (i.e. his head hasn't exploded keeping up with patches).
  15. I wasn't aware of that - Tfdi seems to do great work as well. As with most things whoever gets to market first with a well executed E-jet will do very nicely...
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