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  1. Well I got to play it once ...now when I start it from steam I get the fancy aerosoft splash screen and then the system hangs and all I have is a black screen. Task master shows Woa.EXE is not responding. I have a quite powerful machine I9, 32gb, GTX 3090 so I don't think this is a hardware issue as it runs p3dv5, xplane, and MSFS2020 just fine. Any help would be appreciated I'm a Steam Novice and don't know where to start to fix this
  2. I have done a complete rebuild and restore on my computer. Problem is that I do not see the default aircraft in either of the reinstalled PFPX or TOPCAT. All I see is two aircraft that I have added. Is there any way to bulk reload all of the stock aircraft.
  3. Tutorial problem. Loading up the pro AC per the tutorial gives this..... Slightly out of limits' Bad CG % from somewhere and 49% MAC should not be green
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