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  1. Tutorial problem. Loading up the pro AC per the tutorial gives this..... Slightly out of limits' Bad CG % from somewhere and 49% MAC should not be green
  2. Well. let me join the chorus. Flew the 319 yesterday and experienced the inability to hold managed speed at altitude. I uninstalled all of the buses and rebooted. Reinstalled from fresh Aerosoft downloads, Rebooted. Ran the updater and updated to the latest experimental Rebooted. Flew the 321 last night with no problems. Flying the 319 this morning in managed speed at FL370 speed drops to alpha floor. I can manually set a mach number and all is well. but if I try to engage managed speed the throttles go to idle and we fall out of the sky. There is a problem somewhere.
  3. Ksfokphx file attached. Here is another one I did as a test KSFOKBOS. .MDR file attached. Looks like it is dropping all of the directs (DCT) on both files (FPL-AAL469-IN -B752/M-SDFHIRWXY/S -KSFO1255 -N0452F370 SNTNA2 TIPRE Q126 EKR J100 OBH J10 DSM DCT ELX DCT SVM DCT YQO DCT BUF DCT GDM GDM4 -KBOS0447 KASH -PBN/B3B4B5D3D4O3O4 DOF/181208 REG/AA757FF EET/KZLC0036 KZDV0120 KZMP0220 KZAU0249 KZOB0331 KZBW0409 RMK/WWW.JOINAVA.ORG -E/0607) KSFOKPHX.mdr KSFOKBOS01.mdr
  4. Looks like there is an issue with the flightplan export. The flightplan per PFPX: (FPL-AAL469-IN -MD82/M-SDE1FGHIRWXYZ/LB1 -KSFO1155 -N0439F350 SSTIK4 LOSHN DCT BOILE DCT BLH HYDRR1 -KPHX0126 KDVT -PBN/A1B1L1 NAV/RNVD5E10A5 DOF/181208 REG/AAL82 EET/KZLA0027 KZAB0106 RVR/300 PER/C RMK/WWW.JOINAVA.ORG -E/0231) The contents of the .MDR file: KSFO KPHX/KDVT DIRECT LOSHN 35.847607 -120.000473 Missing BOILE and BLH
  5. I'm trying to synch up my flight planners with the new A321 pro with little success. Playing with the fuel planner, looking at the Aircraft.cfg, and a PFPX a321-211 aircraft profile I get the following table of very differing weights in KG's. Does anyone have the correct model figures for all of the new Airbus birds? I may be blind but I could not find the information in the docs. Wt in KG A321 Fuel planner A321CFM aircraft config PFPX a321-211 empty wt 48856 46856 50222 max gross wt 89255 89000 93900 max fuel 17038 19050 20953
  6. After running the updater this morning the MCDU data entry ceases to work after filing in several fields. For example I can get to the cost index field on init and data can be input using the mouse to click on the alpha and numeric keys, Then alpha and numeric entry by clicking with the mouse just stops. I can still click on "function" keys such as "perf" and that works fine. Just no data entry via mouse click on the alpha or numeric keys. Oh, just found the issue. WHY oh Why would you program the entry via mouse clicks such that alpha and numeric entry clicks do not work yet the "function" keys do when the simulator is PAUSED! Paused should mean paused entirely! Is this a feature or a bug :-)
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