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  1. Wow, guys. First off thank you to all of you for the opinions, help and support shared. I'm not yet sure where to start really. I looked up the upcoming RTX2060 and it comes with 6GB GDDR6, which leaves me with the opinion that a (maybe second hand) GTX1070 or 1080 might do better. On a sidenote, I actually found a first 2060 (PALIT) which is only 20€ cheaper (485,- to 504,-) than the cheapest 2070. Conerning CPU-overclocking, Querer, do you have any hints on what kind of cooling system might be a good one, especially concerning the price-to-value pov? Sorry for the silly question😂... aaand, I never dared thinking about overclocking, so I might need some kind of tutorial. Do you know any youtube tutorial about the subjct, maybe? For now I thought about buying step by step. I need a new PC case and thought about buying the case and a better cooling facility first (there are some cases that come with cooling systems, what's your opinion of the Sharkoon TG5 for example)? Then the SSDs and then the new GPU (who knows maybe the market and prices are changing during the next months😀). Again, thank you 1000 times for support and yes, Mathijs, I might have stumbled upon you telling us about your and Aerosoft's fondness of LM😄. I appreciate that, of course. Best wishes, Nicolas
  2. Okay, I see. Since you mentioned 4.3, did 4.4 change the way the sim demands the GPU? Looked up some second hand 1080s and all of them are out of my price range, however, I found some quite good 1070s. Thank you again!
  3. Thank you very much for your answer. This was about that what I was thinking. My current system runs smoothly and I don't want to step down only because of the DDR4 and the slightly "newer" mainboard. I'll have to think that through another bit of time. I'll go for the recommended option and look into upgrading my graphics card and get one or two SSDs. Thanks again a lot! Currently I'm running P3D V4.3 and I want to upgrade to 4.4 soon. Since PBR was introduced I was a bit anxious that my system would buckle under that sort of stress. BTW thank you very much Mathijs for joining my thread. I'd have some more questions if you allow. If I change my HDD for 2 500GB SSDs, would this be enough space for OS and Sim? I thought about using a external HDD device for storage of downloads etc. I'm thinking about a GeForce 1060, 6GB since the price jumps up pretty fast between 1060 and 1070, not to mention the 1070Ti. Would a Radeon graphics card be any good, too? Again, thank you a lot! Best wishes, Nicolas
  4. Hi, I really hope that you could give me a bit of an insight into the mystery of adequate hardware for the sim and maybe we can discuss a bit about this subject. Please note and acknowledge, that I'm an absolute fool when it comes to hardware and the first mentioned mystery of fine electronics😂... First off, here my current system: Intel i5-4670K Haswell in a Z87M-PLUS mainboard 12GB DDR3 RAM Palit GeForce GTX1050Ti mini, 4GB Toshiba HDD, 1TB Now I'm looking into creating a new system and therefore I checked out a mainboard a friend gave to me some 1,5 years ago. It's a H170-D3HP with an Intel i5-6600. 4 cores @ 3.3 GHz and I want to get: 16GB DDR4 RAM GeForce 1060, 6GB or GeForce 1070(Ti), 8GB 480GB-500GB SSD 1TB HDD I find my system to be absolutely great at the moment, but can't stop thinking about the mainboard collecting dust ... What might be more important: getting enough Graphics memory and a good (to great) graphics card, or a better CPU? Thought about an i5-6600K maybe... Would the above mentioned desired system be of any use compared to the one I have in use at the moment? However, I want to make sure to get the best possible value for the best possible price and who if not one (or more) of you might know what's to be thought of or which solution might be the best. All the best to all of you and thank you in advance for all your answers. Best wishes and happy landings, Nicolas
  5. Hello Guys, first off a huuuuuge thank you to the whole Airbus professional team. It's incredible to have the busses over at P3D V4 ! You did a great job with these! However, I've seen a minor issue when flying the A320/321. While in A318/319 I can zoom in when in wingview, this is not possible with A320/321. Would this be possible to add? The thing is that when being in the front wing view you can see a transparent part of where the wing would be mounted to the fuselage and that's (funny as it looks) a bit disappointing from time to time . Thanks in advance and to the moderators, please move the subject if you feel it's in the wrong forum section. Best wishes Nicolas
  6. Thanks for both your answers. I get your point on that, but I have to admit that I never meant to narrow P3D as the professional platform it is. I just wanted to find a place where one can look up and/or contribute to which devs already updated to 4.2 since I'm sure that not each and every one of the different devs have the same speed of updating. ******************************** Besides that I want to say something maybe not everyone (especially Lockheed Martin) wants to hear (and I want to make clear that with the following lined I don't react on both of your answers, for which I'm really thankful): I find it to be an impertinence by some parties on the web that enthusiasts and hobbyists are being pushed into a corner of having to defend themselves for wanting to use this highly professional training software to contribute to their hobby. I'm sure that the professional market alone wasn't the intention and the moving spirit of inventing the flight simulation itself back in the days of Microsoft's first sim. And, of course, I get it, the professional market is growing and it needs more quality to keep up to the needs of professionals, but one might not forget about the enthusiasts. Somehow I find that to be sad. I started being enthusiastic about flight simulation when I was only 6 years old and was flashed that something like MS Flight Simulator 95 was even possible when my dad first introduced me to it. Since then I kept up to my hobby and still sometimes I feel like this six year old boy wondering about the incredible things that revolutionized my wonderful hobby. I always wanted to be a pilot. My dreams have been smashed by the heavy astigmatism my eyes are suffering from. Then I thought about air traffic control and again my goddam astigmatism smashed that. Today, having followed a completely different career (without any regrets) I come home from work and dream about what could have been in front of my computer and that's wonderful. Aerosoft, you make a wonderful job and thinking about your Airbusses alone I can only say that you found the right balance between professionalists and enthusiasts (from the software itself to the support and help with all of your products always tailored to the needs of enthusiasts as well) but what I see during the last months is that the community is getting more and more restrictive and I don't want that to get normal. Again, please see this as the statement it is and not as any sort of bad criticism. I'm sure that some members of the worldwide community are sharing my opinion on that. Maybe we can start a good discussion about that since I would be interested in new input on that matter. Keep up your wonderful work! Kind regards Nicolas
  7. It looks really great but pleas excuse me trolling into this thread by saying that I had to read the title like four times to read "aircraft" instead of "warcraft, LOL. I would like to know if in this simulator you would be able to learn gliding from scratch. I'd always have loved to learn it but at the moment my only experience is from gliding in FSX and it always ended terribly . Sincerely Nicolas
  8. *** @ Moderators: Please close the topic, if there's has been opened something like that already or move it to wherever you find it more accurate to be placed! *** I'd like to know, if anyone of you guys have any experience concerning P3D 4.2 compatibility. There's plenty of information all across the web, but I thought it might be useful to have all of that moved into a single thread. I decided to stay on hold for some days at least until downloading 4.2, since right now 4.1 works wonderful for me and I don't find the time to solve thousands of issues and incompatibilities. So feel free to help contributing to this list. Thank you all for your help. Sincerely yours Nicolas
  9. WOOOOW, amazing news guys, can't wait. And I want to share my amazement for providing this as a FREE update, since I heard that implementing SODE seems to be pretty much a pain to developers. Thank you!
  10. Hi, Sorry for asking, but since you were providing your Pro-Versions of PANC and LEBL now with SODE-jetways I just wondered if those were considered as an update for Heathrow Professional as well. Kind regards, Nicolas
  11. Hi Kurt, Thank you for your answer. Now that's one hell of a discovery, I'd never have blamed GSX for producing errors like those. Yeah, coautl sucks somehow and I can't thank Flightbeam enough for dropping it. Despite the fact that FSDT found a IMO pretty good way for keeping GSX up to date, I'm curious when they'll finally be dropping their engine, too. "Dynamic light" seems to be a technique so new that the devs need to learn getting used to it. On my end FlyTampa's Vienna crashed always as well as Athens. That's a pity but I'll try to avoid those destinations (as hard as it is for me as an Austrian citizen) for the time being until FT comes up with a new patch or (hopefully) a complete rebuild. What actually makes me wonder is the fact that GSX and airports by FSDT have been produced by the same dev, so usually they should work together nicely ... Well, I'm definitely giving it a try and unistall GSX and am curious to see what's gonna happen. I'm going to report back about what happened, of course. That's a pity, too, since flying without ground handling looks pretty dull to me (oh, how spoiled we became over the years). Best wishes and thanks again Nicolas
  12. Hi, Good to see that an old thread of mine that seemed to be finished suddenly came to new life, with an interesting twist. Thank you for your answers. I wanted to contribute to that new twist by adding some things I experienced since flying with V4 during the last weeks. I was experiencing severe issues with my system since last summer. Since I went for V4 everything is fine until today. But, I'm still very cautious and completing a flight is still my highest goal each session. However, some days ago I decided to give Drzewiecki's NYC V2 another try. It never worked properly with FSX or V3, so I wanted to check on that. So I went on a leg from KATL to KLGA (also Drzewiecki's) with PMDG's NGX. When I turned on to Hudson River and enjoyed the scenery the sim stopped working by saying "P3D doesn't work anymore". Not quite sure if this was a real OOM. Despite some issues with some of my FlyTampa airports I haven't got any other CTDs or crashes since using V4. Any ideas about that? I would by curious about what you think about that. Thanks in advance! Yours sincerely Nicolas
  13. Hi, Has been quite a long time since I last checked back on to the forum, had quite a tough time during the last weeks. I need to make one thing clear now: Got P3D V4 two days ago, added some of my stuff, got hands on it and instantly forgot everything about what happened before V4 . Seriously, this is not only next level...this is a REVOLUTION in flight simulation! Thanks for being so supportive and appreciative with all my questions. As for now everything works great on my system, however, looking forward to grade some things up within the next months. All the best to you and, of course, keep up the great work. Can't wait to give that next level busses a try . Thank you again! Sincerely yours Nicolas
  14. Wow, thank you for the hint. I've heard of that option with V3 and I'll definitely check on that and give it a try.
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