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  1. It looks really great but pleas excuse me trolling into this thread by saying that I had to read the title like four times to read "aircraft" instead of "warcraft, LOL. I would like to know if in this simulator you would be able to learn gliding from scratch. I'd always have loved to learn it but at the moment my only experience is from gliding in FSX and it always ended terribly . Sincerely Nicolas
  2. WOOOOW, amazing news guys, can't wait. And I want to share my amazement for providing this as a FREE update, since I heard that implementing SODE seems to be pretty much a pain to developers. Thank you!
  3. Hi, Sorry for asking, but since you were providing your Pro-Versions of PANC and LEBL now with SODE-jetways I just wondered if those were considered as an update for Heathrow Professional as well. Kind regards, Nicolas
  4. Hi, Haven't read through all of this thread, but since there's a new wave of calling for the GAP series for V4 I thought that I would give it a try and ask: Is there in any form planned to deliver a descent EDDK (update or completely new) some time in the future (as I'm a P3D V3 user I'd be thrilled about one for this platform as well ) Thanks for your answers in advance! All the best to all of you. Yours Nicolas
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