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  1. Thanks. Yes, its possible to taxi but you need a lot of thrust to go "uphill"
  2. Hi Heinz, I checked my files and everything is correct, just as you wrote. Its just a very steep bump in my opinion.
  3. Is there an update planned for Oslo for it to work with HD Mesh V4? Its unusable as the taxiways and runways are very uneven..
  4. Its always in the last place where you search for the fault.. It wasnt. Fixed now! Thanks for the help
  5. I have FTX England and I disabled everything that starts with EGLL. This problem was also present in the non Pro version of Heathrow for me. As you can see, the ground is bumpy? The cars seem to float And jetways are sunken into the ground Textures are bleeding through And as you can see I disabled everything
  6. It looks really good! I hope that Antti will make a return to Helsinki once the new terminal is finished, but that doesnt belong here really. Looking forward to more screenshots!
  7. So what about a SAS with an EI- reg. and "operated by cityjet" titles? COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links instead.
  8. Im not talking about this. Im talking about that: If I press "Add flights.." in that box that tells me "There are no Flights in the Schedule" then I get this. But I dont want this. I want THIS to pop up, because I need this to plan my flights. But instead I have to click the flight tab on the top to start a new flightplan. In some earlier versions of PFPX you could press a button in that column just underneath all those tabs "Schedule, flight, traffic, browser" to start a new flightplan, but it seems like it was removed. This is a screenshot from the first versions of PFPX, they still had this "New" button that isnt present anymore now. Or its hidden and I dont know how to get it to show.
  9. Hi Reinhard My PFPX looks like this: Currently I always have to click the "flight" tab on the top to start a new flightplan, I remember earlier there was a whole window underneath just like for example the "briefing package" one where you could start a new flightplan. The error with the fuel has occured to me on the Dash 8 Q400 aswell as the PMDG 737 templates.
  10. I've had this issue sometimes, maybe like 3 times already where the trip fuel is not correct. Here is a picture: As you can see the trip fuel is presented as 0 Kgs and with a duration of 16 hours. A flight from EDDF to EHAM obviously shouldnt take that long. I've tried multiple times already to replan the flight but it still gives me the same results. Also I've been quite disappointed with the new look of PFPX, I use this tool to plan my flights on VATSIM and the option to start a new flightplan is so hidden now, it wasnt like this in the past and I wish that this function would be more visible again because I dont use the schedule function of the program.
  11. It would be nice to see the following airports for FSX/P3D: Finland: EFOU, EFTP, EFTU, EFVA Sweden; ESGG, ESNU, ESPA, ESNQ And for X-Plane 10 im wishing to see: Sweden: ESSA, ESGG Norway: ENGM, ENBR, ENTC, ENVA Wouldn't it be nice to see all of Jo Erlend Sunds airports in X-Plane 10? Generally Aerosoft could port over much more of their airport sceneries that are made for FSX/P3D, I even bought some products twice to just get the X-Plane version, which means im ready to pay twice for that
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