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  1. I think the Realair Turbine Duke has some wonderful humming sound to them. I love to listen to them while idling...
  2. Very nice video Sasa, would be awesone to be part of such endeavor. Thanks for sharing!
  3. And the GPS as 2D pop up is unacceptable? I have the IPad with moving map software strapped on my leg while flying (in the real world)
  4. Mmm..I guess no one likes chocolate Santa's
  5. Lover all the small things in this aircraft. Looks like Santa brought us a chocolate Santa.
  6. Hi there, will the summer/winter season be depicted somehow with the ice melting and growing? Antartica does look vert different in summer or winter. Will the penguins and seals be depicted?
  7. Darn my name's Rob but I seem to be average Joe
  8. Perhpas this can help you somehow? Deane Baunton. Look for his Fletcher series
  9. Thanks for the feedback. What are your comp specs?
  10. How are the framerates conpared to default (which are not that great IMHO)?
  11. Hi Mathijs, I helped with the testing of: -Dimona -Huey -H36 -Aerolite Falcon Best!, Rob de Vries
  12. Darn that looks awesome, sold! However that kneeling guy scares the sh*t out of me. I'm suprised that crow is still sitting there
  13. If you wait long enough you will be able to fly the new NGX to PAKT...
  14. You are right I shoul not have that word to describe people who can't behave themselves like snave. For that I appologize. And furthermore I will remain quiet about flying and aircraft in this forum. If I want to know something about flying irl I'll go to my flying club. Friendly bunch their btw Marcel thanks for the great Katana, I love her, best GA in town. Rob
  15. Apples and pears sir, I'm a firefighter so my skin will withstand the heat. And I'm a student pilot, however I never encountered any (Word removed), like the ones that seem to roam the forums here. Btw I like the Katana, it's the only plane I encountered that respond as in reality and which I'm able to fly like in reality.
  16. Thanks Dave, however I would love to reinstall the complete installer v1.10. Hope that's somehow possible?
  17. Great news! I'm one of the beta testers but I don't see the Falcon in my account. I still have the RC installed and never the released version. So I can't download the update. Can this be resolved please, as I still love the Falcon. Rob
  18. The Eaglesoft Citation II v1.5 does have alternating/flashing landing lights. It's the only one I know of. From the feature list: and it can be operated from the VC.
  19. The issue seems to have been solved since renewing the shader cache with bojote's shader 3.0 mod.
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