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  1. I have this problem, too. After take-off and before landing.
  2. Hello Gerald, There is two curious peoples then. I asking to read those topic reason that there are many Aerosoft customers who are disapointed Yours (Aerosoft) way to handlening people who ask help. You don't answered to my question but asked my attitude. I always say thank you if You or some body else help me as a customer with my problems but if I get a arrogant answeres to my question then I'm not be so thankfully. I still recomenned to read what I asking my first post. There You can see about what I mean.
  3. Should You all read this and make some conclusion and to change something or want You contunie on this "old road" with Yours customer? I'm just curious... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aerosoft-crj-bugs/379587
  4. ametlib


    Well - but You know that videos usually are edited before them are to published so Yours videos not prove very much. Truth is that there is few big problems remain - is it so hard to concede?
  5. LOL - Why mr Kock ask then "Could it be that the aircraft is just too complex for you?" because isn't fisnished? Why I must deal with something unfinished product? What was the pont?
  6. Could it be that the aircraft is just unfinished product?
  7. Before latest update I set Fxxx and it's works very well. I don't tested updated version yet.
  8. Hmmmm.... I have been patience since 2021-3-31 and yes - stress level start rising step by step. About what is ready - CRJ 900? No - I don't need more bugs because inaf is inaf. I only want to use addon I paid without bugs. Is it to much asked from Aerosoft? Mayby they could to tell to their customers that when the update is ready that we could to avoid this kind unnessessary depat...
  9. I only think that I have addon with many bugs and it needs an update.
  10. From Mr. Kok -> Simulator Update we have decided to delay the release of the first big update for the CRJ until that update is out. Well - what is going on and where is this update?
  11. I resetting the plane and it seems to be work again - mayby win 21H1 update mess something.
  12. Ok - about what is going now? I planned to make a short flight from LOWW to EYVI so i started sim and sit on to cabin and wonder. Power is off and lights are on as well NAV lights, too. I can't open a EFB and I'm used C&D setting. Windows 10 Home 21H1.
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