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  1. The items I've downloaded in the past have always been very fast. I'll keep trying and I did remind myself that a reboot never hurts! I did start the A318/9 before I left for dinner and that has finished now.. ok, got the 320/1 going now. All seems much better. Thanks.
  2. I paid money for a product I have not received yet. If I don't get it soon, I want my money back! This is not right, I paid for a product I have not received yet!
  3. Once again, download stopped/failed. I have even tried a d/l manager and that doesn't work. Looking for solutions here.
  4. I just bought the bundle for p3d v4.4 and I'm in the process of downloading it. Are there any links to a USA site?
  5. wow, but what about our frame rates? single digits?
  6. I see what you all can do with the Bronco, so how about a new version of the twotter? I would pay all over for that again, if it were to be made to the Bronco standards. I have no use for the Bronco in my hanger... not sure what type of non military roll I would use it in? Forest fire observation mode maybe, what else?
  7. I'm looking for some generic USA repaints for this great a/c anyone? thanks bs
  8. I see that 1.11 is out, where do I get this update? It will only let me buy it again, I already bought it!
  9. I'm looking for a paint kit for twin otter, thanks Brian S
  10. wow, great stuff I'm really interested, I'm assuming frame rates would be high? even on a low end system? could you list the airports that are covered? I can't read the icao codes
  11. really looking forward to this myself...
  12. ok, thats what i thought, but the good news is its starting to really grow on me, i gave it a real good college try last night and it went not bad at all, so.. there is light at the end of the tunnel. i think its just that first initial whack in the face - with all the detail and everything else involved thanks anyway
  13. i bought the Cheyenne, and yes its great and very detailed, its just not my style of flying.. any chance i get my money back or am i stuck with it? thanks Brian S
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