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  1. Only 2% sales from Aus. I thought it might a bit more than that. I realise that most of your sales come from Europe and US but it would be reassuring to have a shop that invites the 'rest of the world' as it seems only geared up for these two continents and may be off putting to potential customers further afield. Being the internet and you sell to the world why not advertise it that way? I use the Euro zone shop and over here in WA i don't seem to have any issues with download speeds. Cheers.
  2. Hmmm, It must be unofficial then as i would think it would be there with all the other updates if it was released by Carenado.
  3. It should be over on the Carenado website in the updates section.
  4. Nice Vid. i enjoyed it. Both great add-ons these but my choice would be the PMDG effort. A popular decision i reckon. Cheers.
  5. Yep, playing them both together shows it off well. Well done, i enjoyed watching it. Cheers.
  6. All my add-on aircraft and scenery goes in my 'Microsoft Flight Sim X' folder. I think aircraft has to be in there anyway. Add-ons like REX look for your FSX registry path so it can load its textures so that can probably be anywhere but i keep them all on the same part of the drive. Neat and tidy and all that.
  7. Hi I did'nt think 16GB memory goes against FSX running well, more like its not necessary to have so much. 6GB is probably enough. Anyhow, just enjoy your nice computer. Cheers
  8. Yep, i prefer the colour in the first one.
  9. Wow, you must be running this on some kind of mega PC. Very smooth and great scenery. What are the scenery add-ons here? Nice work. Cheers
  10. Congrats to all at Aerosoft for 20 years of providing us all our simming needs . On the shop it says 1981 which according to my calculations is 30 years not 20 but i was never good at maths anyway. Cheers.
  11. Great. Looks like a giant flying squirrel. Impressive.
  12. Hi I think the missions that are mentioned in the instructions may be referring to the payware missions available in the shop. The free update includes two missions, one of which is a mountain rescue. Version 2.10 is current in FSX. Maybe the last download is the FS9 version. Its a tricky approach thats for sure. Using the Twin Otter is the way to go if you have it. Like in real life.
  13. After this experience i will bear all this mind. I'm not completely used to the launcher yet and i don't recall noticing the option of installing (or not) the launcher after registering but will look out for it next time. Thanks. Yes Shaun, i managed to uninstall both existing Launchers and installed one from the site. Thanks.
  14. Thankyou for the swift response via support Shaun regarding my activation issue. I'm pleased to say all is now well. This was brought about as i explained with the older version of Launcher being installed after OMSI when i already had Version installed. Both appeared to show my products as activated so i took the decision to delete the older Launcher version. This is where the issue started. OMSI would not start up due to not finding the (deleted) launcher and WoS3 had failed on the activation check even though it uses Question is, is there a way of all software being installed using the existing installed Launcher (The latest version)? For some reason both launchers were installed in different parts of the drive. I understand why Aerosoft uses the Launcher but it would be reassuring to know that it won't interfere with the use of our paid software. Again thanks for the help.
  15. Ok thanks Shaun. My other products (with exception of Twotter missions) all got categorised and they did not use Launcher when installed as they predate it. The only difference compared to AirbusX is that they were download purchases. Anyhow, no worries eh. As long as its not a problem at my end. Categorised by use of the extras option i mean, like you said.
  16. Hello all I'm running Launcher and the question is all my products have been categorized except the Airbus X which is a boxed copy updated to V1.22. It remains in the unknown section. How can i get it sent to the Aircraft section with its nice cover artwork, which it lacks? It mentions about 'update the product informations' via the Menu/Extras but i cant find those words. I have everything else, manuals etc. Its not a showstopper, just in the interest of good order . Thanks
  17. An Aussie flag would be handy or a Rest of the world icon as i got confused which to use. It does'nt matter though, as mentioned, the shop sorts out if you pay VAT or not. Unless you are in the US it really comes down to your language it seems.
  18. Yep. Great product this. I've had it some months now and have done quite a few flights from Manchester to these islands. Dropping off and picking up my virtual holiday makers. I can recommend it. Nice scenery.
  19. Very nice. You do good videos but you know that already . Thanks
  20. But as mentioned, with the Otter you will probably have to register it manually.
  21. Hi Well i checked my registration and the updates are there along with the paint kit your after. Just follow the directions i mentioned or if you want to do it quicker follow Shauns post. I was under the impression you wanted to register the product so you could access the updates for the Otter. I gather registration is automatic if you purchased from the Aerosoft shop but not so for a boxed copy.
  22. Hi If you go into the shop in the flight area there is an option in the support/service list that says updates. That may be what your looking for. Have fun with the Twotter.
  23. Sizel

    Overseas Customer

    Thank you for the reply Konrad
  24. Hi Some resellers will sell you the download version and for a small fee will put it on a disc for you then mail it instead. This means latest version and no large download using your monthly quota.
  25. Sizel

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    Thanks for the reply Mathijs Its clever how it knows if your inside the EU or not. Do you know if i will be informed of the final price (minus VAT) before i submit my payment?
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