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  1. Hi Shaun, Important to me anyway. A few years ago I bought Lukla X. I have all my installation files etc saved on my external hard drive. Now it so happens that this particular drive went bust a month ago. And unless I contact a data recovery company, everything will be lost (about 150 GB of data). I bought the download version of Lukla X. This of course together with my proof of purchase and activation codes is now lost. How do I go about retrieving the installation files from Aerosoft? Is it even possible? And if so, who would I contact. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  2. Thanks Tiger. I know there were other potential solution such as renaming the log book file; re-start fsx as a new file will be created etc. But this didn't work and I started to uninstall everything only to re-install it once my birthday present arrives next week (Ultimate - The Americas & Ultimate - Europe and Africa).
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm sure this is a topic that was discussed last week but I can't find it now. Someone mentioned the FXS logbook does not update when you have completed a mission or any other flight etc. I experienced this last night. Now I think someone gave a solution to the problem. If you don't mind, could you please repeat the solution or else, please point me to the correct topic. Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  4. Thank you gentlemen. Shaun, I'll await your answer as soon as the required person is back from holiday. Kind regards, Arnold.
  5. Hi Shaun, Have you been able to find out what the versions of the 2 above-mentioned products are? Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  6. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question please regarding the 2 titles mentioned in the topic title. Unfortunately, here in South Africa we don't all have the luxury of unlimited nroadband access. Unlike in Europe etc. So where as it may be available in some areas, in others you purchase a GIG of web usage and that is what you are limited to for the month. Which brings me to the 2 titles. There have been some serious upgrades on those titles. Unfortunately for the Europe product, the upgrade is over 2 Gig big. My question therefore is, could you please confirm the product version that you are selling. Unfortunately I wouldn't want to purchase the product if it meant having to download such a big patch. Then I'd rather wait until your boxed product is up to date. I think for GEXNA it is 1.095 and version 2 for GEX Europe. Thank you and kind regards. Arnold.
  7. Hi Shaun, I looked for the version but did not see it. Now I don't want to appear a bit stupid but it would be much appreciated if you could point out the location for me. Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  8. Hi Konrad, Here is the link. http://www.simforums.com/forums/printer_friendly_posts.asp?TID=28380 Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  9. Wouldn't Aerosoft know since I would buy the products through them. And definitely about posting to South Africa. But I'll ask the question at GEX Forum anyway.
  10. Hello Aerosoft, I know the current versions for Ground Environment X for Europe and North America are 1.02 and 1.09 for both products respectively (though a patch for both has been released). I don't know if versions 1.02 and 1.09 were released on disc or if the version on disc is version 1.00. Could you please find out for me. Then finally, do you post to cape Town, South Africa. And if so, what kind of delivery schedule do you look at? Thank you and kind regards, Arnold.
  11. Hi Shaun, Let me do that. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Kinbd regards, Arnold.
  12. Hello, I have recently become aware there is a service pack out for Pilots FS Global 2008. However, I am not sure if this service pack is for the Flight 1 version of FS Global 2008 only or if it should be used for the Aerosoft version as well (which is the one I have). Thanks for helping me out. Kind regards, Arnold.
  13. With previous versions of MyTraffic, we had to install the SDK software in oredr to be able to access the "toolbox". Is this still the case with MyTraffic 2010 as well? Thank you. Arnold.
  14. I'd just like to know as I'd like to buy Global 2010, are there any other known problems such as those encountered with Madeira X. I'd be reluctant to buy Global 2010 if a fair amount of my sceneries are going to be adversely affected. Thank you. Arnold.
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