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  1. thank you for telling us this wonderful story Jaeger
  2. Richtig Mopperle, einfach mal abregen. Jaeger
  3. Die Katana braucht nicht über den Launcher aktiviert zu werden. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/44908-known-issues-faq/ Jaeger
  4. Welllll, before you say "correction" you should do a bit of reserach. The UK had indeed an IFF system, but only the groundradar could interrogate them. In the scenario ME 109 vs Spitfire/ Hurricane visual ID was necessary. There was never ever during the Battle of Britain, during the dogfights a request or confirmation that one particular plane is hostile or not. The system of this time was good enough to identify a formation or a patrol as hostile or friendly. Which was of real value. IFF didnt even work flawless during ODS, in the 90´s. cheers Jaeger
  5. European Air War EAW had huge formations flying against Engeland, then there was CFS 1 too. Opinions in the Forums about COD are quite low and disappointed. Really devastating are comments like, the modded IL2 is better and / or its the same core from IL2. No idea if it is true, but not a good sign if customers get this impression. The Battle of Britain lives from the huge Bomber formations, 100+ Bombers and an equal number of Fighters in the air. WW2 fighters at there altitude limits, only available IFF is the Mk 1 eyeball. Getting into an attack position and only close to weapons release ID friend or foe. That is for me the Battle of Britain in an simulator, i dont care if the Tower Bridge is accurately build down to the last poly or the cars use the correct plates, hey i am busting with 500 km h in low level. They say all the planes are down to each and every bolt correctly modeled, engine management, flight model. Great, but give me an immersion that works on todays PC. cheers Jaeger
  6. stuff i noticed: Water at max; radius Detailgenauigkeit gross = back to medium levels check out the Aerosoft recommendations here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/30796-why-i-get-50-fps-in-fsx-and-you-might-not/ Antialiasing 8x, Anisiotropic 16x = set to 4x Multidisplay mode (disable when you run just one monitor) cheers Jaeger
  7. Mathjis, this doesnt sound strange to me, your recommendation to wait with COD, it fits into your company attitude to deliver realistic hardware specs to the product. I appreciate that and Aerosoft opinions have a better credit for me then from company´s with a story of too optimistic specs (with this machine you can fly a single plane and a view distance of 1000 meters...). About FPS and the upcoming Falkland sim: FPS and stability is one of the most important features, where in my opinion the scalability is the key too success. With Red Viper and Free Falcon 5 testing we had 200+ FPS, but what really counts are the FPS when every unit is active. Try to get every exotic hardware and driver combo in the pre-release team, rockstable for the Beta team doesnt necessarely mean for all customers. Cheers Jaeger
  8. Bevor du Geld in neue Teile investierst, kannst du das BIOS zurücksetzen. Stromstecker abziehen, BIOS Batterie vom MOBO für mindestens 30 Minuten herausnehmen. Ein Bier/Cafe drinken. Danach die Batterie wieder einsetzen und hochfahren. Das BIOS hat jetzt wieder alle default Werte und es besteht eine faire Chance das dein PC wieder geht. Alternativ für diesen Fehler kann auch eine fehlerhafte Festplatte schuld sein. Einfach mal eine alte Anschliessen und testen. viel Glück Jaeger
  9. great you liked it the amazing thing is, all is based on true events Patrick, thanks for the great read and the video links. This deserves clearly a :beer3_s: With the Twin Otter i discovered the fun of STOL flying in FSX, crosswind landings etc. Its a big fun. Aerosoft has a free demo from the African Airstrip Adventures, including 2 airfields with slopped runways. One airfield has such a steep part, that you have to land with a light climb. I can highly recommend it. http://www.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=10987&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation cheers Jaeger
  10. Auch die Grafik Einstellungen überprüfen; Antialiasing und Anisiotropic filtering ist per default im FSX nicht aktiviert. Braucht man aber für scharfe Texturen etc. Jaeger
  11. as the title says, a real good read http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-general-aviation-questions/90595-working-week-png.html enjoy Jaeger
  12. the chief pilot gives an overview Jaeger
  13. cool videos Snave, thanks the faint hearted should stop at 1:00
  14. @Shaun, i had to find out about the F2 key! Thanks As previously said, the Twin Otter is not flown by the numbers. You can come in step or shallow. Some styles i found out so far. Step angle with 60 to 70 knots and full flap 80 to 90 knots in a more shallow approach and flaps at 30 100 to 120 knots, shallow and now flaps have as much fun as i do with that great bird Jaeger
  15. here we go with an improved video about the Huey X Searchlight. I created it a bit in a tutorial style, kudos to Mathijs and his video it was possible. enjoy Jaeger
  16. Hello Mr. Diekmann, sounds good what is going on and i am glad Aerosoft does well. For me as customer support is a crucial point, an aerea where Aerosoft really sets a benchmark in the flightsim community. In my opinion the Bell 205 is a way to go, excellent quality to a fair price. I am curious about the upcoming Katana and look forward to it (DA team). It is just a pitty that the DO27 isnt as native FSX modell available. An area where i can imagine some improvement is the VA service, let aside contract issues and just imagine. VA members are certainly expierienced users with potential. I guess Bravo and "Starposters" rings a bell in your ear, lets put this idea into the flightsim world. How would it be if Aerosoft creates a VA package with 3 or 4 fitting items and releases each month one of them for a limited period. Creating purpose for the addon, a really good example is the Jayhawk/Seahawk package with the shipyard tool and included missions (safed flights). After we have seen every corner, flipped every switch these missions and tools keep the fun going. So why not creating some example missions? Yes, it will create a little more work, not that much with Instant mission maker though. But it adds value, gives the product a touch and adds another unique sales point. keep it going in 2011 Jaeger_301 F4, Red Viper and Free Falcon Betatester & Contributor
  17. Danke! Ich hab die modernen Versionen ignoriert... Jaeger
  18. Hallo weiss jemand wo ich für die Aerosoft Twin Otter die skins für Winair und Air Moorea finden kann? Danke im voraus Jaeger
  19. I, myself learn the Twin Otter now. The manual says that below 75% thrust the prop levers have to be fully forward. (page 20) Also in several youtube videos is shown that the pilot/copilot presses the levers forward. cheers Jaeger
  20. i reinstalled and made a succesfull IFR flight. If some wierd stuff happens again i will report back. Jaeger
  21. from this video it seems the prop levers are forward I am new to the Twin Otter and wonder if anyone found a way to assign a key/knob for the reverse thrust. Or is the mouse the only way to activate reverse thrust? cheers Jaeger
  22. I have the Twin Otter since today and have some really odd troubles with IFR. When i create an IFR flight plan TNCM to TFFJ, early in the flight the controlls freeze. This happend 6 times with 2 differend versions (BA 300 old and the Shark version). Funny thing is, both work perfect in VFR without flightplan. If i load the flightplan and doesnt talk to the tower, it works too. So it seems the radio or the controll key ö (oe) does cause the fluke. Any ideas how to solve this ? cheers Jaeger P.S. the Twotter is not in the Aerosoft launcher visible
  23. if i remember correctly, the searchlight function is coupled with the advanced animations. jaeger
  24. Wenn ich dich richtig verstanden habe, willst du eine Mischung aus Raid und einen Array ohne Raid. Ob dies dein Motherboard kann, darüber findest du Auskunft im Manual. Dabei ist auch zu beachten das die sogenannten Raid Controller meistens reine Softwarelösungen sind, was die CPU belastet und damit weniger FPS. Ausser du verfügst über mehrere CPU. In der Regel ist es Zielführender ein System ohne Flaschenhals zu haben als mit RAID0 zu experimentieren. Mögliche Flaschenhälse sind RAM, Busspeed, Interface (es gibt noch Graphikkarten mit 64bit..), CPU. Mit einem optimalen System und SSD wirst du Raid0 nicht vermissen. Jaeger
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