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  1. Hi Arthur, Yes, we will do a new Amsterdam scenery but it will take some time as it is a big airport which is always under construction. Kind regards and a Happy New Year. Winfried
  2. Hi Slimaa, First I like to wish a Happy New Year. It seems that those kinds of giftcards are missing. Can explain more detailed what you mean and how these giftcards should look like? Kind regards Winfried
  3. Hallo und damit hier nun endlich Ruhe zu diesem Thema herrscht. 1. Dieses Thema sollte nicht im Forum diskutiert werden, sondern bitte hier intern. Kunden, denen eine Zahlungsart fehlt, können gerne dies in einer Email an sales@aerosoft.de melden. 2. Vorkasse wurde gestrichen, weil dies derzeit technisch noch nicht mit unserem neuen SAP System funktinuiert. Wir versuchen aber, auch diese Option wieder anbieten zu können. Daher alle kaufmännischen Themen immer per Email senden, da das Forum nur für Fragen rund um unsere Produkte da ist und unsere fleißigen Moderatoren mit diesen Themen schon genug 'um die Ohren' haben. Viele Grüße W. Diekmann
  4. Hi Gabriel 1501, Do you have installed the FSX version of your PMDG product? If so you have missed three levels of checking if you really want this version. If not, we may find a way to solve the problem together with PMDG. Kind regards Winfried
  5. Perhaps you may delete all your comments by yourself and than we can delete your account. I am not sure as i am technically not so skilled. ;-)
  6. If you buy an Aerosoft product, which is published by Aerosoft, from one of our retailers, please take a receipt or something which prooves your purchase. In case of problems we might have a chance to fix it in that case. In those cases please contact us directly. We always will try to help as good as possible and we can also speak with our supliers to find a solution. The most certain way is always to buy directly from us. ;-)
  7. Hi Kai, P3D is officially a professional flight simulator. That's why we call our P3D-V4 products now "professional". There is no limitation in usage for the privat customer. Commercial users still would need a commercial license to run the products in commercial simulators, etc. If there will be an update price for the P3D V4 version or not is the decision of the respective developer or developer-team and not our decision. We are trying to get as much products as possible compatible to V4 but because of the large number of products it may take some time. We can't test every update so please don't be afraid if there are bugs at the release. Kind regards Winfried
  8. Hi RobertO, This is an important task for new projects. At present we are discussing solutions with and without AES. I can't guarantee that we will integrate a new solution into all our old products. This may take a little bit longer. Kind regards Winfried
  9. Hi Herman, We will check if Amsterdam is compatible to P3D and if so there will be an installer. Maybe some animations may not work. Kind regards Winfried
  10. There is no dedicated English Facbook page. Our page is in German and English language. Best regards Winfried
  11. Hi JPL19, Thank you for your post. Aerosoft USA is not a subsidiarry of Aerosoft Germany. The companies are connected but not mother/Daughter. At present the US$ shop isn't working with all functionallity. What have your ordered a box or a download of Pisa? Perhaps you may send an email to myself or info@aerosoft.com with my name on the top and I will take care of your problem. Kind regards Winfried
  12. Hi Erich, We will support P3D but it takes time to get especially 'older' products onto this simulator. Nearly all of our new products are compatible with P3D. Kind regards Winfried
  13. Hi JB, Thank you for your long email. Let me explain the situation in flight simulation as it is. While ten years ago we had to provide addons and compatibility for one or two versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator the market today is divided into 4 versions of FS and X-Plane. In general the total number of sales have increased a little bit while the costs for development, support, quality control are 2-3 times higher than before. And in the same time the number of products have doubled so we needed to focus our support onto the main products. We still have support on allproducts in our store but for 3rd party we don't have all needed information about products so we need to ask the developers or the companies. And of course we only can sell updates or new products if the supplier is sending the relevant information to us. Regarding your questions: - We are pushing our developers hard to make their products compatible and many of them have already done it or will come soon. Sometimes the problems cause by P3D are really not solved. But we don't know if P3D will still exist in one year because it is not a main business of Lockheed. So some developers prefer to create new products instead bringing old ones onto P3D. - Because we are only a retailer without special rights. We can ask 3rd parties but we have no other option than asking. - At present we can only see one platform which is in a steady development and that is X-Plane. So it is quite difficult to focus on one platform or to enforce developer to do so. In general Aerosoft is still mainly a flightsim company and the only company worldwide which supports all FS shows and magazines. Kind regards Winfried
  14. Hallo Jochen, Grundsätzlich versuchen wir alle Ideedn, die eine reale Chance auf Realisierung haben, aufzunehmen. Eine Szenerie der Dolomiten ist auf jeden fall interessant, weil sie ja sc hön zur Austria Pro passt, deren 2. Teil in den nächsten Wochen kommen wird. Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob es Dir mehr darum geht, dass wir da eine Box machen oder dass wir generell so ein Produkt anbieten? Grundsätzlich würden wir bei einer solchen Szenerie auch eine Box in Erwägung ziehen. Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob es schon Kontakte zu Frank Dainese gab und ob es da vielleicht Schwierigkeiten gab. (Der Produktmanager ist leider gerade inn Urlaub) Ich binn hier auf jeden Fall offen, für Ideen. Viele Grüße Winfried
  15. Hi, I have just receive a first contact with the authorities. ;-) Winfried
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