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  1. Hallo liebe Leser, an dieser Stelle möchte ich jetzt einmal auf ein dringendes Problem hinweisen, dass uns alle betrifft. Durch komplizierte und übervorsichtige COVID-Regelnwird der Luftverkehr massiv behindert und Airlines werden in die Knie gezwungen. Damit findet immer weniger realer Luftverkehr statt. Flughäfen und Airlines sind so nicht überlebensfähig. Unser Hobby lebt aber davon, dass Simulations-Fans und Newcommer die Realität nachfliegen wollen. Die Politik verspricht seit einem Jahr, dass Menschen die geimpft oder genesen sind, alle Freiheiten zurückbekommen und gestern wurde dieses Versprechen wieder einmal gebrochen. Das muss natürlich auch für den Reiseverkehr ohne Einschränkungen gelten. Bitte fordert von euren lokalen Landtags- und Bundestagsabgeordneten dieses Versprechen ein, damit Airlines wieder Plnungssicherheit bekommen und wir auch in Zukunft reichlich reale Vorbilder für die Simulation haben. CPVID wird uns noch die nächsten 5 - 10 Jahre begleiten und ohne Planungssicherheit wird da von der realen Luftfahrt nicht viel übrig bleiben. In diesem Sinne lasst euch impfen und bleibt gesund. Winfried
  2. Hi JellySnek, before we start with new aircraft, we will put our existing ones onto the new FS level. This will take a lot of time. The pricing of the products are not fixed, but we expect prices on the level or below the existing one. Please take a look onto our website from time to time and you will be up to date about our upcoming aircraft. Kind regards Winfried
  3. Hi Gmoreira, It's a good idea, but at present we have no developer which would have the knowledge to do such a simulator. Kind regards Winfried
  4. Hi Bob, At present there isn't a completely new version of Stavanger and Vaernes planed. If the developers will find time for this in the future we will announce it. Kind regards Winfried
  5. Hi Pascal, Thank you for your patience. Please accept my appology about they way we've answered. On holiday weekends it is not always possible to answer questions on time. But I am happy that your problem has been solved and I am sure you will have a lot of fun with Teneriffa. It is a beautiful made scenery of a beautiful island. Kind regards Winfried
  6. Hi Pascal, This problem should really be discussed in our support forum. I will forward your screenshot to sim-wings to let them solve this problem. What do you mean with " Is "shame on you" the way you talk with your customers.? " I do not understand this. I prefer to talk to Kind regards Winfried
  7. Hi Arthur, Yes, we will do a new Amsterdam scenery but it will take some time as it is a big airport which is always under construction. Kind regards and a Happy New Year. Winfried
  8. Hi Slimaa, First I like to wish a Happy New Year. It seems that those kinds of giftcards are missing. Can explain more detailed what you mean and how these giftcards should look like? Kind regards Winfried
  9. Hi Gabriel 1501, Do you have installed the FSX version of your PMDG product? If so you have missed three levels of checking if you really want this version. If not, we may find a way to solve the problem together with PMDG. Kind regards Winfried
  10. Perhaps you may delete all your comments by yourself and than we can delete your account. I am not sure as i am technically not so skilled. ;-)
  11. If you buy an Aerosoft product, which is published by Aerosoft, from one of our retailers, please take a receipt or something which prooves your purchase. In case of problems we might have a chance to fix it in that case. In those cases please contact us directly. We always will try to help as good as possible and we can also speak with our supliers to find a solution. The most certain way is always to buy directly from us. ;-)
  12. Hi Kai, P3D is officially a professional flight simulator. That's why we call our P3D-V4 products now "professional". There is no limitation in usage for the privat customer. Commercial users still would need a commercial license to run the products in commercial simulators, etc. If there will be an update price for the P3D V4 version or not is the decision of the respective developer or developer-team and not our decision. We are trying to get as much products as possible compatible to V4 but because of the large number of products it may take some time. We can't test every update so please don't be afraid if there are bugs at the release. Kind regards Winfried
  13. Hi RobertO, This is an important task for new projects. At present we are discussing solutions with and without AES. I can't guarantee that we will integrate a new solution into all our old products. This may take a little bit longer. Kind regards Winfried
  14. Hi Herman, We will check if Amsterdam is compatible to P3D and if so there will be an installer. Maybe some animations may not work. Kind regards Winfried
  15. There is no dedicated English Facbook page. Our page is in German and English language. Best regards Winfried
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