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  1. One of the most beautiful GA aircraft in FSX is the Maule M-7, it has beautiful lines in the exterior and a nice interior with transparent doors and a fabulous virtual cockpit. Unfortunately Microsoft only provided the tail-dragger version of the aircraft. Recently I saw a real Maule M-7 in one of our airports but in tricycle configuration (no tail dragging!) which sparked my interest. Driving tail draggers are a pain especially when doing sharp turns at the runway and when landing. Perhaps Aerosoft could explore the interest in this aircraft to see if it can become a future project.
  2. I wonder if there will ever be an Aerosoft version of the Tocumen International Airport (ICAO: MPTO, IATA: PTY). It is the biggest hub in the middle of the america's, the largest airport in Central america and the only one in the region with two runways. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tocumen_International_Airport The airport is again under expansion, in fact either this year or next they will finish their latest addition which is already partially in use. Being the hub of Copa Airlines (national airline) which code shares with Continental Airlines gives a vast range of connections to passengers from Panama city to anywhere in Central, South and Northamerica as well as Europe with direct flights to Frankfurt and Amsterdam. And speaking of virtual aviation at least on IVAO you regularly see traffic to/from Tocumen (MPTO) being mid-hauls and long hauls. There are also two nearby airports, one being MPHO/MPPA, the former Howard Airport (formerly Howard AFB) which has a brand new passenger terminal as well as the busy Marcos A. Gelabert (ICAO: MPMG, IATA: PAC) right in the city which is the hub of Air Panama (national regional airline) and captures all the GA traffic which is seldom allowed into Tocumen. BTW. Many airports in Panama are undergoing renovation and in particular they are building a new international airport to replace the dilapidated Rio Hato (MPRH) airport which had the feature of having a runway that cut through the Panamerican Highway. With the new airport under construction the cars will now pass via a tunnen underneath the runway. Anyway guys, if you need information about anything about airports in Panama I can be your contact.
  3. I kind of expected that, the product was a total disappointment for most flight simmers and for what it seems also for those that just want to fly without learning anything (gamers) :-) Now, their statment says "we evaluate our portfolio to see what is best for gamers..." , really? then why did they cancel FSX? that was not the best decision for all those loyal customers that kept on their flight simulator.
  4. Well, I reinstalled FSX from scratch unless of course FSC is installing a DLL somewhere else outside its own installation directory. However, you would expect that the software would at least give the user a decent clue as to what is wrong, it is called "graceful error handling" :-)
  5. I got a download version as I live in latinamerica and getting a boxed version over here was going to be too expensive. Love the product though.
  6. Do you mean FSUIPC? I do have a paid-for version of FSX but AFAIK FSX is unaware of FSUIPC but not the other way around. Thanks for the '5' tip! I missed that, one learns something new every day.
  7. I have to reinstall my Twin Otter because I had to reinstall FSX. As far as I remember I was using update 1.1 for some time. With 1.1 (if I remember correctly) there was a lengthy discussion about the inaccuracy of the CDI when navigating to/from a VOR (for those of us that really like to navigate). With the help of Aerosoft and the original developers a "test patch" was sent which appeared to greatly alleviate the problem. However, when I come to think of it and looking at the Product Update page for the Twotter on the Aerosoft site, it appears the 1.2 update was never officially released. Can somebody confirm this? By the way, reinstalling the Twotter on my PC would give me activation problems? my PC was Win 7 Home Premium x64 and has been upgraded (by fresh reinstall rather than upgrade) to Win 7 Ultimate x64.
  8. Where did you see that "calibrate using FSUIPC" ? and is that only possible with the payware version of FSUIPC? I too have noticed when going out of the plane in mid-flight that when flying straight sometimes the elevator is pitched up in a position of around 20-25 degrees, something that must certainly should cause the plane to go up.
  9. Since I am a developer I have .NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0. Anyway, I had to reinstall FSX from scratch (major setback) so I will have to reinstall the Twotter as well.
  10. Not everything else. There was much that I could just copy from the backup. Anyway, FSX threw the rope at me so I had to reinstall FSX from scratch to get it to work in Win 7 Ultimate x64.
  11. I had to reformat my PC and the new "revived" PC has now Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits. I have copied both my FSX & FS9 installations from the old disk. I tried to run FSC and I see the splash screen displaying some action messages like "reading GPS fixes" etc. then it shows some messages about reading some FS 2004 stuff but nothing about my FSX data, why? But the main problem here is that at some point right after "Reading World Polygons" it stops there and the splash screen disappears and nothing else. No FSC main window. What is wrong here? There is some log file but it only shows positive messages and nothing about a failure.
  12. I am getting a null reference exception (see my previous post) on starting of the TwotterLoad application. However, if I press on Continue it shows me the load application. I selected the "Twin Otter 300 Modern" and it says "Overloaded" so I proceeded to remove ALL passengers and leaving only the crew. It still says "Overloaded", how comes? I tried all DHC6 versions and they are all overloaded according to the application. Forward cargo & Aft Cargo: 1 lb. each Crew WEight: 340 lbs Baggage weight: 2 lbs ZFW: 342 lbs Max Fuel Weight: 0 Max Take off weight: 0 And it still says "Overloaded" I think there is something very wrong with the Twin Otter Load application.
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