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  1. Okay, I tried the exact same flight again and it worked. I don't know if SU9 fixed it or if I indeed tried to enter them wrong before, but now I was also able to delete the hold the same way with no freeze. After entering the hold in there again and actually reaching the hold, the autopilot wouldn't fly the teardrop entry or the outbound legs correctly, but flying them with heading mode and using NAV mode in the inbound leg and the turns seemed to work.
  2. I had the flight plan from Navigraph manually entered into the FMS (without the hold). Then in flight I went to the HOLD page and selected ERNOV. The hold was the wrong heading, so I tried to change the radial. The scratchpad emptied and EXEC and CANCEL MOD showed up but the radial didn't change. If I clicked on EXEC or CANCEL MOD, they would disappear, with the radial unchanged. Same exact thing with the inbound course. The leg time I was able to change as expected. Then I went to the LEGS page and clicked on the first waypoint after the hold (CH886) and the sim froze. I had to end task in Task Manager. This was all before I actually reached the hold. As a matter of fact I'm not sure how I tried to enter the radial and inbound course, but I assumed I'd done it right, because EXEC and CANCEL MOD showed up, but even if I entered them wrong, the freezing of the sim is at least still a problem.
  3. I don't know, I haven't tried since. I might try tomorrow if SU9 hasn't broken the plane...
  4. I'm sorry, for some reason I didn't get any email notifications so I didn't see your replies. The hold fix is the initial approach fix that the approach is named after. ERNO1N at EKCH. Here's the whole flight plan: This was just a test flight, and the hold wasn't in the flight plan, I added it from the HOLD page. No Simbrief plan, just the Navigraph route which I manually entered into the FMS. I did not arm hold exit. But isn't it still a problem if the sim freezes when I try to copy it without arming hold exit?
  5. I tried to fly a holding pattern in the CRJ9 for the first time today. I entered the hold at ERNOV at EKCH into the FMS, but the radial and inbound course were not as published in the charts, instead directly taken from my course (like the red line in the picture). I tried to change them but it wouldn't let me input anything into those two on the HOLD page. EXEC and CANCEL MOD showed up but the course didn't change and nothing happened when I pressed EXEC. I could change the leg time, but not the radial or the inbound course. Then, on the LEGS page, when I tried to copy the next waypoint after the hold in order to delete the hold, the sim froze. Am I missing something or is this a bug? And how do I fix it? I have Navigraph navdata installed if it makes any difference.
  6. Not planned. How fantastic.
  7. The Vol1 is done. Depending on when it's released, I might not have time to translate the other one (the Step by Step guide) after all unfortunately since I have a busy schedule at school coming up. Vol1_Aircraft Operating Manual_Part-1_fi.docx
  8. The AOM part 1 as well. Already started working on it.
  9. I intend to translate the Step by Step guide in Finnish.
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