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  1. Hello Nicolas! Thanks for sharing the story! It's heart-warming to see how aviation connects people, as some people pn your picture are my collegues! I fly the CR9 for exactly this company! Thanks again and wish you all the best Nicolas!
  2. On the CRJ is a toggle switch (between the thrust levers and the flap lever) which you can use to additionally indicate the altitude in meters on your PFD.
  3. Will share my IRL CRJ experience on Twitch on Tuesday, about 15:00Z. Join if you like! https://www.twitch.tv/modswanted
  4. Hi! One of the IRL CRJ pilots here. Yes, MSFS aerodynamics seems a bit strange sometimes. I haven't watched the video yet but I can assure you, that in air the CRJ is very sensitive. Especially on approach you need small inputs all the time and trimming, trimming, trimming! I think I had to turn the yoke to the limit just once in 5 years on approach, just because of a vortex of a tripple7. But yeah, on ground it should behave like a "normal driving thing". Seems to be an MSFS issue, hope it will be patched some time.
  5. 😄 I know what you mean. But as all CRJ pilots know, this plane needs a lot of attention and is barely forgiving. No Autothrust/throttle, no real VNAV, no FLCH mode and so on... at least we are paid for working and not sleeping there 😄 no, I'm joking. Every aircraft has it's own quirks and the CRJ has a couple. Better use pitch than get airsick 😁 Discussion can begin!
  6. Also a very useful and better than VS mode (not for descent) but for climb, is the pitch mode. Pressing VS once activates the VS mode, pressing it one more time, activates the pitch mode. Thereafter you use the VS-wheel for setting the pitch. 1 Click is 0.5°... so be gentle with that "scroll wheel" 😄 I show some examples further down for the CRJ900, but keep in mind that these pitch values will vary with your take-off weight. I will use a typical take-off weight of around 34t +/- 1t . If you have no speed constraints on your departure route the following values are quite handy to hav
  7. Ok, that is interesting. I don't know exactly what "based on" means, but I fly the CRJ for this company and when I look at our checklist, I only see these. POWER UP COCKPIT BEFORE START-PUSH AFTER START TAXI AFTER TAKE-OFF APPROACH FINAL PARKING LEAVING And if I cosider your "TERMINATING" checklist as our "LEAVING" checklist, the content is still a bit different. That's why I asked, if it is possible to change them. Do I think right, if I say that your checklists are meant to be more like a "read and do items
  8. Exactly what I said! Thank you for your honesty Mathiys!
  9. Thank you ver much for showing the functionality of the EFB! A lot of great features and a lot of work to programm them. I love the OPTIONS window and especially the possibility for hardware input configuration, great! I also wanted to ask some questions regarding the EFB. - Is it possible to change the content of the checklists in the EFB? I don't know if they maybe are saved as txt or csv files somewhere in a folder, or are they "hard-programmed" into the EFB? - PERFORMANCE tab: I like the feature of setting runway conditions and flaps setting. Is or will there be an option fo
  10. Thanks a lot for the video! A very good example of how different SOPs can be. I hope that people will think now about he possibility that there might be different procedures, before they write a complaint. In the end it is your decision to which SOPs you prefer to operate the airplane in MSFS, either Bombardier's or the airline of your choice or the Aerosoft's SOPs. Good video! 👍
  11. I think I expressed myself wrongly, sorry for my English. The point is, that the duty of a tester / supporter is not to criticise the product OPENLY where everybody can read it. All the criticism (which mostly results in improvement of the product) stays behind closed doors and goes directly to the development team, where the lead developer / project manager decides what needs to be done and what's nice to have. So even if you ask any of the testers here for their personal opinion, you can't always expect an honest answer (no offense to the testers and supporters). That's how product developme
  12. And how do you know that HE will put a 👍 on the sound set? Do you know what decisions are taken in the development team? Maybe some of the testers aren't that happy with the sound, for others they might be ok... who knows? We all will know, when the product is released and then can decide for ourselfes.
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