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  1. On another subject. Has there been much VR testing of the aircraft? How smooth is the interaction with the EFB? Do you need testers...(3 headsets here..G1/G2/Rift S...). :-).
  2. For those of you interested in studying up on the CRJ, here is a great tutorial from Chuck at Mudspike. I find his guides very easy to follow. This one is based on the Digital Aviation P3D model. https://www.mudspike.com/wp-content/uploads/guides/P3D Digital Aviation CRJ700ER Guide.pdf
  3. I am surprised you feel this way about airliners and VR. I on the contrary enjoy the presence while in VR. A lot more immersive, easier for landings and less workload not having to manage camera position (unless you use trackir). I also have a G2 and after optimizations it is performing extremely well. Taking off from ENVA is just breathtaking. I manage close to 35fps with medium to high settings. The only downside at this time is the lack of proper support for bringing in an EFB on board in VR (maps, PDFs, vatsim freq...). There are ways but it is a bit cumbersome. C
  4. I would say the closest plane would be the CJ-4. More specifically the working title version. It is not an airliner but systems wise and controls wise it is a good training platform. The working title mod is outstanding.
  5. I think the more interesting aspect of the Xbox version in my opinion is the fact that it provides a super optimized platform for gaming and one that will be uniform hardware/software wise across users. This means that if Asobo makes it work on the xbox and optimizes it, you will not have the same litany of complaints from thousands of users with thousands of hardware configuration, OS versions, software installed, devices anti-virus, etc.... Looking at the MSFS forums this is a recurring issue. I think the xbox might position itself as a flightsim appliance especially since it wi
  6. The implementation of reflections is simply astounding. Looking at the reflections of knobs, inverted text, etc...Simply beautiful.
  7. I guess the question is in the case of the EFB how well that will translate to VR interaction wise. This has been kind of an issue for a few planes in X-plane where you had to interact with the EFB in 2D and then go back to VR. In the case of MSFS, that should not be an issue as In-Sim VR will allow for interaction with the EFB. I did read in this thread that there is a keyboard integrated in the EFB which is essential for VR as it would not necessitate removing the headset to enter information. One question, will the EFB have a scratchpad to take notes? This is particularly impo
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