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  1. It could very well be that LIDO forgot to update these charts. There are always some small (and big) errors to be found once in an while with their charts IRL. If they are aware of it they will post a notice to the "real world" costumers. In this case they would most probably refer to the EGLC charts and update EGKB with the next cycle.
  2. I think you gave yourself the answer to the problem.
  3. Why is that? You can always use the FPLN page for your position reports.
  4. Both are a maybe, whereby derated climb thrust would make the most sense from a normal every day flight point of view.
  5. The AS 330 is not yet compatible with v5.
  6. It was the standard question we asked at our airline when we played the "I know something you do not know" game. The motor that drives the stick shaker mechanism has a time limit before it overheats and it is only printed on the motor unit itself. When you asked for a funky question this one came to mind immediately. Here is a pic of where you can find the answer without giving it away. 😉
  7. What is the time limit for the stick shaker?
  8. I did not know you had such a fascination for jetways Jeroen. 😉
  9. Be careful with half truths. The RW Thales does not use an 'H', atleast not when using Lido navdata.
  10. Not if you want to give an impression about a game imo. All my screenshot are straight out of the sim. Nevertheless, nice shots!
  11. Both sources are from an A330-200. Do you also have any A330-300 info? But you can actually save your time searching for it because the AS model is correct in this aspect. As a pilot, which I am, you have to lean over to the side to see the last bit of the wing in an -300.
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