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  1. There are so many possibilities with the lights that I could easily post 50 screenshots but I narrowed it down a bit for now. Do notice that you can also switch map reading lights and the like seperately between CM1 and CM2 for example. And this one is for Emi:
  2. As far as I know the landing gear is still being worked on. But I am the wrong person to ask as I do all of my landings from within the VC and do not test that part of the code.
  3. They are dimmable and this is done with the P3D code itself now. No more Reallight. I will post some screenshots later today.
  4. Yep. With Active Sky as weather engine. REX Sky Force for the clouds and REX Environment Force.
  5. It is planned to come at a later time but do not expect it “soon”.
  6. We can not answer this at the moment. There is no release candidate available yet. On my system I do not see a big difference between the two.
  7. People had the possibility to fly the A330 themselves at the Flight Sim Weekend in Lelystad. Maybe you saw somebody posting about that. Nothing secret about it.
  8. Calling the A220 a CSeries is like calling the B717 an MD95
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