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  1. mmh, I'm also using hybrid and it work fine with that setting here. Anyway, we're glad your issue is solved!
  2. Ganz abgesehen davon, dass wir nicht zulassen dass ein Kunde als blöd bezeichnet wird, weil er eines unserer Produkte kauft. Ich habe die entsprechenden Kommentare gelöscht und wenn das nochmal vorkommt nehme ich mir jedes Recht heraus auch Accounts zu sperren. Solche Kommentare sind in unserem Forum, welches Teil unseres Marketings ist, nicht willkommen.
  3. Hi, did you maybe select the P3D internal altitude system to meters instead of feet? Try to set it to feet and see if that makes a difference please.
  4. Yes, that's why we specifically outline the requirement for P3Dv4.3 in the systemrequirements.
  5. On top of what Tom said already, I think another problem here might be that the forum can presently not search for usernames very well. We'll investigate if there is something we can do about that as the three character limit unfortunately can not be changed in the software we use for our forums. Thank you for your report!
  6. Hallo Ben, AirbusCG hat mit seiner Beobachtung recht, in deinen Screenshots ist die AKUDI STAR im FMGS ausgewählt - daher ist der Inboundwaypoint (den Du oben rechts am ND siehst) AKUDI. Und der ist etwa 60NM von deiner Position entfernt. In deinen Bildern mit dem FSL Airbus hast Du hingegen keine STAR ausgewählt, weshalb der Inboundwaypoint der FAP ist. Der Airbus wird das ILS zwischen 25 und 30NM entlang der Route zur Ziellandebahn einstellen. Hier mag es sich um Zufall handeln, aber da Du im FSL Airbus den FAP ausgewählt hast, welcher etwa 10NM von der Runway entfernt ist, und in unserem Airbus AKUDI, welches etwa 60NM entfernt ist, wird im FSL Airbus die ILS Frequenz eingestellt und in unserem nicht. Bei deinem Anflug auf Leipzig gestern war wahrscheinlich auch der Flugplan nicht richtig sequenziert. Ich sehe es sehr häufig bei Streams, dass Simmer vergessen den Flugplan nachzubearbeiten, wenn sie Vektoren von ATC bekommen. So auch oben in deinem Bild vom FSL Airbus zu sehen: Du bist auf dem ILS, der Inboundwaypoint ist aber weiterhin der FAP.. Wenn Du den gleichen Fehler gestern auch gemacht hast und einen falschen Inboundwaypoint hattest welcher mehr als 30NM entlang der Route vom Zielflughafen entfernt ist, wird sich das ILS nicht einstellen. Das ist normal und entspricht dem Verhalten des echten Airbusses. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Bekommst Du Vektoren für deinen Anflug solltest Du trotzdem den Flugplan "aufräumen" indem Du entweder einen Direct zum FAP eingibst oder die FROM Waypoints solange löschst, bis der FAP zum FROM Waypoint wird. Wenn Du das machst, wird der Airbus das ILS auch automatisch einstellen.
  7. Hi, could you tell me an example of what you are looking for and how you search for it? If I want to find for example an airberlin A320 I enter the search, type "A320 airberlin" and select the option to search in files. And I immediately get the results I'm looking for: If you are looking for files in particular (instead of posts) try to always select "files" in the search options instead of posts: I hope this helps!
  8. Hi Carsten, you could try to make everything else in P3D a little bit quieter and then turn up your amplifier or speaker volume.
  9. At some point, sooner or later, users are expected to have updated to the latest version of the simulator available. We will always make sure newly released products support the latest version of the sim available. There will be no extra work done to make them support older versions than the one available by the time of release.
  10. Depends on what is available by that time. Right now we are developing based on 4.3 as that is the latest one available. If a new version comes along at a later point and it is not like literally one day before release, then we will certainly consider to implement some of the new features if it does not mean a significant extra delay because of them. Be aware though of the issues we had because our A318/A319 were only for 4.3. We had hundrets of support queries because people updated incorrect or did not update at all and obviously did not check the systemrequirements. By now the dust has settled a bit, but many people might be unhappy if they are forced to update. We will have to keep this in mind for the A330.
  11. How about weather, weights, route distance, aircraft setup? Are you sure everything is actually set correctly in PFPX or in our Planner?
  12. I like FSGRW, too. It has some stronger points than Active Sky and some weaker ones. But for our weather radar to work you do not need any weather engine. It will work with any or none as it reads the weather directly out of the simulator.
  13. Hallo Jürgen, the airport has never been designed to remove it. You could of course at any time play with the different BGL's and rename them to .off to check which BGL they are included in. I fear it might be the main terminal .bgl though, so removing them could remove the whole terminal. But you're welcome to try it and see what happens. The files are by default located in P3Dv4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 P3D V4\scenery
  14. Just adding to this here and please take it as a general essay, not something which must be done on this particular aircraft addon: "Training level" does by no means mean a full system simulation. With most ATOs a type rating starts by sitting in a paper mockup of the flight deck, pressing "buttons" on those flight deck posters. And you do this for hours - many many hours. So something on a "training level" could be as easy as a simple 3D model with working buttons replacing those paper mockups. Learning the airlines SOP and understanding why you do things the way they are done is maybe the hardest thing in a type rating (at least for me it was). If you take the 3D model to the next step and add SOPs and the aircrafts reactions to it you can already save lots of simulator sessions which cost a big load of money. And you can give your pilots a good insight into the systems deisgn, the computer logic, etc. That's what you can, in my opinion, do with a "training level" flight simulation software when it comes to real aviation. Once it comes to emergencies and the like there is just no platform currently available which could cover even half the scenarios you learn during a type rating. In fact I was quite surprised how few of the scenraios I had to learn for during my Type Rating were actually covered by the addon of my plane, despite it being a highly recognized one among the community. The fact that you miss a second pilot and only sit in front of a computer screen instead of an actual moving 3D environment just makes it a completly different experience, one which, in my opinion, is unsuitable for training. Again, this is all just my opinion on things and does not represent Aerosofts or any other official points of view.
  15. All scenery files are in BGLs, otherwise they would not be there in first place. Maybe not the same files as the moving jetway though as one of them contain moving jetways, the other only static ones.
  16. Please contact the GSX developers with your request. As we do not sell GSX, nor have an insight into how it works, we can not help you here. To be fair though, I believe with their advert " SODE replacement Jetways at every airport." they mean every default airport and not every addon airport as there are lots of addon airports (also from other developers) where the jetway is part of the terminal model - and therefore there is no way to remove the jetway without removing the whole terminal. But I'm sure FSDreamTeam will be able to offer better advice here.
  17. Unfortunately not (yet), the only thing we know at this point is that for the one customer where Mathijs saw the issue only a total clean P3D installation solved the issue, including deleting all he leftover folders after the P3D uninstallation.
  18. Nope, mine does the same. If you want to change the CI during flight you need to go to the PERF INIT and change it there. Obviously that will change it for all phases of flight.
  19. God, I wish I could post a comment like this you our really made my day, sitting at PMI waiting for my flight home
  20. Maybe not the P3D version, but the way it was installed or some other addons that affect or tweak the sim. That's why it could be related to a customers system, even though it was a clean install of the latest P3D version.
  21. They runways are located at the same spot as the real runways. If this might be slightly different from the default runway we can't do anything about it. Nonetheless, the database used by the NGX is directly derived from a real life database, so the real airplane would have had the same issue. It is rather common however that the ILS might not be 100% on top of the magenta line in the real aircraft. Keep in mind there is no possible situation where you would fly the data of an ILS or LOC approach in LNAV mode, so it wouldn't really bother a real pilot if the magenta line was off by a few hundret meters. For an RNAV appoach or another NPA it would of course be a different thing!
  22. In which mode did you fly it? LNAV or VOR/LOC? And are you talking about the aircraft actually flying in between the runways or just the magenta line being in between? if the latter is the case, which navigation database do you use?
  23. Hi, Which approach exactly did you select? Was it a VOR approach by any chance? Keep in mind a VOR approach will take you wherever the VOR is, so if the VOR is not on the extended centerline you will not end up there.
  24. Do you meant he AP buttons on the FCU? This is a big no no with Airbus (Boeing as well, just for the record). Always use the disconnect button on the sidestick/control column. The FCU button should be the last resort.
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