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  1. I won't go into detail what happened with DetCord, that's not for the public eyes. Rest assured he can always contact Aerosoft using the support email address. He indeed is an excellent painter, but there were certain limits overstepped which resulted in his ban. Thanks for forwarding the message, it'll go right to the legal department.
  2. So switch it to a page which is not an unnecessary distraction. There is a useful page for *any* phase of flight, be it the enroute chart of your flightplan. I have my EFB running all the time as well in real life.
  3. Hi Louis, the clickspot of the instinctive disconnect button is indeed not modelled as we did not believe anyone would look down to the thrust levers to disconnect since normally you'd disconnect the AT only in rather busy situations. We therefore use the default command to simulate. the AT disconnec button
  4. Are you sure all the weights are entered correctly? Looks like something gets messed up during the calculation, which would point to weights or weather data.
  5. Just too be sure, what happens if you change to the outside view, wait a minute and then go back inside? P3D should reload all textures then. Do you still see this?
  6. Are you sure you turned the FCU's brightness up? Looks a lot like it would simply be dimmed down. There are two brightness knobs below the FCU, one for the integral lights, the other for the display brightness. Are both turned all the way up?
  7. I've had one single occasion where I changed the altimeter in the A330 (uses the same system as the 320s) was indeed set to STD, but still indicating local pressure altitude, despite actually showing STD on both the FCU and the PFD. There was no way to see that in the flightdeck, only the VATSIM controller noticed. In that case a reset of the altimeter to local and right back to STD sorted it out and then my altimeter was indicating correctly. Afterwards it never happened in over 500h of testflying this year. The developer checked it and I believe it got fixed (must have been two months ago or the like), so make sure you are on the latest version. If it still happens with the latest Airbus version you should maybe try it with a different weather engine. No microsoft based flight simulator so far simulates temprature errors on altimeter readings, however I don't know your weather tool and if it simulates them or not. In real life a warmer air mass expands, thus when you're flying at a certain FL in a warm airmass, all other factors remaining unchanged, you'll have a HIGHER true altitude than at ISA conditions. Similarly when flying in a cold air mass you'll have a LOWER true altitude. That would of course be shown on the controllers radar scope as VATSIM (and IVAO as well if I'm not mistaken) read true altitudes and then pressure correct only. All the weather engines I know of do not simulate temprature error, but I have not tried nor heared of your weather engine before, so who knows...
  8. Hi John, what do you mean with right hand radar screen? I assume the weather radar? Does it show correctly on the left side but only the top on the right ND? I believe the WXR is currently only implemented on the left ND for performance reasons.
  9. Alright, could you also answer the question I asked please?
  10. Certainly not in the next update. Maybe at some point in the future, but no promises.
  11. How do you install them? If you do it manually make sure to use a working texture.cfg file! Chanecs are you have one of an older Airbus which might not work with the v5 version.
  12. Regarding the GSX issue: You don't need to adjust any AFCAD: Just change the stand size in the GSX airport configuration menu. The reason why the AFCAD is the designed the way it is, is because you can not park several large aircraft next to each other, otherwise the wings could collide. However that's exactly what FSX/P3D would do if the AFCAD allowed for it. Using the GSX editor is the best solution here. Regarding Johanns question, I am not aware of any update plans at the moment. What exactly is wrong with the placing though? I am not aware of any such issue. Taxiway and Apronchanges are known, but Aerosoft can just not constantly update any of their scenerys for all changes the real airports undergo.
  13. Why video? I recommend the tutorial flight. The one which comes with the documentation of the Airbus. There is only one.
  14. I'd recommend to fly the tutorial flight a couple times to get back into flying the Airbus. TOGA LK is just one of the features explained in it.
  15. What leads you to this assumption that it's not modelled correctly on purpose? It might be a simple bug instead? Since introducing CFD the Airbus is modelled to be flown from both sides.
  16. True, but those customers simply can't expect a seemless experience like most had with P3Dv4. And they can't blame addon developers for it. P3Dv5 feels very much like a rushed release, probably to set themselves ahead of Microsoft, so if you want to use it: Fine, but complain to the right people. If an update comes out and breaks the lights don't expect a fix within a day. It might take longer. And a beta might not resemble the final version. Even if Aerosoft already has betas and adapts products before the official release, LM might still change something the last hour before release which breaks compability again and might take days, or weeks, to fix before being able to update the addon.
  17. Hi, hast Du die beiden IRS Mode Selectors schon auf NAV stehen? Vorher kannst Du nichts eingeben.
  18. Try 5m and see what happens please. As said, I'm not entirely sure what exactly causes this, however it seems to be a combination of aircraft size and airport specifications, even though I don't know which ones those are.
  19. I've seen this happen at a couple of sceneries and with different aircraft when the Mesh Terrain resolution was set to a value greater than 5m. Try to reduce your Mesh terrain to 5m and see if you still encounter those drops. Other planes I've seen this so far (for reference, maybe interesting for others as well): KORD - A330/B767/B74x ELLX - B74x MKJS - A330/B767 All of them were addon sceneries. I don't quite know what exactly caused this yet, but in all cases removing the addon sceneries solved the sudden drops. They must somehow be related to aircraft size vs mesh terrain setting vs scenery.
  20. You're of course entitled your opinion Axel, but that doesn't mean it's correct in terms of the facts concerned. For instance having "absolutely the same hardware" while using two different computers does by no means mean you'll get the same performance, unless you would have an identical windows version, identical programs running at the same time, use Windows in the identical way, have an identical flight loaded, etc. You can have the same hardware and get different results due to different software. Probably even without knowing you have different software. Unless you have the same hardware, both have a totally fresh windows reinstallation and only have a vanilla P3D you can simply not compare things.
  21. Hallo, Nein, sie wird nicht im v4 klappen. Wenn Hans heute anfangen würde eine P3Dv5 Version zu programmieren, wäre sie vielleicht 2060 fertig. Mit Glück schon 2059.
  22. Hi Laurie, 99% of Alpha Floor activations I saw with customers so far were caused by a rotation which is far to quick, thus causing a stall right on rotation. The last 1% is usually caused by windshifts from an erratic weather addon which causes the speed to fall below minimum during takeoff.
  23. It happens in P3Dv4/5 with Cologne Bonn Professional. The DME for the ILS of runway 32R and 24 is not implemented. Bug. 14L has a DME though but shouldn't have one. Clear scenery bug, not aircraft or database related.
  24. True, that one's bugged as well: Luckily not as much of a pain in the b**t though as there's a correct sign on the other side of the taxiway.
  25. "If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic." Okay, so I open a new topic. We all know the airport will not get a redesign by Aerosoft and the GAP team is retired. However Olivers answer does not address many questions asked before the topic got closed. Once again: "the wrong N3/N5 signage" That taxiway is called N3 since 2010. The original scenery being developed in 2015/2016 is not an excuse. Please correct the bug. "Why does the terminal behind the C gates have such a bad resolution, both at daylight and especially during night time, while the A and B gates have a rather good resolution?"
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