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  1. Version 1.0


    Bodenfahrzeuge Düsseldorf International Das Archiv enthält Texturen für die große Passagiertreppe, das Gepäckbandfahrzeug und den Solo-Bus. Der Flughafen Düsseldorf International verfügt inzwischen nur noch über eine kleinere Flotte an Bodendienstfahrzeugen. Es wird daher empfohlen die fehlenden Fahrzeuge aus folgenden AES-Packungen zusammenzustellen: Aviapartner (am Flughafen Düsseldorf stark vertreten) LSG Gate Gourmet LEOS
  2. Wonderful model but one thing is not correct IMHO. There should NOT be any vortex generators on the outer sides of the engines. They are only on the inner sides towards the fuselage. That's definitely true for N329AW and as far as I know for all A320s. The A319 is a different story though. Hope you can fix this.
  3. What should be done completely differently than in FSX are Autogen forests or woods. It does not make sense at all to simulate seperate trees instead of green clusters for these areas. From the real air you only see them as an entitity. By the way this should save lots of computing power. Of course seperate trees make sense for airports or on the edge of fields, in cities and so on...but in forests they do not (you cannot land there anyway). Adding more visual depth to water makes sense as well. Especially on the coastlines transparent water could cover a rising seabed. What is most important for me is the question whether FSX sceneries will work with this new simulator. I have come a long way from FS4 to FSX and with the latest version I have eventually become tired of waiting for updated sceneries (I am still waiting for a decent version of Dusseldorf). A simulator that needs two or three years to mature (in terms of add-ons) might be prone to fall behind Microsoft's live concept. I currently use Ultimate Traffic 2 which is an excellent traffic add-on. So please do not re-introduce a fantasy airline AI. Just my two cents.
  4. That's the spirit! BTW, I remember that some users here wanted to get rid of the rocks because most of the Polynesian mountain peaks are indeed forested. There are two commercial add-ons which come with an updated version of lclookup.bgl (that's the FSX file that controls the slope effects). I personally use the file from the Orbx AU Blue package but the SceneryTech World Landclass version might do as well. There is also a freeware version available but that one doesn't fix all of the rocks. The correct and realistic Bora Bora rock will not be removed by any third party fixes because Benedikt hardcoded it into the scenery. However, if you use Tahiti X with Orbx's FTX mode I recommend you use the default tree textures instead of their brownish woods.
  5. There is nothing rude about the idiom "to put ... where your mouth is". You can't blame Mathijs for misunderstanding an English expression. I only helped to design and test Tahiti X so I'm neither the developer nor can I speak for Aerosoft. However, I fully agree that people should not try to damage the good reputation of a product if they haven't even tested it themselves. Why talk about something that you do not know? As Mathijs pointed out Tahiti X has only received positive feedback so far with one big exception: FlightXpress. And from what I can tell this was a less factual and rather political review. If the Moorea comparison hasn't yet convinced you here is another one.
  6. Actually, most of them are bottlebrushes, which look very much like pine trees. Here is a photo: So pine trees are good for me, too. As Mathijs pointed out already all aerial photography available has major parts of the islands covered with clouds. That's what you'll see if you use interfaces such as TileProxy.
  7. OMG, check you glasses. The following screen captures were taken at about the same location as the seventh screenshot. They show Tahiti X and the FSX default scenery from exactly the same point of view with exactly the same settings.
  8. Thanks for the update. When I visited Greenwich for the first time in 1994 my school teacher told us a lot about Gipsy Moth and her record.
  9. I actually meant the sailboat that used to be there, next to Cutty Sark. I saw the pub last week and remembered that there was this second ship some years ago (right in front of the entrance to the Foot Tunnel).
  10. What a coincidence. I was in Greenwich last week with some students of mine. It's always a pleasure to be there. I hope the Cutty Sark will be restored soon. BTW, what happened to Gipsy Moth? Martin
  11. Thanks Mathijs for your effort. Using the 1m texture resolution they should be able to reduce the photo-realistic area decisively. @Paul: I tried different complexity settings and BGL files and came up with a great compromise for my machine. Only Westminster has now got a scenery complexity of dense while the buildings fade out towards the outer suburbs. At a general Flight Simulator scenery complexity of dense I get around 24 fps over central London (that is with Aerosoft Heathrow Airport enabled). I have attached a list of my London BGL files for your reference.
  12. I totally agree with Paul. Cropping the photo-realsitic area so that it covers central London only would be the best solution. In general I think that photo textures work perfectly for small areas such as inner cities, islands or coral reefs. I am not so sure about larger areas because a lot of compromises have to be made (no seasonal textures, sometimes even no night textures, little or no autogen objects). @Paul: I will add the suburbs I erased from VFR London X in lower detail according to your description. I will let you know if/when it works out.
  13. In the meantime I have also disabled the photo textures and made the scenery compatible with Ultimate Terrain Europe. Except for some minor glitches (e.g. the Millenium Bridge is too short, some buildings are not aligned with the road layout) VFR London X blends in much better that way. (BTW, I had quite some problems with the London installer and UTX EU. The installer disabled most of the UTX topography. However, copying the folders manually fixed the issue.) To improve the framerate at a scenery complexity level of "dense" I simply disabled the outer areas of central London (which works quite well and is hardly noticeable) but I would definitely like to hear about your method, too. Here is a picture of VFR London X plus Ultimate Terrain Europe (although there is no autogen in the background it actually turns up as you close in). To my mind the scenery looks best that way (at least as long as the photo area is not cropped).
  14. Mathijs, that's exactly what I'm saying. BUT there is not autogen at all. The vast area surrounding the city centre is simply flat and empty. The photorealistic area should have either been reduced to the part actually covered by the custom objects or it should have been equipped with autogen objects. Will there be a patch to fix this?
  15. No, I was referring to outer London in general. Unfortunately there is no generic autogen at all, which creates a sharp contrast between the very detailed city centre and the outer suburbs.
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