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  1. Danke, mopperle, für die Antwort. Hatte mir sowas beinahe schon gedacht. Da ich eh meine erste P3D SSD gerade gegen eine mit höheren GB getauscht habe, kann ich beruhigt installieren. Wäre auch irre, jedes mal eine Kompatibilitätsliste zu erstellen. Offen gestanden tun mir die Programmierer leid, die jedes Mal zusätzlich coden müssen, bzw. wenn ich im Forum die vielen "wann kommt.." Anfragen sehe. Freund von mir muss gerade eine krkHaus-Software für 64bit umstellen und ich seh ihm am WE schon kaum mehr deswegen Eben. Da sage ich wuuzaaaaaa und grüsse als zufriedener User mal alle, die die ganze Arbeit damit haben.
  2. Hätte nach so langer Zeit nicht gedacht, daß ich hier auch mal eine Frage stelle, aber man lernt ja nie aus Müssen die Entwickler für P3D V4.2 wieder die AddOns (Szenerien/Flugzeuge) anpassen oder , wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe, wurde 4.2 lediglich um Funktionen erweitert, sodass aktuelle 4.1 AddOns keine Probleme machen ( dürften ) ?
  3. FSDG - Seychelles V2.0 ? Maybe the actual files were uploaded today. Look download if there is new date. Just we have to wait and...get tea, earl grey, hot
  4. Hello Flusi Fans ! Just read, FSC has finished updated to V4 in Rev.9 ! http://www.fscommander.com/
  5. Or if you still have the planes they offer
  6. Still big yes.....I thought my problems on online event came by this, wasn't. Have Win7 on SSD and FSX on SSD now. But I get more micro stutters by Gfx Card sometimes (GTX460). In fact no more space for HDD and SSD non mechanical parts, the 830 SSD is inside fixed with double faced adhesive tape at rack No defragmentation after Install all AddOns is fine, just the Space is low. I fear I need a 600 GB Velociraptor xmas by all this great FSX Stuff (planes, Mesh,...) or must marry a very rich girl for a big expensive SSD I have although Pepar3d on an extern 128 GB SSD, connected via eSATA. Works fine too. Only problem are my Milviz planes (T38/F15) which generated that Black Screen.
  7. Have same here for my FSX, Win7/68. Looks all fine
  8. Will watch about your house in Andras, so not there will be no house if come back
  9. Indeed...it's for that installer called Denglish
  10. Otherwise some would prefer as German Language maybe NORTH GERMAN , BAVARIAN, COLOGNE, AUSTRIAN,.......????
  11. As for me a good time, because I have Monday free. So 10 AM UTC oder same time like yesterday no problem I wanted to use my AMA KC-130 for fun half way, but think , I will choose standard or CS 737 next. And lower Temperatures please And YES...was amazing....( same TS3...I was the pure super denglisch bachelor, didn't spoke since 2 years)
  12. Pity,...later my PC works after I haved changed Uiautomation.dll with newer date.. And temperature of pc was too high too... I specially parked that AMA KC-130 for out Jet pilots...
  13. sorry chaps, never had before that error, i always have a black screen...after joining
  14. No wonder, wiöll come back, think it's too hot here for graphics card in room, I had have black textures, first since 2 years
  15. Ahh, yes,....forgot that global problem of time @edwinb77 some of us most flying events, some just for fun , but see above,...different timezones, different fly-time And myself in rolling shift most can't use sinful...
  16. If I have FSX new installed till that time, I maybe will shortly a flyby from an airport near you, because my holiday ends and Monday it's time to work (pity). Otherwise, Prepar3d seemd not to like to connect with server
  17. Hi SirAviation Wenn Du REX DVD wie ich bei Aerosoft gekauft hast, kannst Du die Bestellhistorie anschauen und bei dem Kauf von REX anklicken. Du hast da eine Auftragsnummer. Diese muss in Deine Signatur im REX Forum.
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