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Help me to a new PC

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Hi Guys....

I need your input. I am to buy a new computer now... A have looked and have the following suggestions for it (I have cabinet and Powersupply)

Please look at my suggestions and give me alterations (in the same area of pricing that is... This one costs about 17.000 Danish Kr. or about 2.900 USD

MB: Asus rampage IV Extreme Socket 2011

CPU: Intel Coreu7-3930K

RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3-1866 Hz 16 gb

GFX: MSI Geforce GTX 680 4GB PhysX CUDA

CPU watercooler: Corsair H100 Hydro series

SSD: Samsung SSD 830 series 256 GB 2.5”

HD: Western Digital Green 2TB SATA3 (6Gb/s)

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I am envious, I wish I knew enough to be able to offer advice. I think the CPU aand GPU look fine and would certainly be a vast improvement on my system. Good luck, this week seems to have been quiet on the forum, I think people have been busy.

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Ole that will do nicely, you have my address for delivery :lol:

No new rig for me this year :( Though I will be getting a restored ex MOD Larnd Rover Defender 90" closer to xmas for some proper off road frollics :P

Mirko how are you getting on with the samsung ssd, any good?

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Still big yes.....I thought my problems on online event came by this, wasn't. :bow_down2_s:

Have Win7 on SSD and FSX on SSD now. But I get more micro stutters by Gfx Card sometimes (GTX460).

In fact no more space for HDD and SSD non mechanical parts, the 830 SSD is inside fixed with double faced adhesive tape at rack B)

No defragmentation after Install all AddOns is fine, just the Space is low. I fear I need a 600 GB Velociraptor xmas by all this great FSX Stuff (planes, Mesh,...) or must marry a very rich girl for a big expensive SSD ^_^

I have although Pepar3d on an extern 128 GB SSD, connected via eSATA. Works fine too.

Only problem are my Milviz planes (T38/F15) which generated that Black Screen. :o

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