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  1. doesnt say English (United Kingdom) as well as English (United States)
  2. I see it in installers all the time and it's a pet hate. It annoys me. Although the language may be very similar, it still annoys me. Could we have it changed in future installers possibly? (Although I have nothing against the US or anything, it just annoys me)
  3. I've just flown into Heathrow again, no problems, it must be just one of those things
  4. I think it was a one off, It's never happened before. But it is annoying and I herd of a fix for CTD problems in Heathrow 2008, so I thought I'd post here
  5. sorry, this is the first time ever it's happened with me ever for the whole 1 and a half years I have had it installed, and this happened with the Level D 767.
  6. Hi, When turning into the gate at Heathrow Terminal 5 gate 535 using Aerosoft scenery, I got a crash to desktop and I had to restart to file my PIREP to BAV. This is very annoying, is there any fix for this problem? Thanks, suddste
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