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  1. Seems to be hard to fix the shared cockpit issue for the 1% of users that must use it, can the fix be released in two parts so at least the multiplayer can be used?
  2. It would be superb to have CumulusX in Prepar3D, without it there's simply no point in using gliders. Porting over FSX aircraft seems to be simply as case of renaming folders, but we absolutely need CumulusX or I guess CumulusP3D I've just purchased the acedemic version, so if you need any testing, just let me know. Allan
  3. :blowbubble_s:So what is the verdict? Is the MP aspect fixed, I'd like to procure this aircraft, but only if it's flyable in MP
  4. With the excellent tools now available to support gliding, combined with the available sceneries around the world and growing list of glider types (albeit a small list), FSX is the way to go. I hope Aerosoft and the development team cashes in on the groundwork laid by the Discuss and generates a few more types to keep the momentum going in this area.
  5. The tip about DG808S (default) vc light is good, I find it hard to read the instruments unless really zoomed in, but the field of view already seems narrow and this doesn't help, is there a way to alter the FOV?
  6. Well as it's a long weekend here in Canada, I can't wait that long, more money than sense I guess, but then wasting this weekend opportunity doesn't make sense either.
  7. I suggest you have a section covering FSX control assignments, I realise you can determine this through the FSX documentation, but for a lot of users unfamilair with Gliders it will be a good starting point especially for tow rope and release, plus it could also cover axis assignments for controllers like the Saitek X52 for things like the spoilers or other variable controls you might have. Some discussion on helper apps like CumulusX and Simprobe for those not experienced with Gliding in FSX would also be beneficial to the product. Some minor comments about the doc ........ It's prob
  8. Are we talking about ridge soaring here, I`m up for that when you have working server
  9. Oh that is great news, thank you for that extra effort it's really appreciated.
  10. Excellent news, looking forward to trying that out.
  11. I'm used to Imperial gauges, but in the end you have to adapt to different values to suit what ever aircraft you fly anyway, so I don't really see a problem using metric gauges. Having said that if you're used to a particular system its not very intuitive to be in another, altitude would be the most confusing for me, but a least zero feet and zero meters are the same thing It would be great to get alternative textures for the ASI and VSI at least and if in the future new models could be made available with an Imperial Altimeter; that would be the icing on the cake. As for calling the diffe
  12. Sound is one of the most immersive elements that is often overlooked and can be used as a feedback mechanism over and above real world sounds to make up for the fact you're flying a 2D limited view simulation. AI traffic sounds need to be much more representative and flexible.Prop rasp, rotor slap, jet blast, controllable effects, etcAirport sounds, support vehicles, aircraft starting and taxying, reverse thrust, etcAirborne tag feature, rather than creating a combat sim, create simulated combat, by which I mean have a capability to dogfight and detect hits with the result of igniting a smoke
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