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  1. I would not know what may have changed from a new installation, even in a different folder. And yes the iPad is the new interface for loading and configurations.
  2. Well, I cannot answer your question. Maybe there is an add-on that has changed something that affects the performance, like a weather engine??? Maybe you can try and uninstall/reinstall of the CRJ.
  3. Sure you can fly with autopilot but there is no autothrottle, so must manually put the throttles into the dents and manage the climb by setting the speed or setting the climb rate.
  4. Well any aircraft has to be trimmed for the speed it currently flies and to neutralize yoke deflection. So for take-off it is in the 7 to 5 range depending on weight and load distribution. Once you pick up speed and clean up the aircraft the trim needs to be reduced and in cruise condition it is more 0 to 2 again depending on ...
  5. The video shows that you are already close and then effectively fly into a stall situation. To understand we would like you to fly by hand and see if you can get proper climb performance according the basic flying data. No weather, the standard loading, just take off and try to level off at FL100 and stabilize at 250 kts. What is the power required then? if you have margin on N1, put throttles into CLB and climb out with 270-280 kts. See what kind of climb rate do you get?
  6. Thank you for the hints. I did not think of a fix st ORBX as the texture files only appeared when LSZH is active. I will have a look. All LSZH files at EULC are set to OFF and the airport is above.
  7. Hi, have flown to LSZH after a long time and found funny textures on the approach. This is with ORBX EU LC. The surroundings of the airport seem to change with a local LC file with a strange texture as seen on on the screenshots. Anyone has an idea what might be wrong here? Or a cure to fix it? Thanks!
  8. The wheel angle is currently defined by +/-75 degrees. This is required to achieve the turn radius as per aircraft manual.
  9. EFB should be very similar (just rounding errors) to the data in P3D. So best to plan with those figures and EFB gives the correct speeds.
  10. Sorry I was assuming that you use the Pro version. No the Pro requires P3Dv4.5 with hot fix2.
  11. Gero, you need to save a flight with the data in the EFB matching proper loading, or when you load the aircraft from the menu, just reduce the total fuel in the EFB and transfer data to aircraft and you should be fine too. The Tanks volume is the critical one as said in the explanations. They cannot be filed like on the -700, unless you make a ferry flight with no pax on board.
  12. Well, it saves the flight plan and the PERF INI is something different for any flight. If you want to keep that than just save the flight situation and the plane will be reloaded with the same load and the only thing you need to do then is to copy the data to the PERF INI page via the EFB.
  13. I think you have totally overloaded the plane. Have a look on page 1-1-7 of the Vol1_AOM_part1.pdf SPECIAL NOTICE ON CRJ-550 USE AND LIMITATIONS
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