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  5. I understand the tools but that should not be needed for a standard installation. I have no issues with otjer airports like LEMD whixh is also in the upper grey area. It is oarticulsrily EDDK which rolls back to old default and it goes away when deleting the ADE file.
  6. In P3D v4.4 I cannot move the senery entries installed via add-on.xml. So I tried to develop an add-on.xml (see attachment) and put it into the FSaerodata folder. P3D asked me to install FSaerodata, but the 4 scenery elements did not show up in the scenery listing. So I made something wrong here... I think the best way would be to ask the developer of EDDK if he could update his ADE file with all procedures for the airport. Then they would show up in the default GPS as it is done with many aerosoft airports I checked. And a sophisticated G1000 simulation based on default plus FSaerodata would see them too. add-on.xml
  7. Hi, I ran into an issue at EDDK of having installed FSaerodata to provide actual nav data for the G1000 in the Diamond DA62 by Vertx. As EDDK is using the new P3D installation routine it is automatically at a higher priority than the FSaerodata files. EDDK contains an ADE file which unfortunately only contains the default Nav data which are incorrect and contain no approches nor departures. Deactivating this ADE file brings back the FSaerodata as per attached images but of course ruins all stand positions. Could you provide and update that includes the actual nav data for EDDK. Thank you for looking into this and hopefully provide a solution.
  8. Definately the weather effects generated by AS have an influence on generating accelerations that may exceed the g limits x safety factor. I have dimmed down multiple entries in the AS configuration to avoid unrealistic (to my perception) effects. Default values in ( ) Under Wind options: Turbulence effect scale =20 (70) Maximum wind shear = 20 (50) Enhance turbulence = OFF (off) Wake turbulence strength =20 (50) Maximum downdraft rate =245 (1000) Maximum updraft rate =240 (1000) I hope that helps!
  9. I just want to add that sometimes the OAT is changing in cruise and depending on weather app used, I have seen too warm temperatures high up. That may lead to a significant power loss.
  10. I suggest you open the load manager and in there is a basic fuel calculation. You can enter departure and destination airport and then vary altitude. That will give you a feel of what it takes to go from A to B. Further the delivered handbook has all the data for propoer flight planning.
  11. That is a pity that such nice livery cannot fly with pax due to individual country regulations. Very nice repaint.
  12. metzgergva


    Andrew, as Mathijs has already mentioned, there is a difficulty to find the best compromise. I understand your point to use hardware levers and knobs, and I do the same. FS does not know continuous movements based on single button or key activity for flaps, cowling flaps or carb heat. An oilcooler flaps is unknown at all.. So as a developer you have two choices. You use steps, which may be unrealistic for a specific aircraft or program it without standard commands so that at least as activated by mouse in the VC work as they should and still have the available FS commands active for hardware input. So I live with steps on the flaps as they are fine enough to catch typical settings. And the cowling is a short change of view to the right and keep you hands on the control stick in a firm position. Oil cooler is mostly moved while still on ground and adjusted to ambient temperature and normal ops.
  13. Not sure on your comment regarding temperature control. Cowling flaps and oil cooler door do have an influence on the respective temperatures. It just takes a little while.... Aircraft status from flight to flight are not recorded. If you park and save the flight situation that should be the same when loading the situation again. Cargo door I need to check again, but it has worked before.
  14. And from the actual charts you can see that the GS antenna are ~1.9 NM before the LOC/DME transmitter - for 07L as example.
  15. Just a vid from a visual approach into PANC onto 07R, with guidance of the ILS 07L and the NDB flown in Everts Air DC-6A https://www.dropbox.com/s/emt00ke2x5avjhg/PANC07R.mp4?dl=0
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