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  1. Maybe your a sim pilot looking for something fresh. Or maybe your a real pilot and wished you had the opportunity to throw a plane around in a simulated AirRace. Or maybe... you want to test your skills in a Short Takeoff And Landing Competition... Whichever your desire, have a look over at the Fsx Air Sports Association Face book Page for more info. http://www.facebook.com/FsxAirSportsAssociation About Find FASA on TeamSpeak3 at, "ts3.digitalthemepark.com" See the "About" link for more info on FASA. Mission FASA's Mission is to bring people together into a "Sporting" Community to experience and enjoy aviation opportuniuties not available to most pilots due to cost and safety limitations. Description FASA, founded June 12th 2012, is a community of Flight Simulator enthusiasts that participate in online multiplayer air sport competitions and events. FASA currently uses Microsoft Flight Simulator X with it's multiplayer capability, as our primary simulator platform. Currently FASA is offering the excitment and challenge of "Pylon Air Racing" and Short Takeoff And Landing (STOL) Competitions. General Information If your interested in participating in future FASA events, please follow these easy steps. 1. Make sure you have a headset with a microphone. 2. Connect to the Digital ThemePark Teamspeak server with Teamspeak 3 Software at ts3.digitalthemepark.com ... 3. Make sure your Username in the Digital ThemePark TeamSpeak Server is the same username you will use to connect in FSX Multiplayer 4. Once Connected to the TS3 Server, seek out the Digital ThemePark TS3 server Admin named "Zoolander" or "Buzz313th", explain to them that you are interested in FASA and they will give you a brief tour and make you a Citizen of the server. 5. Once a "Citizen", then proceed down to the "[FASA] FSX Air Sports Association" "Pit Area" Channel and left click on the "[FASA] FSX Air Sports Association" group channel. In the window to the right of TS3 you will see all the relevant news and download links for FASA, with a listing and information of upcoming events. 6. Feel free to browse around the Digital ThemePark Teamspeak Server to find other sim pilots to fly online with. You can contact "Buzz313th" here via PM or on the TS3 Server if you have any questions. Please make sure you check in to the TS3 server regularly to see updated status on upcoming events Thanks
  2. Yeah... I mentioned the same thing to them as well like a week ago. But they haven't renamed the file title. See this thread. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/55586-aerosoft-bronco-x-112-update-multiplayer-update/#entry387089
  3. Fabulous Finn... I have to say that you are the worlds most honest FSX Developer. Most devs would come back and say nothing has changed. Thank you! I love the Bronco and further more, I am extatic that you guys made it multiplayer compatible. You have my business everytime you release an aircraft. Thanks again.
  4. Goto your accounts page. Download the full version of 1.12 (Which is actually 1.11). And then download the update from 1.11 to 1.12 that is also on your accounts page.
  5. Hey Finn. Is there any difference in how the engines, or more specifically the prop govenors act from version 1.11 to 1.12? It seems that in 1.12, when you bring the conditioner lever down (lower RPM), that the props slow down much quicker when there is no torque on the engines.
  6. Finn.. I see the problem now... I originally went to my account page to download the update where I saw a full version of 1.12 and an update for 1.11 to 1.12. I decided to just download the full version listed as 1.12. But the full version is in actuality, 1.11 and it needs the update to bring it to 1.12. You guys need to change the title of the full version download from 1.12 to 1.11, or else people like myself will make the mistake of installing the full version 1.11 thinking it's 1.12.
  7. Ok, I just checked the version I had installed. It was 1.11. I will try again and download 1.12. Maybe I made a mistake and downloaded the wrong version.. Will let ya all know.
  8. Yeah Finn, I am sure. I am testing it on a server that Geoff has set up for digital themepark.
  9. Hey guys, after the 1.12 patch, the bronco is still flooding the multiplayer server 10 to 1. So.... Every time you connect with the bronco it's like you are connecting with ten planes and it kicks other people off the server. JB
  10. Hey Finn.. I am really sorry to say that the bronco is still flooding 10 to 1 on the multiplayer servers. It makes no difference whether you enable or disable the Checklist gauge. So unfortunately, I am unable to fly it on my normal Multiplayer server at Digital themepark as it kicks other players out and uses way too much bandwith of the server. Can you please mail me regarding this at the mail I have registered here on the aerosoft forums.. Thanks
  11. Hey Finn, gotta question. Does the Checklist gauge cause the plane to flood even if you are not using it in a shared cockpit situation? JB
  12. Sounds good Finn.. Still here if you need someone to help test. Just got back after a long work trip overseas. My excuse for being away from the FS community for so long.
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