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  1. I didn't realise Sound cards were still available for PC's these days. Thanks for pointing me in this direction, that's something else to add to my list of upgrades.
  2. Why Is my Bravo sitting on YOUR shelf? Get it back in its box and get it posted to me. I've been waiting long enough ­čśŤ­čśë
  3. I don't fly these bigger planes in the Sim as a rule, and I'm NOT a pilot of any kind. But I have to say I'm VERY impressed with this plane right now. I'll be following any videos from now on, and who knows, you may well have got yourself a customer who wouldn't normally consider this type of Aircraft. Well done Sir, you did a great job in presenting this product. To all the team on development, big thumbs up. Very nice indeed.
  4. Thanks BelgianTiger_2 Although the only email I have received was the one confirming my order. I haven't had any other emails at all. Let's hope I don't have a problem, because I will be very pi$$ed if it all goes wrong now. I don't think I will EVER pre-order an item again, it's just too much hassle to be honest.
  5. I ordered my Bravo on Amazon last August, and kept getting those emails delaying dispatch again and again. Then I found out that Amazon were actually supplied by Aerosoft. I didn't know this at the time of ordering. I cancelled my order in December, and ordered from Aerosoft when Pre-orders became available again, available Spring 2021. Now I wait. The thing I DON'T understand is, the money has been taken, (glad of that), but my "order" has NOT been processed. How can it NOT be processed when the money has been taken? I don't understand what that phrase means. Has something gone wrong, and my Bravo ISN'T actually ordered? Or does it simply mean that this phrase will change when it is dispatched? Has any here gone through this ordering process? Can you explain to me how it works? Thanks in advance for any information.
  6. That's interesting, because today I decided to go visit Germany and start at Paderborn. I tried twice and both times a CTD. My friend also got a CTD. We disabled Paderborn and all was okay. We didn't get the benefit of your Paderborn, but we did see how amazing some places in Germany looked. We'll be sure to come back ­čśë In the mean time, we'll wait for Microsoft to fix the problem, before we see Paderborn.
  7. Hi my new name is dumbarse, nice to meet you. I did indeed totally miss that, what a numbskull
  8. Have you tried a repair on the avionics at all? It might be worth replacing a few parts one at a time, and see if anything changes. I had a gyro drift problem I couldn't solve until I replaced some parts in the maintenance hanger. Nothing indicated I had a problem, but replacing parts did the trick, so I must have broke something
  9. That's the new feature Marcel was talking about. The very first STEALTH Katana
  10. Congratulations, well done. Nice feature Marcel, must have been pretty hard to implement I'll check it out when I get the chance
  11. Dirty pots in the controllers. I get this from time to time. Snave already said to recalibrate, and check null zones. I agree. Load the Katana, then bring up FSUIPC and go to the calibration tab. Without touching any controllers look at the numbers and see if they are constantly changing? If they are steady, move the controllers and let go again. Are they still steady, or they constantly changing? If they are constantly changing from the beginning, or after you move the controllers, then you DO need to recalibrate and check the null zones. Personally I would tick the "Aircraft Specific" box, recalibrate and check null zones anyway. This will set up a specific calibration for THAT particular aircraft paint. You may need to do this for each paint, or if you are adept at editing config files, check out the FSUIPC manual for how to use the "ShortAircraftNameOK" facilities so the same calibration will work for ALL the Katana paints. You can also move your controllers in "full circles" several times, or for several minutes, to clean the pots. This may help.
  12. That screen shot is the reason I didn't buy that plane, I saw it in a video and it put me right off. I wasn't aware there was a fix for it. Thank you Simon, that is appreciated.
  13. I haven't tried this, as I'm not well enough to fly right now, but my last guess is this: The aircraft tie downs are different in some way depending on where you are at these "Special Locations" Maybe Blocks at one place, Tyres at another, Spikes or anchors maybe?
  14. My brother in-law ran his car for a whole YEAR without the oil touching the dipstick. How he got away with it I'll never know
  15. I got it, if you don't lock it down properly, when you go to fly again next time, it's GONE. Some thieving swine has nicked it, never to be seen again
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