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  1. im using the latest 1.03a now.. im only saying that the oil dipstick measure system is weird a bit.. i mean i have to burp the engine 5x times to get neary correct oil level.. that's it i saw many real world youtube videos, where the maintance guy rotate the prop until he heares the burp... and not rotate the prop all day like me (5x) well.. (honestly i don't think that you will be revise this oil level measure system.. so... let' s say it's a VERY good plane another than that) have a nice day;)
  2. your nature english is much better then mine;) so at last you wrote down what i wanted to do.. the manual of the katana4x sometime write down thing too "general" way... and the plane is so complex, the lack of infos about the complete simulataion level give birth some expectations after i red the real Katana manual.. I know that Snave is really an expert... ,but the real katana manual really sad that sometime between 2 oil change, not neccesary to change the oil filter too.... but it's a real world plane so leave it my question was originally just that, the oil change interval is how many hours in the katana4x sim... i can really accept if this value lower than real (A2A piper cub have the accelerated wear options too) I just want to know it (exact value-> or programmed default value) if can? and if the answer is simply a Snave's "gold spit" like... -> "i hate to answer to him" soo... what the ######?? i spend my money to this product.. i don't have the right to ask 1 question? (or 2 if you count the oil change topity from LAST YEAR!!!) I understand that Marcel is busy right now... so i wait anyway.. Thank's to EDNR-Cruiser
  3. [CHARGES] LEVEL_OIL=2.578062 LEVEL_LEAD_OIL_FILTER=1.037800 RESIDUES_OIL_FILTER=1.193346 =50.000000 LEVEL_LEAD_FUEL=0.559624 can you tell me Dear Snave, what these lines are meaning? exatly if you please please try to answer to the question, or ask Marcel, or the big Aerosoft... or i need to write a formal letter to the AS staff to help i just want answers to these exact lines please
  4. "2) You don't check the oil level in the service module but in the Pre-Flight walkaround." now that is my question... because i always check my oil level before flight (burp it at least 3x 4x times for correct level) so after i made an inspection and the oil is red -> that means the level is low, or it's time to change it... (this is why i questioned it that the 25hrs oil change interval is realistic or it fastened up in the kat4X) if i see the data.cfg values, its more complicated [CHARGES] CHARGE_BATTERY=19.827013 LEVEL_OIL=2.578062 LEVEL_LEAD_OIL_FILTER=1.037800 RESIDUES_OIL_FILTER=1.193346 TEMPERATURE_OIL_MIN=-10.576816 TEMPERATURE_OIL_MAX=25.865641 LEVEL_COOLANT=2.430000 =50.000000 LEVEL_LEAD_FUEL=0.559624 well.. as i know the oil level should be about 2.7L in the reservoir but there is plenty oil in the oil cooler radiator whitch can not be burped.. so im very confused about, that the oil change interval or it urgency is whitch value? and if it not the case.... maybe the oil level -> check, burping mechanism is not alwys correct, and that is leading to RED box after inspection i have hope in Marcel;) please please:)
  5. Dear Marcel, Can you explain what is the logic in the oil change interval? Real world engine needs about 25hrs oil change interval if using avgas the in service modul after inspection, the "oil section" is see only the level, or consider if your oil is too old..? thank you;)
  6. The sound like "fuel filling" or "oil gurgl sound" or prop turn sounds are only heareable if i load the plane (external view) until i switching to VC view to the first time, than only in VC view where i can hear these sounds... everything else like engine sound is great.. it's not a big showstopper, just curious if anybody have this issue is there a rule to save the plane in only VC view? i have FSX+SP2 (no acceleration)
  7. well, after more testing in instructor mode.. i found that this nothing has to do with the oil refill, overfill, or the wind, or the cowling.. it just happening it is just for me, or anyone else come across that if i burping the engine 2times,than burping again only this way showing the right oil level? sometimes need 5 burp soo.. for 'Marcel' -> is it possible to turn off somehow the oil spill effect? i had never forget to put back the cap.... im hoping for the answer after the world end;) "2012"
  8. Dear Marcel, Can you tell that in the program code, what triggers the oil spill out effect? i mean, it's only triggered by the open lefted filler cap, and the running engine OR the overfill can cause this too? i started a hole new plane (0.0hrs), with 1.03a and only after the 3rd flight checked the oil level.. and there was no oil spill after the 5-6 flight checked no problem again... then yesterday after few days no flight, i loaded it with the parked&longterm option, the level was about 3/4 at the dipstick and i refilled it only 3-4 clicks -> resulted about 80% level (!!after 3 burp!!)-> so i pushed out the oil to the reservoir oil spilled to the cowling and canopy after flight i saw the values in the data.cfg and after i compute, the reservoir+filter = nearly 3L -> the tank should hold only 2,9L so maybe the dipstick is not showing the correct level (after 3 burping attempt) -> the oil is to much -> triggers the effect and the result is known.. another than this I HAVE NO PROBLEMS AT ALL WITH 1.03A can you answer it? i mean... please
  9. why does the snave1 topity closed?
  10. Health is first! i will try it... ,but if nobody else come a cross with that problem at all.... that's lead me to think it's a strange behaviour like was with the A2A j3 cub float (spinning plane on the water until it's brake apart)
  11. the last two refill attemt was the same... but it doesn't matter now if i remove the hole cowling or is there any surface wind... at this point i give up;) (and the support too) bye
  12. yesterday a removed the hole cowling to refill process... and the oil crawled out again to the windshield;) i really have shaking hands
  13. Dear Snave Simon Evans "Who cares what anyone thinks? It's what you know that interests" you really think that, who dislike you doing it just for fun? or because they don't have better thing to do? just think of it... (((an arrogant bad seller makes more harm to a company then a bad product))) if it's help, im with you! i like you;)
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