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  1. The biggest problem is the magnetic compass, it only seems to work when the batt is on, which is not realistic at all. seeing as a real mag compass is just a magnet floating in a solution and requires no power. this causes problems when towing cause you don't in real life tow an aircraft with the batt on and if you forget to turn it on and then tow the aircraft the mag compass shows the wrong direction completely and cant be aligned back with north
  2. I havnt modified the aircraft in any way, I found out that when you have the batt on the problem dosnt exist but thats not very realistic
  3. I have always had my settings on the most realistic flight sim has to offer, I checked though just to see and i do have the gyro drift enabled, I love flying the da20 cause it reacts as close to the real aircraft as fs can get, + its cheaper to fly than going down and hiring a c152
  4. I towed my DA20 a complete 180 today which is what I dont usually do and started flying when I realized I was going completely the wrong way, I checked to see if I had my DI alligned with the compass and it was. then I checked the magnetic direction with Shift Z and the magnetic compass was 180 out! This happens every time I tow it with the tow bar, also I noticed when flying I have never once had gyro drift which in the realistic model which im running should happen
  5. Dose this apply to all diamond servicing locations cause I operate my DA20 around the UK and north europe
  6. only geography related thing I can think of is magnetic variation and compass tilt, but that dosnt really effect the systems
  7. also I sometimes find that one of my wheel spats has been stolen and i have to get a new one
  8. Before that last hint I thought it may be airframe Icing on the ground, that would definitely effect the systems
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