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  1. Hello ! I have resolved the problem ! When I have this problem, I do "Shift+3", I click on "Settings", and I reload the plane. So topic resolved ! Good evening !
  2. Hello ! I have a problem. Thanks to answer me ! Good evening !
  3. Hello ! Where I can modify the tiltes of missions ? Thanks to answer me ! Good day !
  4. Hello ! I have re-downloaded the Katana and I have chose "repair", and no error message during the install. So topic resolved ! Good day !
  5. Hello ! I have Windows 7 andI have install the Katana as administrator. Good day !
  6. Hello ! During the install of Katana 4X, I have a problem. What does mean this message? Thanks to answer me ! Good evening !
  7. Hello ! I have a small problem. I'm french, so I have a french FSX, and after the install of F-16, the titles of missions are in English. Before install After install Is there a solution ? Where I can modify the titles ? Thanks to answer me ! Good evening !
  8. Hello ! Ok, thanks ! But there is a little hope... I hope. So topic resolved. Good evening !
  9. Hello ! I want to buy the Aerosoft F-16, but, on the french site, there is not available in box. So, I want to know when it will be available. http://fr.shop.aeros...language=france Thanks ! Good day ! Sheppard
  10. Hello! If I ask this, it's because I have looked and it's not indicated! And thanks Shaun Fletcher! So post resolved! Good evening!
  11. Hello! Ok, thanks! On FlightSimStore, REX box contains SP3. It's writing in red. http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=191&products_id=1254 So, maybe Aerosoft also... Good evening!
  12. Hello! My PC has an i7-2600K 3.40 Ghz and it's running 64 bits. Good evening!
  13. Hello! I would like to know, the Real Environmnent Xtreme box available on the french store of Aerosoft contains the SP3? Thanks to answer me! Good evening! Sheppard
  14. Hello! Ok, thanks! My PC have 8Gb RAM with a HD 6970 1Gb. Good evening!
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