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  1. thank you marcel for replying unfortunately it does not change anything. The rudder pedals oscillate too as soon as I touch them, like the joystick When I first had this problem I don't know what cleared it. I did nothing I can remmber of. Then I flew for a few weeks without any problem. At my last flight I used the control lock before leaving the aircraft. The next flight the oscillations showed. It may be a coincidence but I give you as much detail as possible with the hope that you will find a solution. Is there a way to disable the flight control damage, just for investigation purpose? Thank you again.
  2. Here is what I have found: starting point: Ailerons and elevator are controlled by FSUIPC (send to FSUIPC calibration) and not by FSX Now If I unselect the joystick in the FSX menu, I have the oscillations then I unselect the ailerons in FSUIPC, the ailerons don't move which is normal but I still have the oscillations with the elevator only then I unselect the elevator in FSUIPC, nothing moves and no oscillations. At this point the conclusion is that the oscillations are there when the ailerons and elevator are controlled by FSUIPC Now that the ailerons are controlled neither by FSUIPC nor by FSX, nothing moves which is normal then I use the FSX menu to control the ailerons and the elevator , and the oscillations are back (even though FSUIPC does not control the ailerons and elevator) There must be a conflict somewhere but I have yet to find where. The problem is there only with the DA 20, all my other aircraft work fine. It is annoying because I can no longer fly the DA 20. Help appreciated . Thank you.
  3. Hi, Thank you marcel for your reply. No I've done nothing with the buttons and the keypresses. Itried several aircraft for the default flight, to no avail. The only fix is the CTRL +E trick after engine start. It is no a big deal, I can live with it ...
  4. hi, The problem had gone away (I don't know why) but is back now for no reason. I am back to square one after more than 10 succesful flight hours. Thank you Julio for the suggestion but If I create a new fsx.cfg file, will I loose something elsewhere? Besides if I do that, I don't see why it will prevent this problem from happening again. The real fix must be elsewhere I am afraid Thank you
  5. The issue that I have was raised in a previous thread. It can occur with an aircraft in a mint condition. I have it even without taking off so it rules out a flying error. It can be fixed by pressing CTRL +E. When the issue was raised there was a nice fellow by the name of marcel felde who adressed it and wrote: "Attitude Indicator and GPS Failure: I made a possible fix for this problem available: Downloads It would be great if those who are experiencing this bug could try this out and report if it is of success. Thanks in advance! One user reported that the problem was solved after he deleted the FSX.cfg and made a new startup situation. " So you see ,snave, the problem is not with me :it does exist and I hope that you will not say that marcel does not what he talks about as you keep saying about me. Now I know what you are going to tell me: that I am still both an incomptent simmer and pilot and ask: why don't you try the fix? It is because I have the latest version of the Katana and I am wary about installing the patch for fear of screwing up everything. I also read that the issue could be caused by my selected aircraft for the default flight. I've switched to a native FSX aircraft but it did not solve the problem.
  6. snave do you realize how offensive your tone is? Could you be more friendly please. Thank you.
  7. no that is not the problem Snave. I do know how to fly an aircraft in the real world. I did no exceed the VFE. I retracted the flaps well before VFE and it would not account for the attitude indicator failure. The lever is still operative but the flaps would not move. I had to perform a flapless landing, according to the emergency procedure. I browsed the forum and found that a fellow simmer had reported that same problem in the initial release thread (blitzer on april 22nd post 11). The fix is not clear to me since I have the latest version. Any idea? thank you
  8. hi, After 10 to 15 minutes, the attitude indicator and the flaps fail. The breakers are still in. Any idea? thank you.
  9. Hi yes I have the same problem. I can't lock it
  10. hi, Thank you for you reply I am sorry I did not scroll down enough in the forum, I jumped on the FSX aircraft section. Shame on me! but that was my first visit I will checkout the proper forum. I am the same yankegolf as in the A2A forum. I have the B 377 and the B 17 so I am used to flying sophisticated aircraft. That is why I have not flown the katana yet because I do know that I have to read the manual thoroughly before even starting the engine. I was just siting in the cold and dark cockpit reading the manual when I experienced the oscillation issue. So your assumption is biased...and severe. How can you tell I criticised the product? I did not criticise the katana in any way because I do know how easy it is to make mistakes with a new aircraft. there was no doubt in my mind that I could be the one to blame.
  11. Hi, I've just bought (one day before the sales, ) the katana and I am discovering it. Unfortunately, it does not start well. When I touch my yoke it generates control stick oscillations for a few seconds. I have FSUIPC but not for the yoke axis so I use direct FSX control. If I switch to another aircraft, there is no problem so it is specific to the katana. The other problem that I have is that when I select prop control with FSUIPC, the lever remains stuck. here again it is specific to the katana. I don't know if it is related. I don't know what to do. Any idea. Thank you because at present I cannot fly the katana
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