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  1. Tuning the frequencies with the RXP530W option doesn't work. Tuning a freq in the 530 and pressing comm swap will set the freq back to whatever is set in the default radio panel. Is the 530W possibly taking nav2/comm2 instead of 1? Edit: Apparently the only way to make the RXP option work is to set com/nav simple under avionics settings. Which is alright, but now I lose comm2 option.... Actually the whole point is moot because there isn't even a com2/nav2 in the real plane... argh...
  2. Is it even realistic to include one? Even if it's not has anyone created a simple autopilot...? I'd love a 2 axis for those long haul flights, or when my baby needs attention lol
  3. Hmmmm, I still have issues with carb heat. I literally had my engine running for 6 min today while taxiing out for departure at Santa Barbara, CA. Temp 17 dewpoint 14. Got one pattern in then engine lost power - landed successfully on a road. Seems to be a common practice for me! I've basically stopped flying this plane because almost everytime I fly I get serious carb icing.
  4. There's hardly any light at all. You're probably seeing the effect near Dusk which looks nice. But try flying in the dead of night and it's tough to read. The point is moot because apparently it's not for night flying anyway.... bah!
  5. Yeah interesting... looks like turning around and descending would have been the best. I decided to continue on (lol), skimming tree tops with just enough power to clear that larger range ahead, once clear of it, descended into a valley where I made an ER landing at a USFS strip. As I descended the ice seemed to clear up a little bit, because I had more avail MP. Man this plane gets me haha!
  6. With this low of an OAT, I think I'm getting carb ice again. Is there a way to not crash into the mountains and get eaten by bears? As you can see I'm at full power power losing precious MP. I engaged carb heat and it didn't clear up the ice. I can't really descent to warmer air either. Do I have any options?
  7. Ok, I noticed the file size of the .bmp is larger - what's the difference between dds and bmp within FSX?
  8. I will, I noticed its a .bmp does it need to be .DDS, should I run it through DXTBmp? Yeah it won't work as a bitmap... any ideas? Nor did it work to convert to .dds (I did the DXT1 no alpha)
  9. Holy mackeral! Ooooh, is that some sort of sticker on the glass?
  10. US doesn't put N numbers on the bottom of their wings so I'm looking for a US reg without one. Any ideas? I have GIMP would it be possible to remove the N128MF from below the wing?
  11. Nice edits, thanks for those... Off topic but I like your walking people in those images (and like what Orbx has done with the people flow) but there's far too many. Go to any tiny GA airport and it's normally vacant - at least a strip in a rural area. I wish they would scale down the amount of people.
  12. Are these little blue textures supposed to be present - I'm getting them on the US N number plane.
  13. Jeeese I just went through this with Simon - I thought loss of MP was carb icing. Yeah I was at low power settings intermittenly for patterns. Looks like I need to seriously brush up on systems theory
  14. What did I do now? I'm stumped with this one. OAT +20, prop in the green arc whole time, oil temp/press in green, CHT normal. Just doing patterns, eventually I lose engine rpms and prop stops.
  15. I always fly this thing over roads... about one forced landing a session LOL! Though I am getting the hang of it - managing carb heat/prop rpms/etc
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