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  1. Blimey! That does sound tricky. Glad it’s for FSX too. Every time I use your Lightnings I’m always reminded what a nice add on it is. Really shows the development of the aircraft well, it’s tremendous fun to try and fly it as well. I remember as a child watching a Lightning display at a very wet Abingdon when I was about 5. I think it’s sold me on flying for life! Dave
  2. Dave, That’s fab news! Is it possible to map the control to something the lightning doesn’t use like propeller pitch?? Will the new cockpit be available for FSX or is it just P3D only now? Dave
  3. Is there any chance of just getting the cockpit done? Would be interesting to see the differences
  4. Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but. My PC has expired in a pawl of smoke after only 18 months of use and as such I have got a new machine on order. As part of my plan to restore my FSX to its former glory I'd like to use AES again. Is there anyway to use my credits that I've purchased again or have I lost them for ever. All the best David
  5. Hi, I've downloaded and installed V1.03. Is the 1.03a bugfix available now or is it still being tweaked?? If it is available how do I get it?? David
  6. Hi Marcel, Is there another Katana update in the pipeline Version 1.30a or something???? David
  7. Controls blowing around in the wind when the aircrafts on the ground???
  8. Thank you I will await the release of the 1.03A patch as discussed by Marcel. Will this be an additional download on top of the 1.03 release or will the be incorporated as one? David
  9. Hi, Could someone confirm what the latest version of the Katana 4X is. I have Version 1.02. I understand there is/will be a version 1.03. On the aerosoft updates site this isn't present so I'm guessing it hasn't been realeased yet???? David
  10. Shaun, Fixed!!!! It was the Orbx texture system thats was interfering with Nice during the install process. I've set the textures to default and the airfield has installed properly. Looks very nice and I'm getting 32 FPS with the PMDG NGX. Thanks for your swift reply yesterday. All the best David
  11. Hi Shaun, Just checked the scenery library, no duplicate Nice's and one aerosoft Nice in the Library second priority below the AES base pack. However in the aerosoft launcher it says activation state undeteremined could that be the problem??? David
  12. Hi, After installing Nice x into FSX I get all the photo realistic textures plus the AES lite traffic running fine. However I seem to have the default FSX nice airport placed on top if it. I also have no custom buildings. I'm running FSX and have no other addons in the Nice area. Any ideas what might be the problem. David PS I am installing with admin rights etc
  13. Just happened on it by fluke. Where were you trying to fly from???
  14. Selecting parked as an initial state when the aircraft has first loaded up has fixed the issue for me. Suggest you try it. Also it might be sound effects that come with some scenery eg orbx. All the best David
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