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  1. Hi, Using version 2.45a FSDG La Reunion isn't found. I seem to remember it worked fine with version 2.45. Is there a fix for this? Regards David
  2. Fixed!!! thank you David
  3. Okay so this is weird. It's fixed, but only on the F3 in the Aero's 83 scheme. The other two F3's with Rad Alt's (The Camo 11 Sqdn and the Big Lion LTF ones) still have the issue. Dave
  4. Thanks Dave, F1A sorted!!. I've still got the HDG graphic on the control column trimmer though. Is there are fix for this? Dave
  5. Hi Dave, Can you repost the texture fixes for the F3 Rad Alt model and F1A. For the trim switch/HDG error. The links seem to be broken further back on the forum. All the best David
  6. I like those, What is that Vulcan carrying?? Douglas Skybolt????
  7. Thought I'd share some screenshots. With thanks to all the people who've repainted the aircraft.
  8. DavidA

    Gun effects

    Hi, I’ve already asked in the tac pack section but I’ll repost here. Using FSX there are no tracer or smoke effects when firing the gun. It is firing as I can see it hitting the ground. Is this normal? david
  9. Hi, I can see there have been some comments in the forum about missing gun visuals. My visuals are missing. Is there a fix for this? David
  10. Hi Cameron, I think the scheme was for the 1983 airshow season. I'm not sure if it was a special airshow scheme or had some military use. I think there is a repaint of that very jet in the F3 pack. David
  11. Plus one of your repaints in action
  12. As an update. The TACAN works fine if you select set all switches for start. It only seems to play up if starting from cold and dark. I am switching the unit on!
  13. Hi Dave, I've just taken the F53 for a test flight or two. I found that I can't hit a thing with the iron bombs!!! (more practice needed). I did notice that I couldn't get the TACAN display to work properly, if I set it up as I do in the other versions it wouldn't point at the station. Secondly I've noticed on all variants of the Lightning's the Aileron trim gauge is operating in the reverse sense (it shows trimming left wing down when you are trimming right wing down). Finally please have a word with the night shift as the still haven't changed that undercarriage bulb!!!!!!!! all the best David
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