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  1. I have tried to install liveries to the livery manager and have made sure that when I add livery it is in the correct aircraft and engine type (CFM or IAE) when i click install livery they don't show up on the livery manager.
  2. Aerosoft, please can you add failures it is so annoying not being able to add any failures. I know someone who is a pilot and he constantly wants to perform hydraulic failures but we can't do anything. This is the downside of airbus x. Now, I am aware that you believe that you would lose money on this 'statistically' but it would make this so much better. would love to here your thoughts on this topic.
  3. I installed airbus x on to FSX and everything works fine (A 320, 321), but when i access the livery manager none of the liveries appear in the manager but they do appear in the game. I have run it with administration and i still can't see them. this means that i am unable to install further liveries. What can i do?
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