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  1. Can you please clarify to which version of PFPX are you referring to? I doubt that you can have such as page #2 with the current V2.
  2. Hi, I was using PFPX for years purchased from AS. The old version was installed somewhere between the other AS files and could not be located by the normal Windows uninstall utility. Very surprising for me. When the new version came I had installed it using the built in installer, which located the software in Program files (x86). Definitely the old version was not removed from the system and now I have both of them active. The reason why I am writing all this is because I strongly feel that the new version (2.03) is mixed with the old one and the result is improper operation. I noticed all this when tried to apply some new fuel policy and the program was trying to read data from completely different folder. Next is the RAD restrictions, which obviously are not taken into consideration either due to wrong folder or due to some bug. My basic question to all here is mainly how can I remove the old version? Second is if someone knows the folder structure of v. 2.03 in order to put the plane profile files, policies, etc. in a proper place. Thank you!
  3. Hi Stephen, The answer is yes. It launches from both shortcuts, which I feel is creating me all the problems.
  4. Goshob

    Good guide for FMS programming

    Hi, Sorry, but are you referring to Alles im Griff: Aerosoft Airbus A320? It is quite a good guide, if you know German of course... Otherwise what Dave said is the way for changing the STAR. What I would like to add also is that ProATC/X is not very stable with approaches still. It is giving very "strange" approach vectors sometimes, which may lead you to nowhere if you follow them blindly.
  5. Please apply the other NAVAIDS fixes also. I had deviations in the runways on some European airports about 3 - 4 degrees. Don't forget to run MakeRwys after that. This helped me too much.
  6. Hi, Just a tip, if you don't mind. I was having similar and more severe issues some times, but all was settled after I started applying the fixes as per this: http://aero.sors.fr/ My opinion is that this has to do more with P3D default scenery than with the bus.
  7. I was performing some tests during the last weekend using G-EZTB - A320. Best results obtained were on manual landing or at least without auto thrust at final stage. For me obtained values between -200 and -250 fpm are satisfactory. Talking about all this, I would like to rise a question about the usability and importance of those landing rates. We are discussing them too much in several topics already, but they are actually values, which have no any relations with the RL operations and are only used by the VA for evaluation / ranking purposes. How correct is the usage of those rates is a different subject, which I mentioned several times that here is not the place for discussing. Before completing my post, I would like to mention that in RL I am mostly flying with A319 or A320 recently (as a passenger). It was observed that every pilot has his own style of landing. It seems to me that the most important is if the plane meets the targets of touch down within the threshold and stops safely. All other qualifications like soft landing, semi-soft landing, hard landing, etc. I strongly feel have no value since the landing is safe and the AC is with no damages on the landing gears. (Last is very exaggerated of course).
  8. Hi, I would like to restart an old subject, which remained without feedback sometimes ago and the topic was closed. How about the Android version for the charts? It is maybe obvious for many Samsung tablet users that the browser version of the charts is either poorly working or does not work at all. We had discussed here that this and some other features are week points compared to the tools, which Navigraph provide. I personally do evaluate Aerosoft as one of the highest grade professional companies, which presumably supplying competitive services to all Customers. Sorry to say, but statements from the sort that Apple tablets are the only certified devices for aircraft usage have no value. Most of us here are not professional pilots and we would appreciate a bigger variety of hardware. Thank you in advance!
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    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hi, The error message is "Cannot connect to cloud". Hope the above helps.
  10. "A good pilot is the one who is always learning" This is a very well known maxima from RL and does not apply to pilots only. However and because the author of this topic started it in a so called comparison way, may I ask a basic question? What is actually the difference between the 16 and pro version of the aircraft concerning landing performance and especially when the plane is in fully automatic mode? I was using A320 STEAM edition for more than 3 years and can say that there is roughly about 150 - 200 fpm difference between the landing rates. This comparison was made with same type of AC, same load, same airport, same RWY and same weather conditions. There was lots of writing in one of my previous posts about this, which I do not plan to repeat. At the same time and if this was made purposely for stimulating the users to increase their qualification would be appreciated. At the same time, I am not sure if we should make such comparisons at all due to the different program algorithm used in both versions, but at the same time the AC is the same by default. Again by default the performance is expected to be the same. It is easy to reach a situation similar to flight JT610 otherwise... Thank you!
  11. Recording the touchdown rate is easy. It can be done in several ways. Most important is what actions should be taken for keeping it within certain limits?
  12. Hi Guys, Good that the topic develops. I wish to ask a question: Does anyone try playing with the value of Vapp in Performance page of the MCDU? It affects the landing rates, but I am unable to find a reasonable range yet. There is a very valid statement made by RL pilots for increasing the calculated value with 3 - 5 knots in order to avoid activating emergency response (protections) of the automation in case of gusting winds during landing, sudden change of wind direction, etc. (Thanks to Mr. Hanse ). We may go to more deep discussions about this, but unfortunately I do not have enough theoretical knowledge in aerodynamics and would appreciate if someone comments.
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    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hi Guys, I opened this topic mainly to start a discussion about the LIDO charts on Android, devices which many of us are using. Unfortunately the official answer is not the best, but honest at least. Appreciated Mr. Mathijs! It seems the web service is too much browser dependent (sharing of any thoughts would be appreciated) because I am unable to use it at all. I can log in, reach to an airport, but no chart can be opened. An error message concerning cloud connection is displayed and that is all. I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE with Android 4.4.2 on it and would appreciate if someone can comment. Thank you!
  14. Goshob

    Drastic drop of FPS

    Hi, It is a very useful thing, what Dave recommends. Better not using third party shaders like Tomato, etc. There is no harm to delete P3D shaders folder also. It corrects lots of fpm issues after installing a complex AC or scenery. The only thing is that you should be very careful, which one is deleted not to end up in reinstalling the SIM. A good manual is here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/479630-where-to-find-my-shaders-folder-prepar3d-v2-v3-v4/ Hope it helps.
  15. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    I will do. Thank you Tom!
  16. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Yes. I am sure. All data entered correctly and get in the site. Whatever I try to open ends up in error message stating that data cannot be opened due to cloud error.
  17. Hi, I am starting a new topic with a similar one, which ended sometimes in 2017 when the pro version for Airbus was not available yet. Would like to extend it a bit having in mind the new plane. 1. Is it reasonable using UTL (Ultimate Traffic Live) with the pro version of the Airbus? What would be a good setting for UTL without overloading the system too much? It is clear that this depends on the hardware, however sharing some experience from others will be useful. 2. There was a statement made by DaveCT2003 in the old topic, which sounds good, but unfortunately unclear: "I strongly recommend Ultimate Traffic Live as well. One note, if you fly on VATSIM then you should install UTL, but then disable it (using Notepad++) in the CFG file as you don't want or need the UTL program loaded/running. This isn't the same as securing UTL from the addon menu as the program still runs. The models will still show up if you diable UTL, you just don't have the unneeded processes running in the back ground (which frees up CPU cycles for your flight sim related programs). Best wishes." What I want to ask is what and in which config file should be disabled? 3. vPilot is creating lots of error messages when UTL is on. Most of the messages are probably related to model matching of the AC used by UTL. Any comments? Thank you in advance!
  18. Goshob

    Using UTL with Airbus pro

    Hi Dave, This what you are saying about FLAi is really nice. I tried it and is a good free tool when someone flays under VATSIM. My only remark is that even vPilot is registering more than 2,000 aircraft, the European airports are too empty. Maximum 1 or 2 AC even in most busiest airports like Heathrow, Istanbul and some others. I do not know the way how the FLAi was made and how the American airports look like, but this is my impression at the moment. Thank you for the advise anyhow!
  19. Goshob

    NavDataPro Charts for Android

    Hi, I am unable to confirm this unfortunately. However and if I am not making a major mistake, when I am trying to get the charts through https://navdatapro.aerosoft.com/webclient/ with absolutely no way to connect. The result is always "Subscription not found" Any suggestions?
  20. Hi, Although this topic looks like too much as a monologue, I would like to make several clarification statements, after which the Owner cj3737, may wish to request closing it, if he is satisfied from the comments. 1. Most Important For me the subject got clear, which I will describe below. It was almost a week since I was working on it together with the very kind and continuous support from Hanse, member of AS Project team. I would say the following findings, if the subject should be resumed with several sentences: - The Pro version of the Bus is using completely new programming algorithm for controlling the flight and corresponding performances. In regards to the above, it is not quite proper to compare the performance of 32 and 64 bit version of same AC; - landing performance of Pro version too much depends on the airport equipment and has to be handled more carefully, if similar results to 32 bit version should be achieved; - there are certain variables, which can be easily monitored and which are representing the AC performance. They will be mentioned below; 2. Why landing rates? This question applies to those of us who are using the AC as part of their flying for particular VA. The main tool, which most of the virtual airlines are using for evaluating their pilots' performance is SmartCars. The easiest way for monitoring the pilot performance is how he takes off and lands. It is another subject, if this is the rightmost one. SmartCars gives an option to monitor and record the landing rate of the AC, i.e. the vertical speed at which the plane touches the runway. This is actually a parameter, which never is monitored in the RL, however being a computer program, the facilities for recording such are there. Most of the VA are setting their targets for what a perfect landing is considered to be based on this landing rate. The one where I am flying sets the target for -150 fpm for a perfect landing as an example. The evaluation system was made based on different ranges above and below that. All flights having a landing rate of -550 fpm and above are rejected. 3. How is this measured? This subject is a bit complicated to explain, but I will try to use the most simplest way of saying it. There is a variable called VERTICAL SPEED, which SimConnect provides and which represents the vertical speed at any moment (most correct is on every frame) of the SIM. I promised to do this as simple as possible, so anyone who wants more details can check "simulation variables" in the SimConnect API section. A wise Gentleman, his name is Peter Dowson, created a tool called FSUIPC, which keeps a track of this and other variables, which the SIM provides. Moreover the FSUIPC has an option for sharing these variables with other third party applications, including SmartCars. The programmers call them offsets and the one, which represents the vertical speed is 030C. The tricky part of all this is the unit of the variable, which is provided. The vertical speed provided by the SIM is 256*mps (meters per second or m/s), which is a standard unit for measuring speed. The aviation world is using fpm (feet per minute) for measuring speed, which needs some conversions to be applied (a simple formula is multiplication the m/s with 60*3.28084/256 and recording the closest integer value). 4. Some final words One of the mandatory conditions for using SmartCars is having FSUIPC installed in the system as mentioned above. It doesn't matter paid or unpaid version is used. SmartCars reads the variable from FSUIPC, makes corresponding units conversion and includes it in the log. Mr. Hanse and I did several tests, recorded different logs in different landing conditions. The conclusion is that landing performance of the AC is recorded properly and SmartCars logs are correct. It comes again to pilot's ability and skills to touch down within the required limits. Moreover, most of the airports do not support full automatic landing, which should be taken into consideration when flying. This is all what I can say for the subject. I am using once again the opportunity to thank for the support received for clarifying it.
  21. Hello, Sorry for entering someone else post. I was actually preparing a post with exactly the same content and hope will be excused posting my material here. I am experiencing similar landing conditions reported by cj3737 above. Landing fpms are higher with pro version compared to those when using same planes and same loads on same route in SFX:SE. I am using A320 mainly and can say that have more than 1000 hours flight time on it on Steam. Here are my data: - Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.3.29.25520; - AS_A320-A321-PROF_P3DV4; - REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition; - AS_A320-A321-PROF_P3DV4, Version; - FTX Global Base pack + OpenLC Europe; - Flight date: 2018/10/26, flight preparation started at 07:57:08 UTC. Landed at 11:30:37; - Flight route: LPMA/EGGD. Planned with PFPX; - livery: G-EZTB (the original delivered with the AC); - Departure Rwy: 23, SID: DEGU3S; - Landing Rwy: 27, STAR: BAXU1A; - Cruising level: FL380; - Touched down at -525 fpm - Full automatic landing following an ILS approach path; - Screen frame rate: 45 - 55; - All other flight details are attached, including Pax, Cargo, Fuel, etc. - smartCARS version, 2018/10/26 UTC log is attached also; My additional question is why following was recorded: [08:19:50] Engine 2 is on [08:20:25] Engine 1 is on [08:20:25] Engine 1 is off [08:20:26] Engine 1 is on There was no faulty start of engine 1 at all. I had seen such question in another post also, however it was not answered. Hope provided information is sufficient for analyses and would appreciate any helping feedback. LPMAEGGD.zip
  22. Hi Luis, May I suggest something? Can you please make test flights with one type of AC only? Mixing results with different models, different engines, etc. may only confuse the testers and you will get no positive feedback at all. Please note that Update fixes the throttle issue on IAE engines. One more thing as Mr. Hanse mentioned in his advise - clear all previously saved flights and start fresh after applying any update.
  23. Hi, Let me share an observation from several flights, which are concerning the Approach and corresponding CL. Please note that I am using A320 pro, version with the included Easy Jet livery (if it matters). Check lists and co-pilot are both on. Would appreciate comments. 1. I noticed that there was a stand alone call for activating the Auto brakes quite sometime before the approach CL was started. This activation was part of Approach CL before. I actually have no idea how a RW approach CL looks like, however this setting might be part of some CL, but not as a stand alone item, at least as per my opinion. 2. There were several altitude notifications during descend, which have nothing to do with the altimeter. It seems they come due to some interference or a bug, which is very difficult to trace because they are not repeated even following same rout at same place. 3. Were the calls for localizer and glide slope availability and capturing removed? I did not notice such in various flights. The good thing is that the plane follows. Would appreciate any comments and suggestions.
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    Approach CL

    Good evening Rolf, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Many subject got clear except one - Why do you think that I have a bad opinion for AS and your after sales support? I do admit that I made some suggestions and advises, which could be treated in different or double way. However all this was without any bad feelings at all. I am in a similar business and such "meetings" and "statements" (much, much harsh in many cases) are part of my daily routines. However and before you close the topic, please do me a small favor. I am attaching the scenery.cfg file as you asked me several posts above. You may wish to analyse and comment it, if possible of course. You may send me a PM, if you think that this has nothing to do with the other part of the audience. Thank you once again and sorry for any unwanted inconveniences, if any. You can close the post, if you wish now. scenery.zip
  25. Goshob

    Approach CL

    Hi Rolf, Thank you for the posts. Further to it let me share some thoughts and mainly ask an important question: I have to admit that the subject of altitude awareness is something, which most probably I missed reading the documentation. I had spent flying more than 1000 hours with A320 under FSX:SE and there were no such calls, at least not at such altitudes. It would be of a great help, if you either explain or at least guide me to the place where I can read about these calls. I always look for the logic in things and unfortunately am unable to find such in a call 2,000 when the altimeter is showing 29,000 ft and the T/C is FL350. Same is valid for 1,000 one. Concerning your second post, which is showing some approach screen shots to LPMA, I have to say that I made some changes in my scenery library adding FTX Global Base Pack and open LC Europe. Unfortunately I could not make any test flight yet due to business related reasons, which are higher priority. Thank you very much and would appreciate yours regarding altitude awareness calls.