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  1. THAT'S what is beyond me. No other aircraft in my sim has this issue...and I have them all. Only the Airbuses are effected. I just find it concerning for this to be the case. Shocks, pairing the AS333 and AS EDDF there is no way I can see the best of these two offerings because of this kinda of restriction. And flying to AS/SimWings EGLL is a no go. That's unfortunate.
  2. yup...seen that... they need to have an option to not limit the fps?
  3. Not that I recall..wind turbulence is 100 , Cloud is off But this tends to happen when the sim freezes (FPS) to less than 10fps....I don't know why it does or what is causing it
  4. I have the Same issue. Erratic pitching....extremely aggressive and bothersome. I have the latest updates and this still happens frequently. Had the same issue with the A318-A321...and only Aersoft. It seems to occur when loading scenery or weather transitions....I don't know. Using activesky, Enviro Force, Sky Force and many scenery addons (600+). and chase palne Was about to open a new heading, but found this
  5. The only one that the Malaga manual said it will place in the Scenery/world/Scenery Folder. Other than that its nowhere else. The strangest thing is that its only the Departing AI and not the arriving.
  6. Ok still no resolution with this, but a new discovery. The aircraft at gates due for departure float, whilst the arriving aircraft find the correct elevation
  7. Not sure this has been discovered but disconnecting the autopilot with red button on the yoke caused the display to blackout then a ctd (v4) and the latest crj update
  8. I'm recently only encountered this as well after uninstalling Airbus x Extended and installing Airbus v1.10 of A320/321..No issues before this. Version 1 appear to perform swell, as did my A318/A319 V1.00 and the current. Something had to happen after A320/A321 V1.10 install. My FPS went to 4-9. I'll give it a shot to uninstall ASNXT and reinstall it. Its far less burdensome than to reinstall 743 addon scenery by an FSX reinstall. Update I followed above + reinstalled ASNXT wha laa....all is normal again fps 14-19...and no stutters. next flight I'm going to reactivate Force Ecam..Software to try and isolate the issue. Update 2. This issue seems to be tried to SP1 of Active Sky next specially as it pertains to the "Repeating overcast texture pattern fix" . After deactivating it my fps returned to normal. 18 - 25
  9. Would beg of anyone for this http://www.airliners.net/photo/British-Airways/Airbus-A319-131/2093928/&sid=4f54a1c0d85b864511daec6f549bb6ba
  10. The family of US Airways before they are changed out please:) http://www.airliners.net/photo/US-Airways-%28Piedmont/Airbus-A319-112/1053664/&sid=41bba197d41807fa0918e0be00b65787
  11. Good Day All, has anyone had good fortune after updating Zurich 2012? I just performed a recent update only to load the airport and find no AES service, gates, etc....please advise thank you in advance
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