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  1. Not sure this has been discovered but disconnecting the autopilot with red button on the yoke caused the display to blackout then a ctd (v4) and the latest crj update
  2. I encountered this after installing the latest build and changing to a high resolution setting as well
  3. AI holds at Runway 12. I also get the missing appron and gates as soon as I activate GSX.:.(
  4. I'm recently only encountered this as well after uninstalling Airbus x Extended and installing Airbus v1.10 of A320/321..No issues before this. Version 1 appear to perform swell, as did my A318/A319 V1.00 and the current. Something had to happen after A320/A321 V1.10 install. My FPS went to 4-9. I'll give it a shot to uninstall ASNXT and reinstall it. Its far less burdensome than to reinstall 743 addon scenery by an FSX reinstall. Update I followed above + reinstalled ASNXT wha laa....all is normal again fps 14-19...and no stutters. next flight I'm going to reactivate Force Ecam..Software to try and isolate the issue. Update 2. This issue seems to be tried to SP1 of Active Sky next specially as it pertains to the "Repeating overcast texture pattern fix" . After deactivating it my fps returned to normal. 18 - 25
  5. Would beg of anyone for this
  6. The family of US Airways before they are changed out please:)
  7. Good Day All, has anyone had good fortune after updating Zurich 2012? I just performed a recent update only to load the airport and find no AES service, gates, etc....please advise thank you in advance
  8. absolutely impressive...excellent job Oliver, thank you Improvements are magnificent cheers
  9. Thanks...I'll try it tomorrow and let you know....thanks again OPabst
  10. Shaun, I have the same question...I have UT and FSgenesis...I check yes in this field...but I'm experiencing an issue when using Fspax. Essentially, once Fspax is activated it sounds as if the airframe is driving across the terrain (off runway) throughout the entire Airport. Please advised thx
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