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  1. Request: American A319 IAE America West Heritage N838AW and American A319 Allegheny N745VJ
  2. Outstanding work. Perhaps you could work on the BA golden dove livery after this?
  3. Version 1.01


    British Airways A319 IAE G-EUPC repaint for Aerosoft A319. Repaint by Jon Richardson Credits to original creator for thumbail picture Enjoy!
  4. I am making fantastic progress on BA A319 Union Crest repaints. The only thing I need to know now is how to put the font/registration above the windscreen (like UPC or UOA). This was possible in the A320/21. Is it possible in the A319?
  5. Where can I download the "offsite" US Airways Carolina Panthers A319?
  6. Great livery looks fantastic. Quick question. I am a repainter and was wondering if you could tell me the font that you used for the regisration. It would really help me out. Thanks!
  7. How come you guys didnt include the British Airways A319 livery we saw in your preview shots? Was kinda dissapointed when I looked in the 319 IAE folder. Update: sorry I just checked download section nvm thanks a lot!
  8. Version 1


    British Airways A320-232 IAE Registration G-EUYL repainted by BAGUY88
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