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  1. I appreciate Marius cannot comment on how Amazon will prioritise and/or distribute items when they receive new stock but surely he can say whether or not any of the recent stock he received will be going to Amazon?
  2. @Marius Ellenbürger Just a gentle reminder in case you didn't read the original message
  3. @Marius Ellenbürger It is encouraging to finally see some movement on the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. I am another UK customer waiting for a BRAVO order to be fulfilled by amazon.co.uk My order was placed on 21st July 2020 I have received automated updates from amazon every few months but no delivery date as yet Are any other the items shown in the above images destined to fulfil amazon orders?
  4. Is the product offered on your website the latest revision and is it suitable for use in the UK (240V, supplied with 3-pin mains plug)? Some competitors offer a 'plus' version of this product which has XLR connections already fitted I appreciate they may be fitting these connections 'in house' prior to dispatch and wonder if you can also provide this service? If so, what is the price please?
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