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  1. And how would that help? Do you really think that PMDG knows what's wrong in my code? They're developers, not psychics....
  2. They would be overwritten even if they're not removed. This can't be the problem. Aerosoft has nothing to do with this. It's my project and I'm going to fix this problem. Bad news though: I'm on a business trip (since last Monday) and won't be home before Friday evening. I will try to look into it before but I'm very limited in what i can do on my laptop. It will be fixed once I know what it is. Until then, I have to ask for a little patience.
  3. That's very early. Most likely before the gauges are even loaded. But I will check if anything happens at this point.
  4. Do you get this CTD before or after the CRJ has loaded (do you see the VC for a couple of seconds before it crashes?)
  5. No, that's a model-related problem. The clickspot areas became visible for some reason I don't know and/or understand. I think that the virtual cockpit .MDL file might be broken. I would recommend to uninstall and reinstall the CRJ. Disabling anti-virus software might help as well.
  6. It's "ECAMa Standard" here, not "ECAMa Normal". Can you check the file size of ECAMa.ttf in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder? It should be 7268 bytes. Also, do you have an Aerosoft Airbus installed on your system?
  7. Tom A320 and I are planning to make a Fliewatüüt! It's clear that this is going to the next big thing.
  8. Aerosoft was kind enough to send me as GoFlight TQ6 throttle for testing today. I haven't had the chance to look into this. If you calibrate the throttle properly, it should expand the range from the physcial -12093 to 9000 to a full -16384 to 16383.
  9. The 3 I marked red means that after this waypoint, the missed approach procedure starts. Therefore everything after the runway waypoint (NZQN05) is shown in blue. The order of waypoints is correct. The order in the TMPY flightplan is indeed incorrect, but since that's not used anyway, I don't see it as a major issue. Navigraph just split the procedure in two. NavDataPro didn't. It's really something you can do or not. In the end it doesn't mean a difference.
  10. No thanks. As nice as it looks, but that aircraft is more complex than an A380 (the synonym for uglyness). I actually have a manual on 3 CDs for it but I'm not sure that's sufficient.
  11. 2025? That would have the system depth of a default aircraft! BTW: Concorde is the most beautiful aircraft! Discussion over!
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