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  1. And how would that help? Do you really think that PMDG knows what's wrong in my code? They're developers, not psychics....
  2. They would be overwritten even if they're not removed. This can't be the problem. Aerosoft has nothing to do with this. It's my project and I'm going to fix this problem. Bad news though: I'm on a business trip (since last Monday) and won't be home before Friday evening. I will try to look into it before but I'm very limited in what i can do on my laptop. It will be fixed once I know what it is. Until then, I have to ask for a little patience.
  3. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CRJ Planner VS DAVE Weights

    I only see DOW (Dry Operating Weight) in the CRJ Manager and in DAVE. Where do you see BOW?
  4. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    FUEL MGMT and FLT LOG issues

    What was your flightplan and how did you enter it?
  5. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CTD Immediately Upon Loading Flight w/ P3D v4

    That's very early. Most likely before the gauges are even loaded. But I will check if anything happens at this point.
  6. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    very high whistling sound

    Can you make a short video with sound and upload it to Youtube (unlisted is fine). You can use an unregistered version of Fraps to record and convert it for Youtube with VLC for example. Right now I have no idea what sound you mean.
  7. I tried but no joy. I need the plan you entered. Or even better: a saved flightplan file (<Documents>\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Flightplans).
  8. PBD: OSN90/5 = 90 deg magnetic bearing from OSN, 5 NM OSN90T/5 = 90 deg true bearing from OSN, 5 NM PB/PB: OSN90/LBE180 = Intersection of 90 deg bearing from OSN and 180 deg bearing from LBE (add "T" for true bearing) Lat/Lon: N52 1.2 E8 3.4 (don't forget the spaces!) Lat/Lon shorthand (not available on Define Pilot page, just on Legs page): 5615N = N56 W015 5615E = N56 E015 5615S = S56 E015 5615W = S56 E015
  9. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CTD Immediately Upon Loading Flight w/ P3D v4

    Do you get this CTD before or after the CRJ has loaded (do you see the VC for a couple of seconds before it crashes?)
  10. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    Aircraft State Still Not Saving

    This is correct. That's correct too. I will not revert to the last saved state but to default. You can load a state manually.
  11. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    RNAV Approaches

    No, a CRJ doesn't have LPV RNAV.
  12. That's most likely part of a missed approach procedure. Can you post the full flightplan with STARs, transitions and everything?
  13. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CRJ 700/900 CTD

    All I can say is that something went wrong with the installation. Please check for the following files: <P3Dv3 Folder>\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\NavData\Airports.txt <P3Dv3 Folder>\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Sounds\APU.wav (or any other .wav file) If these files don't exist, something went terribly wrong during installation. In that case, I would first try to uninstall the CRJ, make a clean reboot and then reinstall the aircraft. If the files still don't exist after a reinstall, it has to be some external factor that stops the installer from creating the folders and copying the files (write access? anti-virus software?). The following crash is just the consequence of half the files missing...
  14. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CRJ Planner VS DAVE Weights

    DOW doesn't include the weight of pilots and flight attendants. And that's exactly 340kg (419 + 165 + 165 lbs = 749 lbs = 340 kgs)
  15. Hans Hartmann [OLD]

    CRJ can't be used in P3D v4

    VC 2017 redistributables have the same version number as the ones for VC2015. (14.1 vs. 14.0) so they overwrite each other. Normally, if you select the VC++ 2017 redistributables from the window shown in your thread, you should get an "Uninstall" button above the list.