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  1. No, that's a model-related problem. The clickspot areas became visible for some reason I don't know and/or understand. I think that the virtual cockpit .MDL file might be broken. I would recommend to uninstall and reinstall the CRJ. Disabling anti-virus software might help as well.
  2. Yes, SODE is executable code. As far as I was told at the FS conference in Paderborn a few weeks ago, the developer already said that he would make it work with P3D v4.
  3. A little hint: 64-bit compatibility means that executable code, like DLLs or EXEs (not XML or LUA!), needs to be compiled for another target CPU, which is really no big deal. Sceneries are not executable code, just a huge amount of data, even the "code" for moving objects is just data from the CPU's point of view. So, a scenery for 64-bit is exactly the same as a scenery for 32-bit. If somebody says that their scenery is ready for 64-bit, all they're talking about is additional DLLs they use... mostly for copy protection.
  4. I'm not the Aerosoft management (thanks to any deity I don't believe in!) but I can answer this as it's more of a technical question. In case of the CRJ, it works in all versions of P3D v3 (and most likely even in v1 and v2). But since it's impossible to test everything on each version, we (Aerosoft as well as the developers) only guarantee that it works in P3D v3.4. Besides, every customer of P3D v3 has access to the latest v3.4 anyway (yes, I heard about the OOM rumours).
  5. You will be able to register your product on the Aerosoft page and then download the new version from there. Aerosoft is just compiling a new installer (a file was missing). Once that is done, the update should be available to CD customers too.
  6. No, sorry. I think that won't work (in a non-complicated way).
  7. What you need to do is to replace our NAV/GPS gauge by a default one. (The Trimble is not based on FS' GPS engine and thus doesn't use the default GPS mode).
  8. Sorry, dass ich hier erst so spät was zu sage. Ich bin zwar von Digital Aviation, habe aber mit der Do nichts zu tun. Von daher schaue ich auch nur relativ selten in Do-Threads rein. Voll kompatibel sind die Do und die Katana beide nicht. Es gibt Probleme, die allerdings behoben werden können (und zumindest bei der Katana teilweise oder ganz auch schon behoben worden sind). Das eigentliche Problem ist vielmehr personeller Art. Ich werde mich darum kümmern und Druck machen, nur versprechen kann ich leider nichts. Ich gebe hier Bescheid, sobald ich etwas Neues weiß.
  9. Das ist ein false positive, es ist also kein Trojaner/Virus/sonstwas drin. Einfach auf "Ignorieren" klicken und weitermachen. Nicht auf "Zugriff verweigern", dann geht alles wie gehabt.
  10. Wenn Hannover ein wenig anders programmiert ist, kann das schon sein. Einfach mal probieren. Du musst ja nur in den Anzeigeeinstellungen den Schieber testweise einmal nach rechts ziehen.
  11. Hast du evtl. die Szeneriedichte nicht hoch genug eingestellt? Das ist üblicherweise der Grund für fehlende Gebäude.
  12. Thomas, er meint die Sim Icons in der ATR. Davon ist eins für ein user-definiertes Subpanel freigehalten (Shift+9). Ich habe allerdings keine Ahnung, ob FSMap das überhaupt nutzt
  13. Pressing FPL three times will open the current flight plan. There may be something wrong with it. Please zip up all files from your FSDigital-AviationPA31T CheyenneFlightplans folder and email them to *removed* After you've done that, just delete the (alphabetically) first flight plan file from this folder and try again.
  14. There are two ways to solve this problem: a) Do NOT install FS in C:Program Files - OK, this only makes sense if you do a new installation anyway Grant "Full Access" rights to the user group "Everybody" in the Properties window for C:Program Files (or C:Program Files (x86) if you use Vista 64)
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