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  1. Excellent, decision made. Thank you very much.
  2. Cheers Marc, that's exactly what i want it for. In your humble opinion, do you think it is worth the price tag?
  3. Hi all, Quite simply: Is the above worth the amount of money and what are FPS like with it? Thanks in advance guys. I am looking for somewhere different and stunning to fly GA and this seems the best at the mo. I am not running a mega system so FPS is a must. Dell E520 FSX with SP1 + SP2. 8600GT 2.6ghz. Dual Core 2gb RAM
  4. Looks absolutely awesome, but i bet that smashes the FPS!!!!
  5. Bushawk with an autopilot????????? I think people may be missing the point of this aircraft!
  6. Bruce, How do i add it manually and does it ideally need to be priority no 1?
  7. Hi, I used to have this product installed a while back now but i removed it due to it not being compatible with SP2. I have now noticed that in the system specs it states it is SP2 compatible now. If i use the original download link from my account, will this be the updated version and compatible with SP2 or will i need a new download link? Regards,
  8. I have to agree with the minority, fantastic aircraft and once again a phenomenal add-on for FSX produced by Aerosoft. I am also a little surprised about the many comments regarding FPS. It has not effected mine at all considering i have a less than an adequate system, mind you i have always not been too greedy with my FPS and have them locked at 17! Specs: Dell E520, Intell Duo Core, 2.6ghz, 3GB Ram, 8600 GT. Running: Full screen, no Traffic add-on with recommended settings for Tahiti X which should give you a guide. Once again, a truly superb product from Aerosoft. When i sort out my issues with Tahiti X i will post some shots. Regards,
  9. Hi all, Yesterday i purchased this package and it appeared to install properly as everything else does. Problem is, when i went into FSX and started a flight from Bora Bora, it was just the FSX default scenery. I then checked the scenery database and this package was not listed! Have i missed something obvious or is a re-install necessary? Cheers,
  10. WOW, amazing photos of what looked like an absolutely awesome day. Shame about the weather on the other days though. Spectacular.
  11. Thanks FINN. I will do that. I do not use the load/save flight option to the best of its ability so i will from now on. Regards,
  12. Ok, thanks. Thats a shame but i am still going to get it i think. Cheers,
  13. Ok, will do when i get back from work and let you know how i get on. Cheers,
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