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  1. 616 downloads

    Aerosoft Payware Twin Otter Extended for FSX New zealand Mt cook Lines ZKMCO
  2. Uploaded today. I dont think Great keppel airport exists in FSX but you can always do Mckay to Hamilton island
  3. 480 downloads

    Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Great Keppel Island Repaint Textures only
  4. Nearly there Missing a step. Do i need teh UV and reflection layers. I cant get my head aroun that part. or the 3d textures. some are purple usually make invisible do i need those. HELP Regards
  5. Version 1


    New Zealand Mount cook airlines Livery for Aerosoft Twin Otter Extendeded.
  6. As mentoned, paint kit is rather quirky, but getting hang of it as well as the Gimp. The fruselage sides are not quiet teh same so mirroing things wont qiuet line up. pilot and co pilot doors are shifted up so remember that wehn drawing staright lines through them.
  7. DOing a NZ Mount Cook Airlines, hetting hang of it.
  8. Starting simple trying to figure it all out. Havnt done repaints for a while. Couple of easy NZ ones first.
  9. Want DHC6 photos found this http://www.twinotterarchive.com/DHC-6_270.html Enjoy
  10. Going to give Transtate a go first it was my first on the original than I will gibe Hamilton Island a go. Just learning to use the gimp.
  11. Procedure for downloading payware. Download, copy into a backupfolder called payware, create a folder for scenery, aircraft wtc, Then say in you aircraft older you make one called aerosoft, planes then one for the specific plane, copy the files in there. Create a txt file name it keys, copy all the details from you received email there, than it is always avaliable. One folder to back up with all your payware, keys and all
  12. Green bar, just zoomed out to far, but I noticed the rudders do not appear to move, the actions all work but the animations do not, they both seemed to be stuck V1.01
  13. For me I was waiting on FS11, not a cutdown xbox game. Probably same reason i havnt bought ROF. Its nice, have the freeware , but iw owuld like to buy it on CD with a lot more planes. As for flight, it does look nice, but the world doesnt revolve around Hawai, even though most of my carrier ops in FSX are there becasue of the scenery, secondly leaving out other plane makers is the end of it for me, makes it tottaly a waste of time and money. I woulsd like to purchase MS productl because I like them not because I have no choice.
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