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  1. I am so sorry that I failed to come back and say that my issue was fixed. The computer did really reboot, but the issue was the OC on my computer. I turned it down from 4.9 to 4.7 and am not seeing any problems now. Thanks, John P.S. I cannot believe that I am still using my vcair.com signature file. That was a long time ago. 🙂
  2. The last 5 flights I have attempted have crashed while in cruise resulting in Windows rebooting. Fresh install of Windows 10 and P3D. Three of the flights were with v1.0.0.2 and the most recent 2 were using v1.0.0.6. What can I grab from Windows EventViewer to help fix the problem? Thanks, John
  3. I am going to my Order Info page for FS FlightKeeper 2.8 to download the update. While I see the link at the bottom of the page, I am not getting a download when I click the link. Thanks, John
  4. I will try it tomorrow and get back to you. Too late to start messing with panel.cfg files. I will screw it up I am sure. John P.S. You flew right over my house on your flight as I am about 60 miles west of KMLI (Quad Cities).
  5. Brian, Thanks for the help. I think I will try the Simflyer KFC225 on the secondary panel where the blank coverplate is located. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks again, John
  6. OK, I have tried both the "Cessna!Nav GPS Switch" and the "Money20F7!swgpsnav" from both the default Cessna 172 and also the Carenado Mooney M20J and replaced every "DA!PA31SYS!NGPS" entry on the IFR/VFR panel. The VOR now will couple when crossing the flight path, but the GPS still doesn't couple. Thanks for the help. And Yes, the Mooney switch is "Money20F....". I did a double take when I first saw that. John
  7. OK. Is there anyway that I can keep the actual look of the buttons entact, but somehow replace what the switches do in the panel.cfg file? I am one that hasn't done a lot of panel editing, so forgive my ignorance. John
  8. Shaun, I added the GPS/NAV button to one of my joystick buttons and that did not help the problem. I saw the light on the panel changing between VOR/GPS but it still did not couple the AP to the GPS while intercepting the flight plan. John
  9. Shaun, I will try that later this afternoon and get back with you. I also posted something similar on the Digital Aviation forums and I got a similar response. Thanks, John
  10. Given the problems that I have had with Trimble GPS in the Cheyenne, I decided to upgrade to the Simflyer GPS-SX package. I have added the KLN90b, KX155 and KMD 550 to my panel per the cfg files that I found per the link here: http://www.fs2000.org/panel2k/news.asp?id=1119 The gauges loaded perfectly and I think it looks great, but I cannot figure why the GPS will not couple with the AP while on a flight. I have a flight plan loaded and while on a heading that will intersect the flight plan and the NAV ARM mode selected, it never couples to the GPS after intersecting and crossing the flight plan. The plane just stays on the current heading that I have selected. Does anyone know if there is something additional that I need to do so that the AP will couple with the GPS? I tried both the KLN90b and KLN94 and have problems with both. At first I thought it might be the GPS package, so I included the KLN90b and KLN94 into my Aeroworx King Air and it worked like a charm. Any help would be appreciated. John
  11. You can download the AIRAC's from www.navigraph.com, but there is a fee for doing so. You can purchase an individual AIRAC cycle, which currently is 803, or purchase a yearly cycle which gives you a break on the costs. With the purchase, you are able to download the AIRAC updates for most of the payware aircraft, ie: PMDG, PSS, Flight1 ATR, Cheyenne, etc. Hope this helps. John
  12. I did not try that so I will download the other 2 and try that. I installed SP1, then SP2 and getting the same error with SP3 now. And my aircraft config files now has "sim=PA31T_CII_v2.6". John
  13. I was getting an error when I tried to install SP3 for the Cheyenne. After putting in my License Key, it finds my FS9 directory and I click install. After a few seconds I get a "Please install the Full version of Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne first. This installation will stop now!!" I did a search on the foums here and didn't find anything. The executable was just downloaded within the last week. Do I still need the SP? It says "sim=PA31T_CII_v2.7" in the aircraft.cfg file. That would tell me that the version that I have is v2.7 and it should upgrade to v3.x. Thanks, John
  14. I use both FSBuild and FSNav. While they both have flight plan building capabilites, FSNav also works as a FMC and can provide both VNAV and LNAV autopilot functions. That is not the case with FSBuild. I love FSBuild, but a comparison between the two isn't fair. John
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