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  1. Yes. I completed another flight yesterday to Little Rock, Arkansas and I could taxi on arrival as well. Maybe something with the scenery?
  2. Is that represented in this aircraft? My landing rate was -138fpm, so it wasn't unnecessarily rough
  3. I just landed at DFW and when I was slowing down my aircraft came to a complete stop and would not move and I don't know why. N/W STRG was armed, reversers were armed, I was not braking hard, and I even reset my brake temps via EFB and I still couldn't move my aircraft even at Max power. What was the issue or what am I missing. I followed all the checklists in the EFB
  4. Hi Hans I know you are probably busy with v5 support and everything. I just really enjoyed flying the CRJ and it sucks I can't really fly it. Do you happen to know a workaround of this turning issue? Thanks
  5. My aircraft is still suffering from the turning glitch where it takes forever to turn and can't follow LNAV, I was told it would be fixed in SP1. I have yet to see anything of that coming to surface, and until that point my CRJ is basically sitting in the hangar. When can we expect SP1 for the CRJ?
  6. Hi Hans Is there a current workaround for this turning issue? I came back to the CRJ today and it still occurs, even when handflying.
  7. That would be awesome. Some of the stuff I'm doing I really doubt happens on the line lol. Let us know when you do!
  8. Do you have any videos of you flying the Aerosoft CRJ? I like watching real pilots fly in the sim, and the CRJ is a fun plane to hop around in
  9. I bet the airlines wish they could too haha. Thanks Hans - looking forward to it
  10. Many flight plan software give you a Zero Fuel weight to determine the passengers/cargo on board. Can we have this option on the EFB instead of having to figure out the number of passengers and split the weight of the forward and aft cargo holds?
  11. In my second post I show a picture of how I have no exterior lights, even when they were switched on. They worked on departure but I didn't know if it was a glitch on my side or of the airplane
  12. Is the dynamic lighting also a glitch known? Or is that just on my side
  13. Restarted my system and the same issue occurs. Impossible to fly without this being fixed. I would also like to point out that my dynamic lights just cut off in the middle of my flight. Made for a pretty difficult taxi...
  14. Just upgraded to the CRJ Professional, it does this weird bug with autopilot. It rolls and turns slowly, then will turn very quickly for about a second, then stops again. YouTube video attached, happens in the very beginning and near the end. What would be the issue here? edit: I just completed my first flight with this jet and this caused some issues with my ILS because the plane would over correct and I had to manually fly the whole approach.
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