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  1. Adding to your question, @Detail50, about being able to zoom in on the approach route already before starting your flight: In the Airbusses, there is a mode for the NAV display called "PLAN", which can be selected via a switch above the ND. If you choose that and flip through the waypoints for your route in your MCDU, you can have a detailed look into your route and whether everything appears normal (and flyable) there. This is something you should always check after entering your route in the MCDU. By the way, that mode exists also in Boeing aircraft, but is called "PLN" there.
  2. Thanks, Stefan! It sounds as if I should keep my clumsy hands off it and wait for the professional repainters to fix the liveries. 😉
  3. I'm not at all a repaint expert and I'm only a consumer of repaints instead of creating some myself - but do you think it is possible for us laymen to convert the old liveries to the new standards ourselves? Or should we wait until the original repainters have made the conversion themselves? Because if we can do it ourselves, an instruction for that might come very handy by the time the new CRJ is released. I am a big fan of Max Wohlerdt's Lufthansa repaints (including those for the CRJ), for example - but since he is still busy with converting his old Airbus textures to the Airbus Professional, it might save us a lot of time to do the conversion ourselves.
  4. I agree, even if Apple maps seems to have a pretty up-to-date satellite picture of the airport - and Bing does have one, too, but sadly not with very good resolution. Google has the airport pixeled out. So while one can still see some small markings at the location of picture 02 in Bing, resolution is not sufficient to decipher what is written on them or what shape they have. I can only guess that they are two small arrows depicting the old parking position numbers to which that taxiway leads. In the Apple map, those markings already seem to be removed. So yes, this is a game for true Chania airport insiders - or people with x-ray vision.
  5. I take a stab at question 1: Below the pixels are former threshold markings (including the runway number 29), either from a time when the runway was shorter than today or when parts of the runway had to be closed for renovation works.
  6. I know that the ground textures at the real Tenerife South Airport are a bit quirky (they misspelled "LENGTH" as "LENGHT" themselves at taxiway B6, near the threshold of runway 25), but according to the Google Maps satellite imagery, this ground marking near the threshold of runway 07 (at the turn from taxiway T to taxiway B2) actually does read "LENGTH" in real life. Can you fix it?
  7. @MartinM I second your remarks especially about the hotels in the south of the island. It sure wouldn't have hurt the immersion of the otherwise very good scenery if we could see some of those hotels during approach instead of that rather generic autogen.
  8. Thanks for the quick help, @OPabst! I had the AirHispania/Alberto Sanchez freeware photoscenery for the Canary Islands installed which contained some BGL files for GCXO, including an ADE file. I de-activated all those files, and just to be sure, also all other BGL files from that scenery that referred to Tenerife. That fixed the problem.
  9. While all jetways are present in Tenerife South, only the easternmost gate at Tenerife North has a set of jetways. The other jetways are missing. What could be the reason? I ran the setup normally, there were no error messages whatsoever. This is in P3D v4.5, SODE is installed, but I guess that by default, the scenery has the Strg+J jetways, right?
  10. Thanks, @mopperle, but sadly, changing the themes (IPS Default 4 was my preset theme anyway) did not help.
  11. Hi @Mathijs Kok and to the other members of the Aerosoft team, in recent days I notice that a large number of forum posts don't display any dates. So it appears that the problem has become even more serious than in spring. One example is the A330 preview topic where only the posts that were posted until June 7 and within the last 24 hours show a date. Did you get any further in searching for the cause of that?
  12. @maukro_1990 Na ja, die Antwort von Oliver war aber ja schon recht eindeutig: EDDL ist in Entwicklung, aber es gibt auch nicht immer neue Zwischenstände zu vermelden - erst recht nicht, wenn nicht Aerosoft, sondern ein Externer der Entwickler ist. Ich vermute ganz stark, dass das German-Airports-Team EDDL entwickelt, und bei diesem Team traten in der Vergangenheit leider immer wieder längere "Funkstillen" auf. Damals bei der Entwicklung von Frankfurt v2 hat es auch manchmal zig Monate gedauert, bis es neue Informationen gab. Das liegt wohl auch daran, dass das Team nur nebenberuflich Add-Ons entwickelt. Und jeder Entwickler ist auch anders, was die Freigiebigkeit mit Infos und Preview-Bildern angeht. Auch jedes Projekt ist anders, und Prioritäten können sich im Laufe der Zeit verschieben. Während sim-wings ansonsten immer ganz gerne mal alle paar Monate Zwischenstände rausgibt, war bei der gestern erschienenen Teneriffa-Süd-Szenerie auch über lange Monate Funkstille - und das, obwohl der Release ursprünglich mal für Anfang 2018 angekündigt worden war. Da steckt man manchmal nicht drin... Ich kann aber angesichts des Geschreis, das hier und anderswo bei Previews seitens einiger User immer wieder stattfindet, auch gut verstehen, dass Entwickler irgendwann mal die Nase voll haben und einfach nur in Ruhe arbeiten wollen, ohne dass irgendjemand gleich bei einem Work-in-Progress-Bild rumnörgelt, dass da eine bestimmte Bodenplatte auf dem Vorfeld noch nicht genau so wie in der Realität modelliert ist.
  13. @Kristian1484, I'm not a staff member, but let me point out that you already got an answer by Mathijs Kok about the take-off call-outs. So it would be nice of you if you could stop flooding this forum with call-out questions. Mathijs wrote: And we do not plan to change our call-outs, a call like V1 is done by the PNF and thus belongs in the complete flow of calls and actions and we believe it should not be separated. So this means: Just like in Aerosoft's A320 series, there will be no takeoff call-outs, at least besides the ones made by the co-pilot when you switch him/her on in the checklist menu. And since Aerosoft has modelled the original landing call-outs also in their A320 series, you can certainly expect the original landing call-out sounds in the A330 as well. The sounds you posted above are from an A320, but all Airbus aircraft have the same landing call-out sounds (besides the earliest generation of Airbusses, they had a more robotic-sounding call-out voice).
  14. I have become cautious about manually installing sceneries that were designed for FSX and/or the 32-bit versions of P3D into P3Dv4, I must say. It might work for some, but might cause problems for other users. I installed a few non-P3Dv4-native sceneries (like SkyHighSim's Belgrade and Tivat) into my P3Dv4 a few months ago and suddenly got an increase of CTDs even when I was flying nowhere near those sceneries. So I deactivated them, everything seems to be fine again since then. I can understand the need for having a decent Iceland and Keflavik in P3Dv4 (and, as a matter of fact, I installed at least Keflavik into P3Dv4 a few months ago, so far without noticeable problems), but I suppose one should be careful about forcing those non-native sceneries down the throat of P3Dv4. I guess Aerosoft has good reasons why it usually does not support any third-party fixes, workarounds and patches for those old 32-bit sceneries that are not officially compatible with P3Dv4.
  15. Thank you for your feedback, @Secondator! I hope that you can find the cause of the speed oscillations. I keep getting them when the FMC is not programmed, so a solution would be much appreciated. I will see whether I get the managed speed drops again with a programmed FMC. So far, I had no further problems with that, but if I should, I will report back those problems in the corresponding topic. If I may (without opening a new topic for that), I would like to ask about the following problem I addressed in my fourth post in this topic. Is there any known cause to that? On a side note, you will notice at 1:03 and 4:13 that the autopilot makes a sudden slight right turn and then back to the left during approach in order to stay at the localizer. This is pretty typical for my ILS/autopilot approaches in the Airbus Professional family. And I believe this has been reported here already by other users - and the probable cause you guys named in those cases were FPS drops due to the loading of scenery. I do not notice any unusual FPS drops or visual scenery loading effects at those two points, though. So if anyone has an explanation for that problem, too, that would be much appreciated as well.
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