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  1. Hi folks, I just wanted to give you an update - I finally decided on my new system and I received the new computer last week. I am very happy with it so far, and it sure is a whole new feeling flying around without fear of OOMs and with all the graphic possibilities of P3Dv4 on a smooth system. I still have plenty of work in order to set up my system with at least most of my previous add-ons, but also that is going pretty smooth so far. And Aerosoft will probably be happy about the PMDG and other upgrade purchases I had to make already in their online shop. 😉 Here are my specs: Processor: Intel i9-9900K with 8x 3.6GHz / 5.0GHz Turbo, 16MB Cache --> so far I'm running P3D without overclocking, but it's comforting to know that the i9 has such large reserves for it Graphics card: 8GB Palit RTX2080 GamingPro --> the 1080ti was sadly taken out of stock of most online computer shops while I was doing my research - but I hope that even with 8GB, I will be prepared for most add-ons or P3D updates in the years to come; and the 11GB RTX 2080ti would have been far too expensive for too little gain of performance, according to the reviews I read Mainboard: MSI Z390 Tomahawk RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) Corsair DDR4 3000MHz Vengeance LPX --> so I followed your advice not to go for 4x8 in order to keep two RAM slots open SSD: 500GB SAMSUNG 970-EVO M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVME (read 3400MB/s ; write 2300MB/s) --> I chose that instead of a 1TB drive because I have plenty of reserves on the SATA and a 1TB SSD would have been too expensive in my opinion Hard drive: 2TB SATA 6GB/s 7200rpm Cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock 4 --> so I went for an air cooler and am very happy with it so far, too; of course it is under less stress due to the lack of overclocking and because I haven't done a long flightsimming session with it yet, but it is really astonishingly quiet so far Thank you all for giving me your good advice - that was very helpful for me to find some guidance through the complex world of gaming hardware. Thank you to @Mace_RB, @mopperle, @Roelio, @PatrickZ, @DaveCT2003, @masterhawk, @Querer and @Mathijs Kok - much appreciated! And I hope that from this hardware configuration and from the advice you gave me, also other P3D and/or gaming hardware newbies like me will draw some helpful conclusions.
  2. @heuguemper Just a little advice, since you seem to plan to switch to P3Dv4: As far as I know, Mega Airport Düsseldorf won't run properly in P3Dv4. With the other planned purchases of yours, you should be fine, though. That said, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the German Airports Team respectively Aerosoft will produce a new or at least updated version of Düsseldorf, but that belongs into another section of this forum. ;-)
  3. Thank you, @DaveCT2003 - but there seem to be conflicting opinions on whether air coolers are worse, equally or even better capable of cooling the components compared to water coolers. Therefore I'm not sure whether a water cooler is really necessary also regarding the longevity of the processor or other components. As @Querer already pointed out, there could be trouble ahead if I bought a water cooler instead of an air cooler.
  4. That's really great advice, @Roelio and @Querer - thanks! Especially your statement, Querer, falls in line with what I heard elsewhere already - it's not necessary and can even be more bothersome to have a water cooler instead of an air cooler.
  5. @Querer and @masterhawk: Wilco. Thank you for your advice, also regarding the shop!
  6. Thanks, @Mace_RB, Dave and Patrick (sadly, I can't link your two profiles here - is that linking function limited to one profile only?) for your advice! The German online store that was recommended to me (Mifcom) has a good reputation among gamers and advertises with only using high-quality hardware. You also have many possibilities to switch the individual hardware components in their packages to components you prefer. You will have to do some individual modifications anyway, since their packages usually don't include the operating system yet. But since I want to save time and even with a YouTube tutorial, I would feel unsure, I rather not build a computer on my own. I have actually made good experiences in the past with a desktop computer that was built in a shop after I chose the components I preferred. I guess that if you don't have much understanding of how hardware components interact etc., that is the safer way to go. It might also save time and nerves.
  7. Just stumbled across your explanation of VAS, @FactionOne - and also two years later, it is still an excellent and very informative post! If only every computer expert could explain those difficult subjects in such understandable words. ;-) Great job!
  8. Thanks, @mopperle, for your answers! I will try to find out whether those ready-made PCs have all 4 RAM slats covered or not. And maybe, depending on what is left of my budget, I will stick to a non-4K monitor, too. ;-) 1TB SSDs are usually not part of the ready-made PCs I saw so far, but I will check whether it is possible to change that inside the package and upgrade to a larger SSD. Thank you also, @Roelio! What do you recommend as CPU cooler? Is a water cooler necessary in your opinion or will a fan cooler do as well?
  9. @Mace_RB Thank you very much for your recommendations and your great explanations, Rhett! Sorry for all the following questions, but this is really interesting. I numbered them, so it might be easier for you to respond to them. ;-) 1) I got the recommendation in the meantime, to watch for Intel CPUs with the addition "K" because it offers more reserves for overclocking. Can you confirm that, too? 2) The recommendation also was that a water cooler is not really needed since current fans do a sufficient job and the noise is not really a problem. So I suppose that is rather a matter of taste, and how much one gets bothered by the noise of the fans, right? Or does a water cooler really prolong the life of the hardware components? 3) I am also tending strongly towards investing into a 1080. What is the difference between a 1080 and a 1080ti, by the way, especially when it comes to running P3D with it? Does the ti offer more vidmem (11GB as opposed to 8GB which seems to be the standard memory for the "simple" 1080)? 4) In terms of monitor setup, I don't plan for two monitors, due to a lack of space on my desk and also because I'm rather a "after-work flyer" who is happy if he can see anything at all on his monitor. That's also why I'm not even sure whether I should buy a 4K monitor. But I could regret that, if texture quality becomes better and better in the future, right? ;-) 5) 32 GB of main memory are still a bit hard to find in ready-made gaming PCs that I find on the internet and if you don't want to go far beyond the 2,000 EUR threshold. So I might go for 16 GB first and maybe a PC that makes it easy to upgrade it to 32 GB later (if that is possible). 6) In terms of SSD memory: Yes, 500 GB could certainly become an issue after a while, and most ready-made PCs offer even only 250 GB. I am also an avid shopper of add-ons, so this problem is not a trivial one. Can one also put add-ons on the HDD, or will that confuse P3D if it has to load some add-ons from the SSD, and some from the HDD? Is it better to put all add-ons either on the SSD or the HDD? Thank you again for your support!
  10. Hi folks, I've often mentioned on this forum that I plan to switch to P3Dv4 - and I'm getting serious now. Since my knowledge about PC hardware is a bit limited, especially if it comes to gaming PCs, it would be fantastic if you experts and experienced P3Dv4 users could tell what you can recommend in terms of a good P3Dv4 hardware configuration. From what I gathered from this forum and other websites so far is: 1) CPU: 6-core is recommended, and with an i7, there can nothing go wrong 2) Graphic card: Should have at least 8GB of memory, GTX1070 is a very decent workhorse - but how about a GTX1080? 3) 16GB DDR4 is a minimum, better choose 32GB if add-ons become more demanding in the next few years 4) A SSD is absolutely necessary to run P3Dv4, particularly the M.2 SSDs are recommended 5) In the end, it's not all about hardware, but the more important thing are the correct P3Dv4 settings Have I forgotten something important? Since a new computer is of course quite an investment (but I have no alternative, since my current notebook sure wouldn't be able to cope with the demands of P3Dv4 especially for the GPU), I would prefer to make an investment for the future, so I tend to rather choose the newer and more powerful components. Unless that means to spend 3,000 euros or more, of course. What are your thoughts?
  11. @Mathijs Kok You probably meant FSX instead of FS2004, but apart from that, you are right.
  12. @Mathijs Kok Alright, thank you for the information!
  13. It was a mere question, since it could also well be (just like in all previous Sim-Wings sceneries) that they have already included a FSX version in their schedule and that it won't be as time-consuming to include such a version as you might think. As far as I know, Tenerife and Gran Canaria were scheduled also as FSX sceneries and so far, there has been no announcement that they have cancelled a FSX version of those two sceneries. And I'm against that patronising demeanour towards FSX users (I plan to make the switch to P3D soon, if that comforts you). FSX users might not have the appropriate hardware to upgrade to P3D yet, and since that is a costly investment, you shouldn't judge on other people's wallets. It might be a lot less expensive for them to keep their already existing add-ons up-to-date than investing thousands of bucks into a new system.
  14. So this is clearly for P3D only, but will there be an updated version of Madrid for FSX, too?
  15. FWAviation

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Interesting to know! Thank you for the swift response!