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  1. I'm glad to see that the problem is already known. I noticed it in my sim only yesterday. I'll cross my fingers that you and your colleagues find a fix soon, @masterhawk. Until then, I might revert to version which is the latest installer available for my P3Dv4. I re-installed it this morning and the problem with the A319 with IAE engines vanished. By the way, after updating from to this morning via the Aerosoft Updater, not only the loading problem re-appeared, but P3D also couldn't find the ASC_PF_OnAuto.wav file anymore. @IBE1133 mentioned that problem also here. So it would be great if you and your colleagues could look into that problem for the next update, too. Thank you!
  2. I'm only a user of the CRJ and can't help regarding the other issues, but I'm not sure whether the above described is really an issue. To me, it's self-evident that you have to stay in the room and constantly adjust thrust in the CRJ if you want to maintain a certain airspeed at all times. Wind conditions can change at any time during flight, including cruise, so airspeed will change all the time as long as you don't counter that by according thrust settings, due to the lack of autothrust in the CRJ. And I think that a very short drop of N1 numbers before they increase is not all that worrying, I think that (depending on the thrust lever quadrant you use) it's not unusual that there's a certain lack of precision as soon as you push or pull the thrust lever only very slightly. I believe I have witnessed that effect in every P3D plane I had to control by manual thrust so far. Maybe one can counter the effect by changing the sensibility of the thrust lever in the according P3D menu or via FSUIPC, but I haven't tried it.
  3. @Mathijs Kok Maybe my question got overlooked between all the other text of my previous post, but have I understood correctly that Jo Erlend's version of Paderborn/Lippstadt will be part of the default MSFS and no separate add-on?
  4. @Mathijs Kok So this is what you guys have been working on all the time. Thank you for the heads up and congratulations on your cooperation with Asobo and on those add-ons which look splendid already now! Have I understood you correctly, Paderborn/Lippstadt was done by Jo Erlend Sund (that alone is fantastic news) and Microsoft/Asobo even included his rendition of EDLP into the default simulator so that we will be able to fly there already on August 18? That would be even more fantastic news, especially for me who lives not far away from EDLP and who always dreamt of seeing a new version of my home airport, originally in P3D, but now I don't mind at all to see it in MSFS. I must say that each day that I see more previews from MSFS, I'm getting more and more excited even if there truly still seems a lot of work to be done. All the best to you and your team for all the exciting challenges ahead! I am truly convinced now that the real golden age of flight simulation has only begun!
  5. Oh Mann, schon wieder so eine genervte Reaktion, nachdem ich ganz höflich geschrieben habe... Sehr urlaubsreif? 😉 Dass du nicht empfohlen hast, HDR auszuschalten, habe ich verstanden. Ich habe es aber trotzdem getan, zumal HDR ja auch etwas umstritten ist und ich einfach testen wollte, wie es dann aussieht. Du hattest ja auch selber weiter oben geschrieben "Im V4 fand ich HDR off immer noch am stimmigsten", und ich bin noch im P3Dv4. Von daher... Das Runterdrehen auf 0.7 habe ich auch ausprobiert, da war mir die Beleuchtung des Bodens aber auch noch zu hell. Leider beantwortet das alles auch nicht meine Frage nach den selbstleuchtenden Gebäuden in Schwaig. Ich wünsche aber lieber mal einen schönen Urlaub und vielleicht möchte ja @Autopiloth oder eine andere Person, die im Thema ist, meine Frage beantworten.
  6. @jwcruz825 I'm no member of the Aerosoft staff or support team, so you should address your questions at @OPabst, @mopperle or @masterhawk. Sorry.
  7. I sadly have to confirm that also the solution I mentioned in this topic hasn't really solved the problem. A few minutes ago, I couldn't start P3D anymore - it crashed to desktop after each of three start attempts. I now have uninstalled the SODE jetways for Munich, and P3D is starting again and running normally. So there must be a bug in the recent version SODE jetways. Do you have the SODE jetways installed as well, @mburkhard? I use P3D v4.5. If necessary, I can provide the content SODE.log file, but it's a really long list and I couldn't find any suspicious entries about the Munich scenery in it yet.
  8. It was there since yesterday. So probably, as Oliver Pabst suggested, you hadn't refreshed your browser cache then and thus couldn't see the link.
  9. Okay, danke. Ich habe HDR jetzt mal ganz ausgeschaltet, damit sieht es in der Tat passabel aus. Aber vielleicht findet sich hier ja auch noch eine Lösung für die HDR-Nutzer, sodass wir München auch mit dem Aerosoft-A330 bei Nacht nutzen können, ohne bei der einen oder der anderen Darstellung (Airbus-Cockpit oder Boden in München) Abstriche machen zu müssen. Und noch eine Frage: Geht ihr noch das Problem mit den selbstleuchtenden Gebäuden an? Selbst bei ausgeschaltetem HDR sehen die Autogen-Gebäude in Schwaig (Lufthansa Aviation Training Center, NH-Hotel und Co.) immer noch aus - um deine treffende Formulierung aufzugreifen -, als ob sie vom THW angestrahlt werden:
  10. @OPabst Ja, ich habe HDR ebenfalls auf 1.0 eingestellt - da ist es eben alles sehr hell. Oder muss ich da mit den anderen HDR-Werten spielen?
  11. Yes, I would second that. That's better than having no numbers at all.
  12. I don't know what can be misunderstood about this sentence: "PS: Gate numbers on jetways is not an easy task as this will need a different jetway model at every gate. Maybe we´ll find a solution, but this cannot be fixed short term." I understood that it is a big task but Thorsten did not definitely exclude the possibility that you find a solution. And no, I'm not even argueing with GSX, so I don't know why you get so defensive. It was just a polite question.
  13. Thanks for the swift response, but @Autopiloth has stated above that you as a team will maybe find a solution for the individual gate numbers on the jet bridges as well, albeit not in the short term. Maybe it will be also a solution for the staircase gate numbers at the same time? Of course they are not absolutely necessary for the immersion, but they sure add a nice touch. And I forgot one more thing: How about the illuminated coloured stripes in the "M" logo of Munich Airport which can be seen on the jetbridges and around the airport? It doesn't have to have changing colours, but some permanent colouring would be great as opposed to the current (unusual) grey.
  14. If I may add to @MatthiasKNU's list if it isn't on your to-do list yet, @Autopiloth: The staircases for the gates at the Terminal 2 main building currently all carry the gate numbers "G23/H23" and "G24/H24". If you could change those to the respective gate numbers, it would be great. And when having HDR lighting set at 1.00 (as recommended for the use of Aerosoft's A330), I get "self-illuminating" buildings at and around the airport, that means buildings that are completely lit at night. Also the ground around the taxiways and aprons and also in the western access to the airport (around the Zentralallee and the S-Bahn tracks) is far too bright at night, it looks as if there are lanterns lighting it everywhere.
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