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  1. Dennis it depends on the Euro vs Dollar right now so far its $17.10 as of today the U.S website for aes is http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd,,D10333
  2. Silverbird


    Try diffent video card driver's newer is not always better.
  3. HI calasanvicente, like Nicolas mentioed theres not much you can do since flight simulator depends on cpu speed but also having the latest deigned cpu helps allot. so deactvating AESLite and turing off autogen or to the lowest setting will help. but it is really hard to run scenery like these megahubs.
  4. Hello, as far as the door selection Oliver has mentioned. he would like too add this feature to aes but will have to wait since its not in easy thing to do.
  5. Hello already answered here http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=37734&st=20&p=250296&#entry250296
  6. I had also cdt with Madrid and it was the ai traffic so if some people get crashes its good too always try it again with ai traffic to zero just to make sure its not something in the ai.
  7. lol my kind of girl! great shots Rainer
  8. Thanks Rainer Munich looks beautiful fantastic work by the German airports team the night lighting is very nice.
  9. Mathijs I think adding a trainer were it shows you what to do step by step not a pdf or a video but in the sim itself there is a certain developer that has done something similar it was in md-80 classic and they also have a pro for fsx. I dont want to mention the company name out of respect for aerosoft but please consider it since it will help allot of people that are maybe afraid or intimidated by the airbus. passenger announcements would be nice just overall more sounds co-pilot if possible you guys definitely should have the A318/319 very important and it completes the package better. the FBW system is a really a must have its just not in airbus if it doesnt have a nice decent FBW syste m.
  10. That's great! Thanks Rainer Barcelona 2010 is looking good.
  11. HI Rainer great shots as always. I wanted to ask you I know you probably got asked a million times this question to lazy to dig for it what is you fps like with the 8600 in mega-hubs like these?
  12. Dear Oliver, thank for sharing your thoughts. when your on your holiday take it easy and get your mind out of everything. and have peace, to much stress is bad. I had know idea how many hours you worked thats allot! Believe me your going to see some stupid people that do not have common sense, some wise up and do better others do not. but just know that there is some of us that really do appreciate your hard work and support and thank you for given us allot of joy in this hobby I honestly wish you allot of peace and good health take care and hope too see your wonderful work grow.
  13. Thanks Thorsten! as a owner of your scenery thats great news.
  14. lol your so bad Oliver! no way we want you off those airports!
  15. Hi jet22 thats correct you will lose the flags for now if you active aes, like Oliver mentioned the jetway with the flags is part of the scenery, that came with boston v3. once you activate aes you will lose the flags. Oliver the developer of aes has not put the flags in aes yet.
  16. Greetings Robin, for now you cant change it yet. there are 2 pusback trucks one towbarless and other one with the towbar. pushback/towtruck is defined by the nosewheel distance of the aircraft. and it is unfortunately random. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=17918&view=findpost&p=106246
  17. Oliver, I agree when possible please let know whats going on with version 3.0 there's been a huge amount of requests over the past few years since aes was released its been hugely frustrating over time not seeing that many new aes features. getting aes going from fs9 to fsx took alot of time away from developing other new features. I feel like we keep adding more and more airports, which is great, but putting new features and options further back I know that you do your best I personally wouldn't mind paying extra for any extra work done I have alot fun with aes and its adds alot to the environment I'm just so frustrated with not much progress being made with new things that could further enhance aes I really hope we see all the new things for aes this year at least I'm hoping thanks again for a great package in flight simulator.
  18. Chris, I'm glade you got that problem solved. Joe, don't forget to contact tropicalsim so you can get that mmun with aes running.
  19. Joe, you should contact tropicalsim they should be able to help you out better, since they are the developers of the scenery.
  20. Hello Chris, the one you got is mmun 2008, like I have. you have to upgrade to 2010 for aes to work, which adds the new runway, taxiway's terminal 3, etc etc, the upgrade will cost a small fee. but there is a discount for previous owners of mmun 2008.
  21. Really great shots Rainer!! the scenery is looking beautiful.
  22. Hello Geoff, I would have liked to know what exactly might be planned for the next update as well, there getting tons of requests all the time, but it seems Oliver is busy with something check out this post http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=17429&view=findpost&p=187475
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