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  1. My wish would be that AES Lite could be distributed as a tool to add traffic anywhere within FS9... Imagine being able to go to any scenery and set your AESlite start point and end point and enable traffic... Man what it would be like to come down the turnpike approach at KEWR with traffic underneath
  2. Hi Martin, Apologies, I should have read more thoroughly! mea Culpa!!
  3. Or just read the other thread entitled AES 2.24...
  4. Hmmm, I thought FS9 only used up to 1024x1024... For example, the default VN-04-01 is 682kb as is VN-04-01 in the LLBG and EDDF repaints for example and they all come in at 682 KB... When I took yours and resized it to 1024x1024 it was also 682kb and looked exactly the same from what I could see in the sim... Apologies if I am out of place or mistaken... It was just when I went to install EGLL I noticed the difference in file size to any of my other installed VN-04-01 files and then I noticed all of yours were 2.66M where all my other VN-04-01's were 683KB...
  5. Hi James, What is VN0401 in the FS9 BA pack? Just wondering why that particular file is 3 megs... I don't have any other textures that large... Thanks for all the effort! -Paul OK, just saw that VN-04-01 is the medium belt loader... Also just saw it is even larger in the AA pack as a comparison but that KEWR also has it at ~3 megs.... For comparison EDDF, LLBG and default are 683 kb... Are they in a different format? OK again, looks like for some reason the FS9 VN-04-01 files are in 2048x2048 format opposed to the default and other repainters who are 1024 x 1024 for FS9... I think that is where the file size is coming from. Should FS9 be 2048x2048 or 1024x1024? As a simple experiment resizing to 1024 x 1024 and DXT1 with Mip gave me 683KB, same as the rest of the VN-04-01 textures... Thanks James! -Paul So after reading the repaint guide it definitely appears they should be at the largest 1024x1024 for FS9...
  6. Try Flightools EB6 calculator for Free on IPad and Android, that is one of the tools I use...
  7. Then I will be staying in NJ and will not be exploring Alaska like a superhero flying behind a plane...
  8. Very excited for Alaska, lost interest in Hawaii very quickly but if that Cub is another external only model Flight isn't worth the disk space it takes up to me... Including a basic no cockpit version is ridiculous if you ask me... What is this some racing game you play from external rear view... Bah humbug!
  9. Big thank you to James for all the United repaints, Newark has been transformed
  10. I will bump this as well for the fact I too would like to be able to restrict certain tow vehicles to certain airports... For example we do not have the 6 wheel (4 in rear 2 in front) without a tow bar here in the states but I keep getting it at EWR. I would like to restrict it to EDDF. Same with catering, there are certain vehicles in AES we don't see in the States I would like to restrict to the other side of the pond
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