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  1. My wish would be that AES Lite could be distributed as a tool to add traffic anywhere within FS9... Imagine being able to go to any scenery and set your AESlite start point and end point and enable traffic... Man what it would be like to come down the turnpike approach at KEWR with traffic underneath
  2. Hi Martin, Apologies, I should have read more thoroughly! mea Culpa!!
  3. Or just read the other thread entitled AES 2.24...
  4. Try Flightools EB6 calculator for Free on IPad and Android, that is one of the tools I use...
  5. Then I will be staying in NJ and will not be exploring Alaska like a superhero flying behind a plane...
  6. Very excited for Alaska, lost interest in Hawaii very quickly but if that Cub is another external only model Flight isn't worth the disk space it takes up to me... Including a basic no cockpit version is ridiculous if you ask me... What is this some racing game you play from external rear view... Bah humbug!
  7. I will bump this as well for the fact I too would like to be able to restrict certain tow vehicles to certain airports... For example we do not have the 6 wheel (4 in rear 2 in front) without a tow bar here in the states but I keep getting it at EWR. I would like to restrict it to EDDF. Same with catering, there are certain vehicles in AES we don't see in the States I would like to restrict to the other side of the pond
  8. Hi Oliver, Using the latest version. I have the catering trucks set to a maximum of 12 minutes and my loading/departure time is usually 30 minutes. I call for Catering in the very beginning so they should be gone by 15 minutes before departure. The problem is they are usually not leaving until I call for departure which means I have to wait another 6-7 minutes for them to lower and leave after I call for departure. it seems they are ignoring my 12 minute maximum setting... -Paul
  9. 12 hours 31 minutes block to block and I just got done watching my phenomenal AES service fleet de-board, cater, clean and fuel my 777 at KEWR! So to close this out for anyone reading, there was never an issue with AES at all, the problem all along was with my system. I apologize for implementing AES but I am happy to say it was never AES and just me....
  10. Fingers crossed Oliver, Yesterday I did KEWR-LLBG with 2.21 and all the usual suspects after the UTE changes I made the day before. It was magical As it sits right now I am 6 hours 32 minutes into LLBG-KEWR. Leaving LLBG FS memory consumption was at 14%, after flying across almost all of UTE for 4 1/2 hours FS memory consumption was at 17%, still at 17% in the middle of the Atlantic with a little over 5 hours to go. Fingers crossed I will be updating in another 6 hours with a PIREP from Newark as AES services my 777 on the ground after 12 hours!
  11. Unfortunately,as I mentioned, there are certain things hard coded into a model or gauge that without source or the ability to decompile/modify/recompile it is impossible. Sorry, -Paul
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