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  1. I have tried every thing..If I do a short flight in or out or even just near EBBR then it has no peoblem..As soon as I make a long haul back to the UK fs9 has a g3d.dll ctd which is a real pain as happen when Im getting near EBBR even if at flight level..I don't know what to do now other than uninstall Brussels as I said at the start of this thread. I was hoping someone may have found the cause of this as it has been reported by others for quite some time
  2. I dont..I have had to completly delete it from fs9 as this is the only way I can fly near ebbr. I know its not an order related problem though as I have tried just about everything as simple as that
  3. I am desperate for help with a CTD as soon as I get near the EBBR scenery, I am getting a g3d.dll error..I have fs9 with the 9.1 update installed.I also have the 4gb switch. I have been forced to completley remove this mega scenery as its the only way I have found to avoid this nasty black sceen there a fix for this yet and if not is this problem being addressed as I have seen it is a common erroe for this add-on
  4. I have bought German airports 3 for Hamburg, Breman & the G,A,P 3 bundle yet I have no update to 2012 for any of them so I am at a loss as to how to update
  5. There is no update availiable for exsisting users yet ? all I have offered is an update to that correct the version for download is showing as 3,10...I though I was looking for 2012
  6. Thats about right.......but if you want athentic,,,the accent should not be english,! maybe Nigerian Pakistan or Indian, I dont think there are many Britsih sounding people working at any of the large UK airports any more
  7. Hello I have seen over at flight sim Buzz that Aerosoft are soon to release both openhagen EKCH and Prague LKPR. I am not asking for release dates or a progress report all I would like to know is ...will these be for FS9 or just fsx. I am staying with FS9 and I have my fingers crossed thet you have not dropped us as I know you guys dont like making sceneries for two platforms.... thanks for any info Geoff
  8. 2.20d....Fantastic....Thankyou for all your hard work in improving flight sim..( you should have made it on to the queens honours list if you lived in the uk.). Happy new year to you and yours Geoff
  9. Hello Oliver I have loaded thr BGL file and I can now hear him without using the config....well done thanks
  10. Hello Oliver I still have the problem where I have to reconfigure through AES help at the start of FS in order to get controller instructions, Each time i do this I get the message to ensre paused is disabled in flifgt sim...this has been done but it seems that AES does not know this, I have tried using different aircraft but no luck there either
  11. Hi again I do not have the pause checked yet your right that each time i try to save the new config for AES I get the red message telling me to uncheck pause in fs9...I have tried re-enabling it snd the unchecking it but still the same message...yet I do not have a tick against the pause..I fly on line so this has to be disabled and I yet I am unable to save the maximum setting is AES config I still have to perform this task each time i restart fs9
  12. Hello Oliver It seems that in order for me to hear the agent om the ramp I have to configure AES at the start of each session by placing a tick in the maximum sounds box. I have tried starting fs in all configs both inside and out, I have tried staying in one set up ie.... coclpit only and still the only way to get the agent to issue instructions is by using the AES help...surly this cant be correct...I am using fs9 with windows xp64 if that helps
  13. Okay all seems to be working again now, I checked the box next to maximum seetings for the anouncements...but he is still looking at his watch as though he is anxious about someone not showing up....hehe
  14. Hello I have just installed the new 20.c version and I must say the new lad checks his watch as though he is being stood up by a no show date..and it would also seem he is very shy as he does not talk at all...I have no voice instructions regarding brakes. disconect or anythig from him...
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