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  1. Great Job.... let me know if down the line you need a tester or something
  2. Hi there just wanted to let everyone know that I am back, after a couple of months off this forum... You guys can expect the repaints that i was making, to be finished and uploaded in the coming days/weeks..... I have also opened a support ticket tracker at If you have any problems, or see any errors with any of my repaints, or any ideas please post them there (i might not see every post on this forum, but i will check there for every ticket)
  3. i have been using these Forceware drivers from (or something like that) for as long as i remember (atleast a year)
  4. do you suggest i reinstall the video drivers? If yes, should i install the Stock lenovo drivers, or Forceware? EDIT- I tried turning the Aniostropic Filtering on, and the fps stay relatively the same. AA however (from the Check box in fsx) knocks fsx out. it refuses to run in full screen mode on either screen, and i get 2-3FPS in windowed mode. Turning AA off seems to fix the Full Screen problem...
  5. heres what i get on the new screen at 1920x1080 with medium settings with the default fsx planes. Please click on the attachment to see the Image
  6. heres what i get on the new screen at 1920x1080 with medium settings with the default fsx planes. Please click on the attachment to see the Image
  7. heres what i get on the screen at 1920x1080 with medium settings with the default fsx planes. Please click on the attachment to see the Image
  8. what's your descent rate? also are you sure you are not coming in a little slow?
  9. and besides; even if aerosoft were to make LAX, you could bet it would be FSX only.... And Good Riddance, everyone should have dumped FS9 3 years ago
  10. thanks for your suggestions. i have AA off on the 1400x1050 screen already.... with it on i get <10FPS on the 747X
  11. hi there.... My main screen on my Thinkpad T61P (14 inch - 1400x1050) started getting these black spots in the corner (which according to lenovo's customer care is damage, and is the liquid leaking). So we ended up getting this 22 inch screen . Its native Resolution is 1920x1080. I tried using it yesterday for a hour and two, and its cool... but i figured out today tat fsx might have problems... as it is i get <20fps with normal scenery in the pmdg 747 on the 1400x1050... i wonder how my GPU will handle 1920x1080.... Any Tips?
  12. Flight GM692 End of flight report Date September 24 2010 Flight ID: GM692 Flight Type: Normal Pilot: Gaura Mohana Company: Govardhana Air Aircraft: PMDG - 747-400 RB211 Engines Flight Date: September 24 2010 Departure: 15h12 (13h13 GMT) Arrival: 16h09 (14h10 GMT) From: EPWA - Okecie - Poland To: EDDT - Tegel - Germany Nbr of Passengers: 277 Report: Flight Distance: 282 Nm Landing Speed: 159.89 kt Time Airborne: 00h48:55 Landing Touchdown: -464.61 ft/m Flight Time (block): 00h56:30 Landing Pitch: 1.47° Time On Ground: 00h13:59 Landing Weight: 573713 lbs Average Speed: 347.08 kt Total Fuel Used: 27903 lbs Climb Time: 00h09:09 Climb Fuel Used: 13299 lbs Cruise Time: 00h18:46 Cruise Fuel Used: 6657 lbs Average Cruise Speed: 465.90 kt (M0.72) Cruise fuel/hour: 21285 lbs (calc) Descent Time: 00h21:00 Descent Fuel Used: 7946 lbs Passenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%) -Are relieved to have landed safely after the extreme weather they experienced during landing. -Were in a better mood because they had food. -Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience. Financial Report: Ticket Income: +$59,383 (282 Nm) Cargo Income: +$21,408 (29998 lbs) Services Income: +$3,321 (0 sandwich 1 hot food 1 drink) Services Cost: -$2,505 (60% quality) Fuel Cost: -$13,436 (27903 lbs Jet-A1) Airport Taxes: -$942 (Heavy Aircraft) Insurance Costs: -$3,716 (4.60% rate) Total Real Income: $63,513 Total Income: $3,175,650 (real x50) Fleet Bonus: $137,963 (4 aircraft) Total Sim Income: $3,313,613 (total income+fleet bonus) Company Reputation: Considering that the flight was perfect the ticket price good, the service price good and the service quality nice, passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 100% Your company reputation is now: 64.26% (+3.57 increase) Overall Flight Result: Perfect Pilot Bonus points: 280 points Perfect Flight, no problems, and very satisfied passengers. (+150) You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30) Extreme weather conditions during approach, but a safe landing with satisfied passengers. (+100) Plane will be parked and Repainted in TXL. ETA to LWO - 29.09.10 in new colors
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