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    • Hi, all not sure if this is the right place to be posing this but I'm after a bit of help if possible.  I'm struggling in getting some lua files to work through FSUIPC to control the A320. I have been following this thread: from a few years ago and have got some functions to work using the  Linda profile for Aerosoft A320 found on Avsim to create Lua files. I have followed the steps in the thread but can only get some funtions to work for example I have got the Engine Mode Selector, Engine Masters 1 & 2, APU Master, Start & APU Bleed to work but am not able to get the Radios to switch on following the same steps as I have for the Engine Controls and APU Controls. I have tried both the "On" & "Off" Functions as well as the "Toggle" one and nothing happens. I have attached the Lua file if anyone is able to help that would be amazing ! Thanks   A320Radio.lua
    • There are these awkward silences between PF and PnF respond time ... resulting in a checklist that takes double the time to complete. Any reason for it or is it a setting that I've missed?
    • Thank you for the reply. The thing is that I did. I get to the EFB settings tab and login via browser and then provide permission as requested by  then get a "you can now returnto the app". I am assuming it was successful., but still not working.  Thx -  Mike
    • ich dachte du hättest XP neu installiert?   Wenn ich mir den Ganzen Krempel in deinen Ordnern so ansehe, wohl eher nicht...    
    • Vielen Dank für die Antwort ! Bei mir war es aber das Kreuz bei "use bump map textures". mfg Hans
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