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    • was du auch ändern kannst in dem du in 5-scenery in der library.txt ab "# Global Tree Replacement #" (ca. Zeile 1460) alle Zeilen darunter löschst.  
    • Sorry Tom, I was asking the poster who was complaining about the lack of accuracy compared to a real Airbus weather radar - if he has a weather tool that's injecting the same accuracy as the real thing, then fair enough - but I don't believe he will have that technology attached to his PC, hence why I asked him...
    • Oh yeah, very low cycles compared to the commercial ones. We just bought a bunch of parts off an 850. If you guys ever have parts for sale, let me know! We see that issue here in Arizona in the summertime. When those temps get up into the 110+ range, really affects the performance of the whole fleet.
    • I use Simbrief as my flight planning site, but was wondering when I import a flight plan in my Airbus' fms, what data am I really loading into the fms? I checked both the Simbrief forum and their help system but did not find any information on what data/information is actually loaded into the aircraft. Does anyone know what data is loaded? I also noticed that the zfw and weights for my A319 differ from the ones calculated in the Aerosoft fuel planner. Do these weights from Simbrief actually load into the flight plan? I have been using the fuel planner and generating a loadsheet to get as accurate figures as I can. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.  
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