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    • Just to be sure, on the EFB to your left you can set the preferred state in wich the aircraft should start up after loading. If you want it to be “cold and dark” you have to select that even when you start your flight from a parking position.    I hope that makes sense
    • Thank you. Unfortunately the new control mechanism does not work as expected in VR. The right mouse Click is mapped to Focus/Zoom in VR. Even after removing that I am unable to click the push buttons on the heading or course buttons. Reverting to LEGACY mode does not allow for clicking of the push buttons in VR. We will patiently wait for a fix.  I was also having the Airspeed Ticker issue but after removing all the m* files and enabling the FAST ASM COMPILATION I was able to complete a flight without any issues. Missed the CRJ...    
    • It is August 1st and after completing 2 flights I can confirm this is an issue.
    • Moderator.......please delete as there is another post related.   I have done 2 flights with the CRJ 700 in MSFS 2020 SU5.  It is far more stable in its present form than anything else available on the platform.   Is there any solution to fix the APP GS lock issue. It will capture the GS bust it starts to slip away slowly.   Thank you   Randy
    • As already reported in the post:   https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/161424-engine-shutoff-when-alt-tab-in-vr/&do=findComment&comment=1028209   I point out that I also have the CRJ shutdown if I bring Google Chrome to the foreground. Starting the CRJ in cold & dark I perform the checklist steps with the connected GPU: IRS, Fuel Panel, FMC pos init etc. If I recall Google Chrome where I have the Simbrief flight plan, the CRJ returns in almost complete "cold & dark". This does not happen if I use Mozilla Firefox with the same steps. Strange but true. Is there a possibility of some interference between Chrome and the CRJ? Thank you
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