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    • 18.01.2022   VECC – CTG – STW – TDE – HGU – VYYY   Pünktlich um Vier Uhr haben wir die Motoren angelassen obwohl es ein langer Abend im „Friends of Pho“ war, wirklich ein exzellenter Tipp! Wieder einmal verlassen wir eine Stadt die im Dunst liegt. Jetzt verstehe ich, worüber Siouxsie and the Banshees damals in dem Song „Cities in Dust“ gesungen haben. At four o'clock we started the engines although it was a long evening at the "Friends of Pho", really an excellent tip!Once again we leave a city in a haze.  Now I understand what Siouxsie and the Banshees sang about in the song "Cities in Dust".   Kurswechsel über dem VORDME CTG am Flughafen Chittagong. Change of course over the VORDME CTG at Chittagong Airport.   Im Osten lässt sich langsam der Sonnenaufgang erahnen… In the east, the sunrise can slowly be glimpsed...   …während es hinter uns noch einen herrlichen Nachthimmel zu sehen gibt. …while behind us there is still a magnificent night sky to see.   Immer wieder schön so ein Sonnenaufgang! Sunrises are always beautiful!   Schön, mal wieder eine andere Landschaft zusehen. It's nice to see a different landscape again.   Ich glaube ja, dass ist eine Verschwörung mit diesem Dunst immer um die Flughäfen rum. I think it's a conspiracy with this haze always around the airports.   Wolkenlos laut ATIS, ist klar 😞 Kurz vor Feierabend... Cloudless according to ATIS, for sure 😞 End of work is near...
    • i believe it can follow a glideslope/localizer
    • Could some kind soul please remind me of the zulu time for the release tomorrow. I know Mathijs mentioned it was the same as all other releases but I can't find his post again and as the sun rises here in the antipodes first I don't want to be sitting here logging into the store from sparrows if its not till lunch time local.  TIA - Cheers Pete  
    • It has an altitude knob, according to the (real) KAP140 manual the only KAP140 with an altitude knob is the "KAP 140 Two Axis with Altitude Preselect Operation" (the only KAP140 you ever get in any flight sim LOL). It will follow a localiser / glideslope, and it will have a VS mode so if you upgrade your twotter gps to one that gives you advisory VNAV you can follow that. 
    • Thank you for the answers! I too have Bijan Habashi's 4 season pack and it's been awesome. There was an update to it just yesterday - make sure not to miss it! I agree that it's super easy in the Hawk to divert. It would take longer time for me. Me personally, I have almost everything maxed out, plus LoD above maximum through the config file. It takes a bit of a performance, but it's nice to be able to spot big cities sooner.
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